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A Black-Banded Bolarola. Their appealingly laminated plates were sported for a time as part of Grineer formalwear. Which is why we don't often see them anymore. Well, if I have my way that'll change. Let's bring it in.-------------DFortunaBizHuntBolarolaBlack0880TheBusiness_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't!-------------DDuvParQCave1030AdultOpA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This thing? What is it?-------------DDuvParQRabbit0580AdultOpA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Tenno have gained great strength thanks to you, Grand Master |PLAYER_NAME|. Your name is recorded for all time upon The Eternal Register of the Saturn and Pluto relays.-------------DGrdMstr00060Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't!-------------DDuvParQCave1030AdultOpC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Behold.-------------DRewardsFourFive0940Fib_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Cor-nu-copia.-------------DRewardsFourFive0950Fib_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Spoilt for choice, I'd say.-------------DRewardsFourFive0960Fib_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I suppose you deserve a little something for your efforts. Only little though.-------------DRewardsOneTwo0880Fib_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I do not consider this an effective use of resources, but what do I know? Have at it. Don't listen to the fish.-------------DRewardsOneTwo0890Fib_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nef's using the Exploiter Orb to mine those fractures. One breach and Fortuna's concourse floods with thermia. We tried taking Exploiter down, back in the day. We We have to try again, but this time we have to succeed. We don't, it'll be Deck 12 all over again... and I can't have that. Zuud and her sisters built a thermic condenser. Load it with thermia and we can start prepping for a fight.-------------DEventIntro0011Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nef's got a CoilDrive patrolling the Vallis. Ambush it and I'll rip the datamass. It'll provide key info on what we're looking for.-------------DAmbushIntro0001Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I need you to ambush a Coildrive. Plant an EMP mine, disable the 'drive, then protect it. Once I've ripped its datamass, get out of there.-------------DAmbushIntro0002Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our informant reports a CoilDrive running a standard picket. Prep for ambush.-------------DAmbushIntro0003Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hold up! That's a digitized manifest. It should tell us where the remaining caches are located. Hack it.-------------DCacheConsoleSpawn0190Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now there's a piece of luck: the Corpus manifest. See if you can hack it. If we're lucky it'll gutterball our search time.-------------DCacheConsoleSpawn0200Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh-ho yes. Sparky, they've left their manifest. Hack it, and find out where the rest of our loot is.-------------DCacheConsoleSpawn0210Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's all of them. Well done. Found something useful, too. Listen to this:-------------DCacheDoneAir0040Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All supply drops accounted for. Shipping code on that last crate matches something from my records. I want to follow a hunch.-------------DCacheDoneAir0050Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
SU get a boost, the Corpus get kneecapped. Color me happy. Plus I think I just put two and two together. It's just a hunch.-------------DCacheDoneAir0060Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look around. The goods are here somewhere. If the Taxmen secure them first, the mission's a wash.-------------DCacheStart0010Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Search the area. Nef Anyo's supply caches are somewhere around here. Get 'em before the Corpus do.-------------DCacheStart0020Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
SU needs those supplies more than the Corpus. Lock 'em down before the Taxmen make off with em.-------------DCacheStart0030Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've stolen Corpus drone routes. Take one down, I'll hack it, and our engineers will harvest its datamass for useful info.-------------DDroneIntro0001Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our engineers want a closer look at Corpus drone architecture. Take it down and we'll go from there. -------------DDroneIntro0002Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
For this mission to succeed we need a Corpus drone. Take it down, I'll hotwire it and get it to our engineers ASAP.-------------DDroneIntro0003Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've managed to isolate a drone from the other patrol routes. Bring it down and let's see what it can tell us.-------------DDroneIntro0004Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Corpus radio traffic is a hairball right now. Total confusion. Snagged something from one panicked transmission. Check this out.-------------DExtDone0070Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I managed to pull something from the radio panic. Hit the jets, Sparky. Good work.-------------DExtDone0080Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That was just the outcome we needed. In all the confusion they let something slip over comms. I know just where to go.-------------DExtDone0090Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Search and Destroy. Corpus, MOAs, drones. Doesn't matter. The objective here is chaos. Just do it fast.-------------DExtIntro0000Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This couldn't be simpler: if it's Corpus, kill it. And do it quick. We got places to be.-------------DExtIntro0001Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We want the Corpus presence here thinned, so we can do what we gotta do without interruption. And do it fast, we're on a clock here.-------------DExtIntro0002Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We need a distraction. Get out there, cause trouble, and do it fast.-------------DExtIntro0003Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nef's trying to smoke us out, blanketing the Vallis with drones. I need you to put a dent in that surveillance network. Trash as many drones as you can find.-------------DExtIntroDrone0007Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hm. Nef's cranked up the surveillance. That's gonna make it hard for us to move. I need you to get those eyes off us. Trash as many drones as you can, fast.-------------DExtIntroDrone0008Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We need to deal with something else first. If SU is going to increase in popular support, Nef's surveillance drones have to go. Seek and destroy, Sparky.-------------DExtIntroDrone0009Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nef's field-testing a new batch of MOAs. That's a problem for us. Be a love and solve it. Quickly.-------------DExtIntroMoa0004Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Too many MOAs around here. Gonna be a problem for the next step. Thin 'em out, and fast.-------------DExtIntroMoa0005Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hit the MOAs. The less you leave standing the less resistance to our next move. Do it quick.-------------DExtIntroMoa0006Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wait. An emergency transmission from one of Biz's survey teams was cut short. I have a feeling they found something they weren't meant to.-------------DRecoverIntro0001Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hold that thought. One of our recon teams went silent. Find out what happened.-------------DRecoverIntro0002Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wait. One of our picket teams got themselves surrounded. Corpus patrol. Bring 'em home.-------------DRecoverIntro0003Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A recon party was to contact our agent. They never came back. Find out what happened.-------------DRecoverIntro0004Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Resource cases are gonna be teleported to the site I've just marked for you. Get there, intercept 'em, steal 'em, get out.-------------DResCapIntro0001Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Resource crates are gonna be teleported to a holding site. Our agent stashed stolen Corpus files inside one. Check every last crate.-------------DResCapIntro0002Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Corpus cargo is meticulously tracked. Shipment incoming. We get lucky and one serial number might just point us in the right direction. Check every last crate.-------------DResCapIntro0003Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nef's up to something. There's a data storage facility nearby. I need you to get in there quietly as you can, and retrieve their encrypted comm logs.-------------DSpyIntro0001Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We've got some major operations planned, but I need to be certain Nef isn't suspicious. There's an encrypted high-level comms log stored at this location. Get in there and download it, quiet as you can.-------------DSpyIntro0002Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We're gonna make Nef's surveillance network work for us. Infiltrate that facility, steal the data, and get out - as quietly as you can.-------------DSpyIntro0003Eudico_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm tracking a Grineer drone with information about our target. Bring it to me.-------------DBountyAssHijackIntro0050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Konzu is right, we must create chaos to draw this Grineer Commander into an open fight.-------------DBountyAssIntro0020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Radio chatter indicates falling morale within the Grineer ranks. That's bad news for the Commander.-------------DBountyAssTheftWin0080Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Emergency Grineer supply caches are hidden in the vicinity of my waypoint. Empty them.-------------DBountyAttrCacheIntro0110Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Without supplies, the Grineer rank and file have fallen into disarray. This is the time to strike. -------------DBountyAttrExtIntro0130Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All your work has lead to this, take out as many Grineer as you can.-------------DBountyAttrFinalExtIntro0190Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've weakened the Grineer detachment^ now it's time to send them running. Force them out of their camp.-------------DBountyAttrFinalLibIntro0170Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I need you to recover a Grineer drone so that I can access its logs.-------------DBountyAttrHijackIntro0050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thank you. I can use the codes in this Grineer drone to sow confusion within the Grineer ranks.-------------DBountyAttrHijackWin0060Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Konzu is right^ the Grineer can never be allowed to live comfortably on the plains. Let's make this place as inhospitable as possible for them.-------------DBountyAttrIntro0020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This Grineer detachment is running low on material. Let's hasten the process by taking out one of their armored supply vaults.-------------DBountyAttrTheftIntro0090Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Grineer troops were desperate for those supplies. Let's see if that got a reaction.-------------DBountyAttrTheftWin0100Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scans indicate the Grineer have a hidden supply cache at this waypoint. Search the area for the relic. -------------DBountyRecCacheIntro0090Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No sign of the relic. But the Grineer will not be happy about losing those resources.-------------DBountyRecCacheWin0100Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Quick. The Grineer archeologist who uncovered the relic is on the move. Bring them in for questioning.-------------DBountyRecCapIntro0130Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I located the relic. The Grineer hid it in an armored vault at my waypoint. Go. Quick. -------------DBountyRecFinalTheftIntro0190Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Grineer have been using drones to perform subsurface scans of the plains. Hijack one for me.-------------DBountyRecHijackIntro0050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This camp is the command point for Grineer archaeological operations. Shut them down. -------------DBountyRecLibIntro0070Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've learned of an Ostron miner who was captured by the Grineer. Bring him home.-------------DBountyRecResIntro0150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Narmer beast is wounded, but still kicking. Every time a new head grows, we must chop it off.

Sending you after the latest veil-head boss, killer. You know what to do. Do-gah!
-------------DPlnAssBountyAcc0020Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Narmer came after Cetus first. They crave to capture the Unum, and they have plenty of veiled-up die-hards to help them do it.

Lucky for us we have you, eh? Go and help those die-hards to die a little easier.
-------------DPlnExtBountAcc0080Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is happening again. Once more they round us up, once more they clap their cursed veils on our faces.

Bring our people back, surah. Show Narmer we will never submit.
-------------DPlnLibBountAcc0060Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Narmer holdouts are hoarding supplies. Weapons, drones... and veils, of course.

Take the lot, surah. Do not leave them a helmet to piss in.
-------------DPlnResTheftAcc0040Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
She and her Void brood toppled a golden age of order and honor. Do you really believe this chaos is freedom?-------------DTNWM4Destroy2ndShard0760Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
(Maniacal laughter)-------------DManiacal250VayHek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
(Maniacal laughter)-------------DManiacal260VayHek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What flesh is within that Warframe? I will crush it. I will fill my lungs with your death.-------------DApproachNeutral090SargasRuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Forget The Lotus. Grineer are your masters. Submit for mercy.-------------DApproachNeutral100SargasRuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Too easy. I expected more. I deserve a challenge.-------------DApproachNeutral110SargasRuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're making this too easy.-------------BbPlayerSpottedVor0010_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I see you.-------------BbPlayerSpottedVor0020_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another dead Tenno.-------------BbPlayerSpottedVor0030_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We cannot blame these creatures, they are being led by a false prophet, an imposter who knows not the secrets of the Void.-------------DVorMidFight070Vor_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let it be known. If the Tenno want true salvation, they will lay down their arms and wait for the baptism of my Janus Key.-------------DVorMidFight080Vor_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I... have failed... this one will remain... unpunished...-------------DStkrTaunt00280_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No!? This is not... possible.-------------DStkrTaunt00290_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What have you... done?-------------DStkrTaunt00300_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You may have survived for now, |LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME|, but your time WILL come!---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are stronger than I realized, |LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME|. No matter, this is only a temporary setback.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
|LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME| you are a more worthy opponent than I expected. You punishment will have to wait.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your TENNO powers are useless!-------------DStkrTaunt00140_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
|LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME|, you can't run from your past.-------------DStkrTaunt00150_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know your every move |LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME|.-------------DStkrTaunt00160_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
|LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME| there is no place to hide.-------------DStkrTaunt00170_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The murder of |BOSS_TAG| will not go unpunished.-------------DStkrTaunt00180_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The blood of |BOSS_TAG| is on your hands. Did you really think there would be no repercussions?-------------DStkrTaunt00190_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There is no salvation for your crime against |BOSS_TAG|.-------------DStkrTaunt00200_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your sentence is death!-------------DStkrTaunt00210_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You shall not leave this place!-------------DStkrTaunt00220_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am your reckoning!-------------DStkrTaunt00230_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is done. |LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME| is no more.-------------DStkrTaunt00310_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Justice is served. |LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME| has been executed.-------------DStkrTaunt00320_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
|LOCAL_PLAYER_NAME| shall not trouble us again.-------------DStkrTaunt00330_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
New gun. Kahl like.-------------DVeilMissions4130Kahl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This make big boom.-------------DVeilMissions4090Kahl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Old gun good. This gun better.-------------DVeilMissions4100Kahl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Kahl get upgrade.-------------DVeilMissions4110Kahl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Kahl always want one of these.-------------DVeilMissions4120Kahl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Eliminate all Corpus threats.-------------KillAllObjectiveA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The capture target has vital information that we will need to extract, we need our subject brought back alive.-------------GoalReinforcementCaptureA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We cannot let our target know we're here. Track them down quickly.-------------GoalReinforcementCaptureB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scans indicate our target is in the vicinity. Find them.-------------GoalReinforcementCaptureC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The reactor will have tight security. Watch out for enemy patrols.-------------GoalReinforcementReactorA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are here to find our target and bring them to the extraction point. Happy hunting.-------------MissionObjectiveCaptureA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We received intel that somebody vital to enemy operations is here. Find them, and capture them.-------------MissionObjectiveCaptureB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are here on a Capture mission. You must find, capture and extract our target.-------------MissionObjectiveCaptureC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Target destroyed, proceed to the extraction point.-------------TargetDestroyedA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's it, now get out of here.-------------TargetDestroyedB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your target is the reactor.-------------TargetReactorA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We need to destroy the reactor.-------------TargetReactorB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have chosen to support the Grineer in this fight. Eliminate all Corpus.-------------DCorpExtMissionObj020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are fighting alongside the Grineer on this mission. Destroy all Corpus.-------------DCorpExtMissionObj030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Make sure the Grineer win this battle, leave no Corpus functioning.-------------DCorpExtMissionObj040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Picking sides is never easy. You are doing what you feel is right.-------------DGenExtObjReinforce080Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Supporting the enemy feels wrong, but keeping the balance requires tough choices.-------------DGenExtObjReinforce081Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This aggression has upset the balance of power. We must set things right.-------------DGenExtObjReinforce082Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The situation forces you to help The Corpus in this mission. Kill all Grineer.-------------DGrinExtMissionObj010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your sense of duty compels you to help The Corpus today. Destroy all Grineer forces to help maintain the balance.-------------DGrinExtMissionObj020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are fighting with The Corpus in this battle. No Grineer can be left alive.-------------DGrinExtMissionObj030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I wanted nothing but the ease of oblivion, at first. I floated ignorant in baths of nepenthe, a second gestation. Unseeing, unspeaking. Only rarely did my brain flicker errant light across the cave-paintings still smeared on the interior of my skull.

At sensation's edge I knew a vague silhouette of Loid crooning motherly across the watery distances, the poetry my tongue was too blackened to recite.
-------------DAftermath0010Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Too craven to chase death, I awaited it. The father of fears, and yet I was still afraid.

The currents whispered coward. I clenched my body into a fist as a foetus must and blinded myself afresh.

Stark pain smoked the juice of my living tomb. Why did the saga not end by itself? Why must I still act?
-------------DAftermath0020Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Steeped in solitude, I found I could no longer endure my own company.

Disgust did the work of courage. I tore the mundane membrane, slid weak and mucosal into Loid's embrace.
-------------DAftermath0030Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Loid nursed me then, tending first to the uprooted ruin of my eyes, then to the mouth whose grin no longer hid behind flesh.

The agony bit deep, but it was clean. Blameless love bled up from me.

I had decided to live.
-------------DAftermath0040Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I felt no certainty as I donned clothes rough and strange to the touch of newgrown skin. I had none of the selfless zeal of the soldier.

The same cursed question still pursued me as it had before: was I, even now, trapped in the rictus of the Wall?
-------------DAftermath0050Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The apparatus of logic would never yield an answer. Only resolute action remained. If I must be a demon, let me be an honest one. Let me prove my nature by what I do next.

Purpose. Let me leave such blazing footprints behind me as no unclean thing would dare to walk in.
-------------DAftermath0060Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I employed a variety of Cavia in an attempt to unmake the adversary.

The principle was straightforward enough, though in hindsight I abhor my naivete. My humanity had been unscrolled by the caustic Void and now smirked back at me across the divide, privy to all my unfettered malice and pettiness. In answer, I resolved to hurl into the Void minds that were not human. Let it parody them. The proximity of the bestial would force a humbling devolution, or so I thought.
-------------DCavia0010Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The majority of the Cavia merely died. I gave the Void living beings and it sent me back bedraggled cadavers. The dead lay stacked in pyramids around my deserted lab. I was nothing but a failed priest.

But a glass splinter of stubbornness still stuck in me. And so, I persisted. The correct combination of creatures would work.
-------------DCavia0020Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I realized my error as I sweated by visionary nestawood cinders, beside Loid who curled pale and sick from chewing too much of the root. The catalyst was uniqueness. That attribute was what caught the interest of the bland and undifferentiated Void.

It was not necessary to explore queasy debates about the Oro; animal minds simply lacked the full distinction of a singular persona. My Kalymos, I was sure, was an exception, but I would not sacrifice that loyal being.

Perhaps I should have. The sin I was to commit was worse.
-------------DCavia0030Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The very last breeding pair of Cervulites was smuggled to me, causing Loid no small inconvenience. A species on the brink of extinction. Here was the uniqueness the Void sought. I was certain to the pit of my entrails.

I loaded the pair on to their Seriglass bridal barge, along with an expendable avian and a Norg for mental ballast. Fish, fowl and beast. A facile equilibrium.
-------------DCavia0040Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They did not die, save one. They came back changed. Witnesses. Pilgrims, even, chanting freakish praise to the one beyond the wall.

I knew, then, that my gambit had lost. So long as I worked through scapegoats, my guilt would only deepen. I must atone for what I had done through my own blood.
-------------DCavia0050Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Standard laboratory hygiene would have been to dispose of them. But some instinct stayed my hand. The Voidtongue was an enigma to me, but another - more habituated to the Void than I - might one day unravel it. Through the imposition of form upon the formless they could, perhaps, glean some meaning.

I assigned the Cavia to Loid, for I could not bear to look upon them. Not yet.

Loid is, at heart, a good and kind man - better than I deserve. And completely oblivious to his own true worth.
-------------DCavia0060Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In Duviri, I woke every day to the voice of my daughter. I recoiled from this at first, feeling the sting of conscience. I could not confront, even in semblance, the woman I had abandoned. Instead I reinvented myself as a teacher, advising the child-King of the menace beyond his borders.

But as the days melted away, I came to recognize the strange cast of characters Euleria had created, and their purpose. I heard voices I had myself first conjured in the darkness of her childhood chambers, for no other reward than her delight. She had not only preserved this gift I had thought so trivial, she had made it an instrument of healing. More: a stronghold.
-------------DDuviri0010Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Despite my legacy of neglect, despite my shoddy example, my needs, my demands, my daughter had triumphed in my absence. Her confidence, her warmth, shamed me. I had fled from the horror, but she? She had stood alongside the most vulnerable, those with the most to lose, and told them a different story.-------------DDuviri0020Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I did not perceive the significance of Euleria's stance at first. Her concern for the children was not merely pastoral attentiveness. It was a direct strike against the Indifference. She was teaching the weak to be strong in the very places where those cold fingers would reach, and through her act of compassion, spitting in the face of alienation and despair.

Could I do less?
-------------DDuviri0030Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shame is an inert state, but fertile. It primes the mind, bolstering it for repentance.

I had thought to make a difference in Duviri. But Duviri had made a difference in me. My own daughter's creations, reverberating and growing in the womb of the Void, had shown me another path than that of the indulgent coward. I was neither helpless nor irredeemable. Like she had, I could fight.
-------------DDuviri0040Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I took inspiration from Euleria's example. To the people of Duviri I bequeathed a legacy of cautionary stories. In them I spoke of fears that an infinity of spirals would not, could not, erase.

I slipped away from those lands, silent and unnoticed. From their joys, their sadnesses. From the celebration in my honor. In her, they already had all they needed. My work, I now understood, must proceed from a different point.
-------------DDuviri0050Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I went among the denizens of the plague year like a savior, my hands filled with healing. To those who volunteered, I brought more than mere health. Their bodies were primed; it needed only the Helminth infusions, brought from my own time, to work the alchemy of transformation. They have become partial Warframes, still in possession of their free will, yet enhanced, Void-attuned, capable.-------------DVessels0010Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Their humanity may not last. My deliverance may yet consume them, the human swallowed up in the sacred beast. And if my wayward disciples turn on me, what words of comfort shall I have beyond: this is the bargain we have made. Through our sacrifice, history will be saved.-------------DVessels0020Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As their loyal doctor, I have taken repeated samples from them. The sight of their Technocyte-riddled cells mutating gave me fresh visions. I could take this material, work with it, forge new creations. Eagerly I brought the samples back to Deimos and began to cultivate them.-------------DVessels0030Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It was Loid who pointed out the singular attributes of the Grey Strain. How it stimulates growth to monstrous dimensions. Many thoughts converged in me then. What if, through precise biochemical engineering, I could create the equivalents of Warframes, yet built to a titanic scale? Surely such a legion could stand against the Adversary... assuming, of course, that an Operator could be found.-------------DVessels0040Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not long after, the first of my Vessels took form. A giant to battle giants, merging the humanity of the man Arthur, the anatomical perfection of Ballas's Warframes, and the titanic potency of the Grey Strain. My saviors.-------------DVessels0050Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All is in readiness. Loid will do as he is bid, though his eyes silently plead with me to choose another path.

As I await my final crossing to the past, I ponder what role a scientist may play in so spiritual a matter as 'absolution'. How in the alchemy of the soul, even repentance must necessarily be a calculated task.

I will repair what I have broken, no more and no less. The scales must balance. And in such a monstrous penitence as this, I shall take no heed of the dust that may fall upon them on either side, the dust of petty lives.

The builders of old tempered their mortar with blood, to appease the most ancient of land-spirits. We should have been so wise. Yet it is not too late to learn.

The sands fall. The circuit completes. I return to the place of the beginning.

Let witless hordes bleat their disdain for every fervent plan;
The deal is done, the die is cast. I end as I began.
-------------DWeEnd0010Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This vessel appears to be part of a larger operation. Its purpose remains unclear but the threat is obvious. Do not let this ship reach its destination^ eliminate the crew.-------------DAladsCargoMissionObj010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, the level of resistance you are encountering is far beyond anything I had predicted. Something very valuable is aboard this ship.-------------DAladsCargoGoalReinf020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, the security force on this ship is unlike anything I have ever seen on a Corpus transport. We need to find out what is going on here.-------------DAladsCargoGoalReinf030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Radio silence and intense security indicate that someone is trying very hard to keep this ship and its cargo a secret. Look out for anything out of the ordinary.-------------DAladsCargoGoalReinf040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wow, they are not happy about you being here.-------------LbDetectedDarvo190_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Forget everything I said before. This is nothing you can't handle, right! Right?-------------DDarvoRescRadioPlay072Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm detecting a large security force heading your way... it's the wait, it's the Corpus. Definitely the Corpus.-------------LbCorpBipedDetectedDarvo160_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
More coming your way.-------------LbCorpBipedDetectedDarvo170_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That was easy. Keep moving.-------------LbBypassCompleteDarvo150_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We've found him. Death to the smuggler!---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Looks like you're on the systems now. So watch out.-------------LbDetectedDarvo200_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Did they lock you out? That's cute.-------------LbShipOnLockdownDarvo00030_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Just so you know. I'm a bit new to this whole guide thing, so it's not going to be like the Lotus. Don't worry everything will be just fine.-------------DDarvoMDefGoalReinf020Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well that didn't work out as planned. Looks like I'm gonna need to find some more Tenno.-------------DDarvoMDefMissionFail130Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's not good for business. That's not good for anyone.-------------DDarvoMDefMissionFail140Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here we go. Are you ready? I'm ready. Take that data mass and drop it into the system, I'll be able to hack into the ship remotely once you do. Should be easy, you'll find what I need in no time.-------------DDarvoMDefMissionObj010Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Go on, get to extraction.-------------DDarvoMDefObjCompleteShort120Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Did you hear something strange? No, okay I'll keep going, nearly done.-------------DDarvoMDefProgress040Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Just making a few more adjustments. Nothing strange going on down there? Just corpus defenses? Nothing...else?-------------DDarvoMDefProgress070Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There you are. Thought you could hunt me, well look who I brought. The Tenno.-------------DDarvoMDefProgress100Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's it. hmm... I didn't find what I needed. Go to the next terminal. It should be there. I think.-------------DDarvoMDefTerminalComp050Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm really sorry about this Tenno but you need to go to the third terminal. I just can't seem find what I'm looking for here.-------------DDarvoMDefTerminalComp080Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think you're near the terminal. Yes, yes you are. Drop me in and I'll get to work.-------------DDarvoMDefTerminalLoc030Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're close, drop me in.-------------DDarvoMDefTerminalLoc060Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Keep going. Nobody knows you're on this ship.-------------LbUndetectedDarvo180_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, defend the Grineer Defector until we can muster a proper extraction.-------------DGDefectMissionObj0010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fire artillery. Scatter those stainless steel rats!-------------DAmbuBattleArtilleryBarrage00480FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fire the artillery!-------------DAmbuBattleArtilleryBarrage00500FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Frohd Bek, you're nothing if not predictable. I bet your advisors begged you to hide Animo somewhere defensible and undetectable? But you had to show it off, didn't you. As an investor, I must say, I don't approve.-------------DAmbuBattleEnrouteFar00410ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Glast? You're the shadow investor? You ingrate, you could have had everything. And now you seek to ruin your Mentor's hard work?-------------DAmbuBattleEnrouteFar00420FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your hard work? I didn't design Animo to be a weapon. And I would have never disabled its governor.-------------DAmbuBattleEnrouteFar00430ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You always were clever, but you never did have vision.-------------DAmbuBattleEnrouteFar00440FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
On the contrary, I envision this whole venture will come crashing down around you.-------------DAmbuBattleEnrouteFar00450ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Each Tenno attack on my Ambulas has been logged, analyzed and refactored from our Animo Project. You've brought these Tenno to their deaths. A terrible miscalculation. You've learned nothing from me.-------------DAmbuBattleEnrouteNear00460FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I learned one thing, Bek^ never underestimate the competition.-------------DAmbuBattleEnrouteNear00470ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We could do this dance all day long, Tenno, but you'll never defeat my Ambulas army. Now you're just wasting my time. Give my regards to Glast.-------------DAmbuBattleFail00720FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No, no! You need to hack the Ambulas before Bek recovers them. This is crucial to my plan's success.-------------DAmbuBattleFailWarning00650ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't let Bek recover un-hacked Ambulas. This is the only way we can defeat him.-------------DAmbuBattleFailWarning00660ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're done, Frohd, this ends now.-------------DAmbuBattleFinalPickedUp00670ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Quick, hack that disabled Ambulas and upload this protocol.-------------DAmbuBattleHackOrders00530ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Opportunity! Hack into that Ambulas and deploy this protocol.-------------DAmbuBattleHackOrders00540ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get a team down there to pick that Ambulas up. Don't let her go to waste.-------------DAmbuBattleHacked00550FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Someone retrieve that Ambulas model before autodestruction kicks in. She can be refurbished.-------------DAmbuBattleHacked00560FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thanks to your investment, I can keep throwing Ambulas at the Tenno all day.-------------DAmbuBattleHacked00570FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It seems my faith in you was well founded. You've reached the critical mass of Animo Nav Beacons needed to reveal the processor's location.

Analyzing, hmmm I should have known, he's not hiding it at all. It's in his Capital Ship and his ship is stationed directly over the Ambulas factory.

Unbelieveable, the most advanced super-weapon of our time and he couldn't resist showing it off like a new toy. When you're ready, we attack.
-------------DAmbuBattleInboxMsg00400ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Everything I own I built. Worked my way to the top of the board from nothing. You? You create nothing! You earned nothing! You deserve nothing!-------------DAmbuBattleMidFight00510FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You made your fortune on the backs of others, Frohd. Your hard work is their hard work. You let the burdens rain down, while the credits trickle up.-------------DAmbuBattleMidFight00520ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All we need is one more Ambulas to be returned to the drop ship.-------------DAmbuBattleOneRemaining00640ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You fools should have finished the job while you had the chance. That Ambulas will live to fight another day.-------------DAmbuBattlePickedUp00600FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's right, Frohd. Don't let anything go to waste.-------------DAmbuBattlePickedUp00610ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Glast, how are these Tenno going to finish me when they can't even end what they have begun?-------------DAmbuBattlePickedUp00620FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You could have rebuilt the system, Frohd, instead you've made death machines. What have they done for you?-------------DAmbuBattlePickedUp00630ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They're going to try and fix the hacked Ambulas, don't let them. It's crucial that Bek takes it back onto his ship as is.-------------DAmbuBattleProtectHackedAmbulas00580ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Whatever you do, don't let them fix that Ambulas.-------------DAmbuBattleProtectHackedAmbulas00590ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Throw everything at them. They will not take this away from me. They will not win. They've not earned it.-------------DAmbuBattleVictory00680FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know this for certain, Frohd, you've earned this. I'm sorry Animo. Execute the protocol!-------------DAmbuBattleVictory00690ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What was that? My ship? Ahh Eject the bridge module. Eject it now!!!-------------DAmbuBattleVictory00700FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Animo... once my pride and joy, has been destroyed. I abandoned the project when I fled the Corpus. I should have known it was too powerful to leave in their hands. The Ambulas proxies still exist, and they are no doubt formidable, but the threat of their super-intelligence is now gone. Thank you, Tenno.-------------DAmbuBattleVictory00710ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Powerful. Precise. Pitiless. There has never been a fusion thrower like this.-------------DAmbuBeamAttack00170FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
One of our engineers commented that Ambulas's fusion thrower is precise enough to shave the back hairs off a Phobian desert flea. Delightful.-------------DAmbuBeamAttack00180FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our drop-ship response times are second to none. Ensuring prompt delivery in mission-critical roles.-------------DAmbuDropship00120FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here comes the drop-ship with a special delivery. Ah, I haven't felt this good since they rebuilt my larynx.-------------DAmbuDropship00130FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Animo learns from every Ambulas encounter. Under its command, no two proxies will repeat the same mistake. We can't allow this machine mind to mature.-------------DAmbuFightBegins00050ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ambulas is only the beginning. If Animo reaches a critical mass of understanding, well, this was the mistake the Orokin made. Things did not turn out so well for them.-------------DAmbuFightBegins00060ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The wealth generated by this new Ambulas will flow entirely to the Corpus Board. Meanwhile, the rest of the system is going to pay for it, some with their lives. Tenno, shut this program down now.-------------DAmbuFightBegins00070ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Men like Frohd Bek are the reason the Perrin Sequence exists. Show him you won't allow suffering to be profitable.-------------DAmbuFightBegins00080ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Corpus investors, ready for a surprise demonstration? I give you my reborn Ambulas. Allow me to show you what she can do to these, Tenno, uh, volunteers.-------------DAmbuFightBegins00030FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Crewmen, today my reborn Ambulas takes her first steps into the field. You must be thinking^ "If I work hard and sacrifice as Frohd Bek has done, may I someday share in this inestimable profit?" The answer is yes.-------------DAmbuFightBegins00040FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't just stand there, fix my Ambulas!-------------DAmbuFrohdAngered00310FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My Ambulas, what have they done to her. Fix this!-------------DAmbuFrohdAngered00320FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ground-burst technology ensures effortless target suppression.-------------DAmbuGroundPound00140FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
X-axis gravity-driven assaults yield a 200 percent improvement in kinetic force.-------------DAmbuGroundPound00150FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ground-bursts register zero-point-three percent survivability for unarmored personnel.-------------DAmbuGroundPound00160FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Ambulas is down, hack into its systems.-------------DAmbuHackHints00250ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is your chance, hack into that disabled Ambulas.-------------DAmbuHackHints00260ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wait... wait, what are they doing? And that concludes our demonstration.-------------DAmbuHacked00270FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Obviously, new technology always has its kinks. Wise investors, you understand this?-------------DAmbuHacked00280FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's all for today. Cut the feed.-------------DAmbuHacked00290FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh Uh... Have I mentioned our round-the-clock support program?-------------DAmbuHacked00300FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A minor production glitch. Do remain seated. We've all been in this business a long time. These things happen with prototypes.-------------DAmbuHurt00220FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Send a note to the engineers, they'll have a fix for that in no time.-------------DAmbuHurt00230FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Witness how the ablative armor deals with the Tenno's meager attempts to compromise Ambulas's structural integrity.-------------DAmbuHurt00240FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Actualize synergy... SYNERGIZE.
Growth profit GROFIT?!
Fellow profiteers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime strategic investment opportunity. A game changer in robotic combat solutions.
We're taking big-data from our Animo project and doing a full-stack integration into our most lethal combat proxies.
But we need you. Your investment will push us past the pre-revenue stage and move Ambulas into full production.
We are so close to our goal! Thought leaders, are you ready to pivot downturns into rising Grofit?!
Act quickly before wait - I'm being told - Yes, this is it!
The Ambulas Reborn project has reached its funding goal!
-------------DAmbuInboxMsg00010FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Actualize synergy... SYNERGIZE.
Growth profit GROFIT?!
Fellow profiteers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime strategic investment opportunity. A game changer in robotic combat solutions.
We're taking big-data from our Animo project and doing a full-stack integration into our most lethal combat proxies.
-------------DAmbuInboxMsg00011FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Sequence has raised funds necessary to back this project. Of course, we do not seek to complete it, but to destroy it. Because of our small backing, we're entitled to information regarding the Ambulas production details. Will you help us stop Frohd's project, Tenno?-------------DAmbuInboxMsg00020ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Beautiful, is she not? And available. Merely open your accounts, dear investors, and introduce yourselves.-------------DAmbuKillTenno00190FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is the future: Power. Precision. Prestige. The pinnacle of the war-smith's art.-------------DAmbuKillTenno00200FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is there anything this proxy can't do?-------------DAmbuKillTenno00210FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wonderful.-------------DAmbuMortarElectrical00090FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That never gets boring.-------------DAmbuMortarElectrical00100FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's a thing of beauty, isn't it?-------------DAmbuMortarElectrical00110FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An Animo Nav Beacon! With enough of those we'll be able to find where Bek is hiding Animo.-------------DAmbuPostFight00330ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That hack blocked the upload of critical tactical data to Animo while simultaneously giving us a clue to its location. Well done.-------------DAmbuPostFight00340ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Taken down a few Ambulas in the wild I see? Very impressive. Those beacons have much value for us. They hold clues to some of Bek's most secretive intellectual property. Information too valuable to be hoarded by one man. Allow me to copy them, and I will reward your generosity with a selection of fine items.-------------DAmbuRelayShopGreeting00360ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good fortune, Tenno.-------------DAmbuRelayShopNoPurchase00390ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A mutually beneficial exchange, how all business should be done.-------------DAmbuRelayShopPurchase00370ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The information you have given me today will help the whole system tomorrow.-------------DAmbuRelayShopPurchase00380ErgoGlast_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Match lost.-------------DDMLoss340Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have lost this match.-------------DDMLoss350Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Victory is yours, may the lessons you have learned here serve you well in battle. -------------DDMWin210Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dedication and training have led you down the path to victory.-------------DDMWin220Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The match is yours but be mindful about feeding your ego this victory.-------------DDMWin230Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Even in victory you must ask yourself: are you truly ready for what lies ahead?-------------DDMWin240Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This loss has illuminated your weakness Tenno. Practice will be your way.-------------DDMLoss280Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Match over. Meditate on this loss.-------------DDMLoss290Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Match over. In this loss know that the Conclave is a grindstone forever sharpening the Tenno.-------------DDMLoss310Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The match has ended. Even in defeat your readiness grows.-------------DDMLoss320Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have seized the win, Tenno.-------------DDMWin200Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Annihilation is yours!-------------DDMWin250Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have won this Annihilation!-------------DDMWin260Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have lost the lead.-------------DDMLeadLost090Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An adversary has overtaken the lead.-------------DDMLeadLost100Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The lead has been taken by another Tenno.-------------DDMLeadLost110Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've fallen behind.-------------DDMLeadLost120Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another Tenno has claimed more Oro.-------------DDMLeadLost130Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The leader is just five Oro away from winning.-------------DDMOpFive170Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Only five Oro stands between an adversary and victory.-------------DDMOpFive180Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An opponent needs to annihilate five more Oro to seal the match.-------------DDMOpFive190Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
With five more Oro, you will take victory.-------------DDMPlayerFive140Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Annihilate five more Oro to win the match.-------------DDMPlayerFive150Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Oro of five more fallen stands between you and victory.-------------DDMPlayerFive160Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, you are in the lead.-------------DDMPlayerLead020Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are at the head of the pack.-------------DDMPlayerLead030Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You lead the pack, Tenno.-------------DDMPlayerLead040Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have the most Oro.-------------DDMPlayerLead050Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are leading the Annihilation.-------------DDMPlayerLead060Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You command the Oro now.-------------DDMPlayerLead070Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All others follow behind you.-------------DDMPlayerLead080Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Free For All!-------------DDMStart011Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Free For All!-------------DDMStart012Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Free For All!-------------DDMStart013Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon annihilates Sun.-------------DAnnihilation560Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Moon has lit the path to victory.-------------DAnnihilation570Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The match belongs to Team Moon.-------------DAnnihilation580Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon's surging tide swallows Sun.-------------DAnnihilation590Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon's tide annihilates Sun's light.-------------DAnnihilation600Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun team annihilates Moon.-------------DAnnihilation510Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun shines bright in victory.-------------DAnnihilation520Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun has eclipsed Moon to win the match.-------------DAnnihilation530Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Victory dawns for Team Sun.-------------DAnnihilation540Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun team's blazing energy annihilates Moon team.-------------DAnnihilation550Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun perfectly balances Moon's energy for a match draw.-------------DTDMDraw610Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A draw. Moon and Sun have fought with equal skill.-------------DTDMDraw620Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Match draw. Both Sun and Moon honor The Conclave with their performance.-------------DTDMDraw630Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Five Sun Oro is all that separates Team Moon from victory.-------------DTDMMoonFive480Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Victory is five Sun Oro away for Team Moon.-------------DTDMMoonFive490Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Moon is within five Oro of victory.-------------DTDMMoonFive500Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Moon has seized the lead.-------------DTDMMoonLeads411Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Moon has annihilated more Oro than Sun.-------------DTDMMoonLeads412Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Moon leads Team Sun.-------------DTDMMoonLeads413Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Moon leads the Annihilation.-------------DTDMMoonLeads414Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon is in the lead.-------------DTDMMoonLeads415Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Moon dominates.-------------DTDMMoonLeads416Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Sun needs five more Oro to win.-------------DTDMSunFive420Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Sun only needs to annihilate five Oro to capture the match.-------------DTDMSunFive430Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun needs five more Moon Oro to claim victory.-------------DTDMSunFive440Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Sun team is five Oro from victory.-------------DTDMSunFive450Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Five more annihilations until Sun has won the match.-------------DTDMSunFive460Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun team nears victory. Five more Oro.-------------DTDMSunFive470Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Sun has absorbed the most Oro.-------------DTDMSunLeads350Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Sun has forged ahead.-------------DTDMSunLeads360Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The lead belongs to Team Sun.-------------DTDMSunLeads370Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Sun leads the Annihilation.-------------DTDMSunLeads380Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Annihilation belongs to Team Sun.-------------DTDMSunLeads390Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun is in the lead.-------------DTDMSunLeads400Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team Sun dominates.-------------DTDMSunLeads410Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do something. Get me out of here.-------------DApoTIntro0010Margulis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know I can't.-------------DApoTIntro0020Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Can't or won't.-------------DApoTIntro0030Margulis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I told you not to speak out. If you recant, maybe--------------DApoTIntro0040Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
-You lied to me, Ballas. You're no different than the rest of them.-------------DApoTIntro0050Margulis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Margulis please forgive me.-------------DApoTIntro0060Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Operator? What is happening? Is the Lotus is she gone?-------------DApoTOrdis015Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis will attempt to synthesize her mission directives until we can figure out where she is.-------------DApoTOrdis016Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Honored seven, we have gathered here today to carry out the sentencing of Archimedian Margulis You face the Jade light, recant, and we will grant a merciful death.-------------DApoTRealm0070Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My daughters, my sons I want you to know my last thoughts are of you.-------------DApoTRealm0080Margulis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are not ready for Arbitration. Return when no corner of the Origin System is foreign to you (|UNFINISHED_MAP_NODES| remain).-------------DVendorLocked0160Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Have you survived Arbitration? Honors await you.-------------DVendorOpen0180Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have come to collect honors earned through Arbitration?-------------DVendorOpen0170Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These honors were well earned, Tenno.-------------DVendorPurchased0190Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your true potential remains untapped.-------------DArbFail0100Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
How quickly you bowed to death.-------------DArbFail0110Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We judge you: unready.-------------DArbFail0120Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you feel that? The power and strength mortality has given you?-------------DArbFiveAfter0070Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
May you live until you die.-------------DArbFiveAfter0080Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ultimate power lies on the knife's edge between life and death.-------------DArbFiveAfter0090Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fight this Arbitration as any mortal creature would. There are no second chances.-------------DArbStart0020Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Only under the shadow of death will your true potential shine.-------------DArbStart0030Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
For this Arbitration, we bestow upon you the gift of... mortality.-------------DArbStart0040Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fight on, this test has only just begun.-------------DArbWaveFive0050Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your potential blossoms. Continue the Arbitration.-------------DArbWaveTen0060Arbiters_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We now have the tools to take on Vay Hek and his Balor Fomorians. His arsenal is growing but so will ours. There are more Archwing designs and more weapons. Together we will take to the skies and confront this new threat.-------------DArchDemoMissionComp400Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, tensions between the Grineer and Corpus are boiling over. You're here to find out what the Corpus know.-------------DArchwingDemo010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
For too long the Corpus have extorted the Grineer. Frohd Bek, consider our contracts cancelled. This is a hostile takeover!-------------DArchwingDemo020VayHek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not wise, Councillor. I was hoping the Tenno had taught you a little humility when they destroyed your precious Fomorian fleet.-------------DArchwingDemo030FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Did you really believe the Tenno destroyed all my Fomorians?-------------DArchwingDemo040VayHek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We have a problem... there is.. something breaking from the Void!-------------DArchwingDemo050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bek! Meet Balor. Your fate, my future!-------------DArchwingDemo060VayHek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Impossible... All units, full alert, prepare for boarding...-------------DArchwingDemo070FrohdBek_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Operator, you are leaving the battle if you continue any further I will be forced to extract you and this mission will be a failure.-------------DAwol0010Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, are you abandoning this battle? Return to your objective or I will have Ordis extract you.-------------DAwol0020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Very well, initiating emergency extraction.-------------DAwolExtract0030Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis, commence extraction. This mission is over.-------------DAwolExtract0040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Incoming fire from the Fomorian, find cover.-------------DFindCover140Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Stay out of the line of fire!-------------DFindCover150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get to cover, the Fomorian's guns will obliterate you.-------------DFindCover160Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Find cover now!-------------DFindCover170Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Fomorian's weapons are designed to destroy capital ships. Don't let them hit your Warframe.-------------DFindCover180Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Power field down. The core is exposed. Open fire!-------------DFSExposed0120Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Find and destroy all the shield generators on the ship's exterior.-------------DFSDestroyGen0030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Fomorian will remain impenetrable until you destroy all of its shield generators.-------------DFSDestroyGen0040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Power field regeneration imminent. Get out of there. FAST.-------------DFSEscape0140Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shield Generator destroyed, take out the rest.-------------DFSGenDestroyed0050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shield generator down. -------------DFSGenDestroyed0060Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good work, now take out the remaining generators.-------------DFSGenDestroyed0070Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're out of critical range, Tenno. Get to extraction.-------------DFSMissionComp0150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've done your part Tenno, now rendezvous with your landing craft.-------------DFSMissionComp0160Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is the threat, a Balor Fomorian. Your mission is to get inside the beast and inflict as much damage as possible. Get in range.-------------DFSMissionObj0010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This Balor is protected by a series of shield generators, destroy these first, then get inside and deploy the Fomorian Disruptor. Only then will the Fomorian's core become vulnerable.-------------DFSObjectiveReinf0020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shields down. Now get inside.-------------DFSShieldsDown0080Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, one of you needs to employ the Power Disruptor from your inventory to disable the power field.-------------DFSUseDisruptRemind0100Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, the core is protected by a power field. Engage your Power Disruptors to shut down the field.-------------DFSUseDisruptRemind0110Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's the core, deploy your Fomorian Disruptor to knock out the power field.-------------DFSUseDisruptor0090Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hurry, Tenno, that power field will regenerate soon, and you do not want to be in here when it does.-------------DFSWarning0130Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Energy Net dissipating. Keep moving.-------------DGrineerNetDestroy060Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The net is down. Get going.-------------DGrineerNetDestroy070Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Energy net! You're stuck in here until you take out that Zeplen.-------------DGrineerNetEngage010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They're trying to trap you in an energy net, destroy that Zeplen to take out the net.-------------DGrineerNetEngage020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That Zeplen just engaged an energy net, you're stuck in here until it's destroyed.-------------DGrineerNetEngage030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have to take out that Zeplen if you want to get out of here.-------------DGrineerNetNag040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're trapped in this net until you destroy that Zeplen.-------------DGrineerNetNag050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Alpha is taking heavy damage.-------------DADAlphaDamage0110Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, Alpha shuttle will not last much longer.-------------DADAlphaDamage0120Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Alpha shuttle is taking direct hits. -------------DADAlphaDamage0130Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We lost the Alpha shuttle, focus on Beta.-------------DADAlphaLost0170Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Alpha shuttle lost, make sure the same thing doesn't happen to beta.-------------DADAlphaLost0180Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Beta shuttle is under heavy fire. -------------DADBetaDamage0140Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Beta shuttle is sustaining damage.-------------DADBetaDamage0150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Beta shuttle can't take much more of this.-------------DADBetaDamage0160Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Beta shuttle has been destroyed. Save the remaining shuttle.-------------DADBetaLost0190Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Beta shuttle has been destroyed, failure to protect Alpha shuttle will result in mission failure.-------------DADBetaLost0200Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our shuttles have been destroyed, this mission is over.-------------DADFailure0240Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You failed to protect the shuttles, this mission is a failure.-------------DADFailure0250Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We've lost the shuttles. There's nothing more we can do here.-------------DADFailure0260Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is a defense mission. Protect these two shuttles while Tenno Operatives on the inside load them up with valuable resources. -------------DADMissionObj0010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We're raiding this transport for valuable materials. Defend these two shuttles while Tenno Operatives on the inside load them with goods. -------------DADMissionObj0020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The shuttles are in separate docking bays, you will have to decide on the best strategy to keep them both safe.-------------DADObjReinforce0040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The longer you can defend these shuttles the more supplies we can confiscate.-------------DADObjReinforce0030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This ship is disintegrating. Aborting mission, get to extraction.-------------DAWQEscapeDeploy130Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sorry, ship integrity will not permit extraction at this time. -------------DAWQEscapeDeploy140Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You only have one chance. Ordis, deploy Archwing.-------------DAWQEscapeDeploy150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
But, my calibrations, it's not -------------DAWQEscapeDeploy160Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis, do it now!-------------DAWQEscapeDeploy170Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
deploying Archwing.-------------DAWQEscapeDeploy180Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, you need to get to the other side of this debris-field where Ordis can safely extract you. -------------DAWQEscapeDeploy190Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis, can you extract now?-------------DAWQEscapeExtract240Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, stand by for pickup. -------------DAWQEscapeExtract250Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, you have to keep moving.-------------DAWQEscapeMission200Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're almost through the debris field. Just a little bit further.-------------DAWQEscapeMission230Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Operator, the Archwing is performing beyond expectations, I suppose my calibration process was not necessary after all.-------------DAWQEscapeMission220Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Orokin Archive has led us to this location. Defend the extractors until you find an Archwing part blueprint.-------------DAWQExtractMissionObj060Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's it, you found an Archwing part blueprint. Head to extraction when you are ready.-------------DAWQExtractPartFound070Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh my, the Operator has returned with an Archwing part blueprint. You must forge it immediately. It won't be long now until you're flying through the skies like a ---- winged death machine. -------------DAWQExtractionNoticePart080Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is the master blueprint for the Odonata Archwing, the first of many Archwings. To complete it you must find its component parts. Unfortunately, an ancient Orokin archive detailing the locations of the parts was recently stolen by the Corpus. Your first job is to recover this archive. Hurry, the Archwing needs to be ready before the Balor Fomorians launch their first attack.-------------DAWQInbox010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You found the Orokin Archive. You are one step closer to unleashing the Archwing.-------------DAWQSabotageCacheFound040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Corpus have snuck into the void and secured crucial Orokin archives detailing the hidden locations of much needed Archwing parts. Your mission is two-fold, cut off their access to the Void and recover the data.-------------DAWQSabotageMissionObj010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get to the portal. We need to shut the Corpus out of the void before we search for the Orokin Archive.-------------DAWQSabotageObjReinf020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's it, the portal has collapsed. I've located the cache containing the Orokin Archive. Get there now.-------------DAWQSabotageThroughPortal030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good work, you collapsed the portal. Extraction is now ready.-------------DAWQSabotageThroughPortal031Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Operator has all the necessary blueprints to craft an Archwing ---- so what are you waiting for?-------------DAWQShipCraftArch090Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis does hope to see the Archwing soon.-------------DAWQShipCraftArch100Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Congratulations, you've crafted an Archwing. Now I must commence calibration. So much to do, by my calculations this process will take ---- three hundred and seventy two hours ---- Oh, that does seem like a long time -------------DAWQShipCraftArch110Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. This is an urgent mission. A Corpus scout ship with information about the location of the Grineer Balor Fomorians has been located. Raid this ship for intel, we need to know everything they do.-------------DAWQShipCraftArch120Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Lotus has passed along possible coordinates for you to search for the remaining archwing parts. Check your navigation console for more information.-------------DAWQShipDoExtraction050Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I must extract crucial surveillance data from nearby satellites. Protect them until I complete my task.-------------DMissionObj0010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Satellites in the vicinity contain important surveillance data, defend them while I extract that data.-------------DMissionObj0020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mission accomplished, proceed to your landing craft.-------------DObComplete0110Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All satellites have been hacked. Move to extraction.-------------DObComplete0100Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The enemy would rather destroy this data than have it land in our hands.-------------DObComplete0080Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The surveillance data is heavily encrypted, it will take time to extract.-------------DObComplete0090Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I got what we need. Find the next satellite.-------------DSatHacked0070Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have the data, move onto the next target.-------------DSatHacked0060Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Defend this satellite.-------------DSatelliteStarted0030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is it, defend the satellite while I extract what we need.-------------DSatelliteStarted0040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do not let the enemy destroy this satellite before I have what we need.-------------DSatelliteStarted0050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's the ship, close the distance and intercept.-------------DAWPChaseStart0030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You found the ship, give chase!-------------DAWPChaseStart0040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They destroyed the courier. This mission is a failure.-------------DAWPDefenseFailure0237Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Courier destroyed, there's nothing more for us here.-------------DAWPDefenseFailure0238Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My recovery team is enroute. The Grineer will destroy the ship before they let us take it. Defend the ship.-------------DAWPDefense0233Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good work. The ship is disabled. Wait they're attacking the courier ship to keep us from it. Keep it safe.-------------DAWPDefense0231Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You disabled the courier, but this isn't over yet. They're going try to destroy it to keep it out of our hands. Do not let them succeed.-------------DAWPDefense0232Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Keep defending! My recovery team is almost there.-------------DAWPDefenseReminder0234Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Just a little bit longer until recovery arrives.-------------DAWPDefenseReminder0235Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't let them hit the courier!-------------DAWPDefenseReminder0236Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Slow it down, concentrate fire on its engines.-------------DAWPDestroyEngines0120Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Aim for the engines, don't let it get away.-------------DAWPDestroyEngines0130Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The engines^ take them out.-------------DAWPDestroyEngines0140Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Blow open those shield generators and expose the ship's vital systems.-------------DAWPDestroyShields0070Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Target the shield generators.-------------DAWPDestroyShields0080Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Take out its shields by destroying the generators.-------------DAWPDestroyShields0090Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Drones! Take them out.-------------DAWPDroneLaunched0260Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Watch out for drones.-------------DAWPDroneLaunched0270Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The engines are down. It's a sitting duck.-------------DAWPEnginesDestroyed0150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Engines down.-------------DAWPEnginesDestroyed0161Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You took out the engines, they're not going anywhere.-------------DAWPEnginesDestroyed0162Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They've repaired their engines.-------------DAWPEnginesDestroyed0163Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Engines are back up.-------------DAWPEnginesDestroyed0164Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Their engines are online again, they're moving.-------------DAWPEnginesDestroyed0165Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Courier escaped. I'm aborting the mission.-------------DAWPEscaped0340Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The ship outran you. There's nothing more we can do here.-------------DAWPEscaped0350Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You secured the blackbox. We're all done here. Head to extraction.-------------DAWPMissionComp0251Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We're in pursuit of a courier-class ship that is transporting material vital to our cause. Do not let it escape.-------------DAWPMissionIntro0010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hunt down and capture this courier-class ship. We need what's inside.-------------DAWPMissionIntro0020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Generators are down, now target ship systems!-------------DAWPShieldsDown0100Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shields down, systems exposed.-------------DAWPShieldsDown0110Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If that ship escapes, this mission will be a failure.-------------DAWPShipEscaping0330Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're losing them. If you let the Courier get any further away, you'll have no chance of catching up.-------------DAWPShipEscaping0310Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You need to get closer, the Courier is about to escape.-------------DAWPShipEscaping0320Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's one less turret.-------------DAWPSingleTurretDisabled0170Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You took out a turret.-------------DAWPSingleTurretDisabled0172Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Turrets destroyed.-------------DAWPTurretsDestroyed0180Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Turrets down, they can't return fire now.-------------DAWPTurretsDestroyed0190Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've almost reached the loading docks.-------------DAWRAlmostThere0423Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The loading docks are just ahead, get ready.-------------DAWRAlmostThere0424Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Almost there.-------------DAWRAlmostThere0425Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've almost made it.-------------DAWRAlmostThere0427Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They're too close. Forget everything but the high-credit product and go.-------------DAWREnroute0370CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Interceptors?! They're flying right past you. Why do they call you Interceptors if you don't intercept?-------------DAWREnroute0380CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Board isn't going to be happy about this.-------------DAWREnroute0390CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A credit bonus for any transport crew who escapes the Tenno raiders. That, and the opportunity to keep living.-------------DAWREnroute0400CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In the name of the Void, protect our product, save our profits.-------------DAWREnroute0410CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Rendezvous with your landing craft for extraction.-------------DAWRExtraction0300Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Extraction is ready.-------------DAWRExtraction0310Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're done here. Meet up with your ship.-------------DAWRExtraction0320Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're halfway there.-------------DAWRHalfway0420Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is the halfway point. Keep going.-------------DAWRHalfway0421Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've hit the midpoint, don't stop now.-------------DAWRHalfway0422Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hah. The last transport just left. Those Tenno will have to try harder next time.-------------DAWRLastTransportEscaped0480CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The last transport escaped.-------------DAWRLastTransportEscaped0160Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Go, go, go!-------------DAWRLastTransportMoving0460CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get out of here, move.-------------DAWRLastTransportMoving0470CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The last transport is leaving.-------------DAWRLastTransportMoving0130Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't let that last transport escape.-------------DAWRLastTransportMoving0140Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hurry, the last transport is powering its engines.-------------DAWRLastTransportMoving0150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The transports are all safe. The profits safe.-------------DAWRMissionFailure0570CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Call the Board, let them know the Tenno have failed again.-------------DAWRMissionFailure0580CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Praise the Void. The profits are safe.-------------DAWRMissionFailure0590CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All the transports escaped, this mission is a failure.-------------DAWRMissionFailure0230Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You let all the transports escape. Move faster next time.-------------DAWRMissionFailure0240Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You failed to stop the transports. Mission over.-------------DAWRMissionFailure0250Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We don't have much time. Race to the loading docks and destroy enemy transports before they can escape.-------------DAWRMissionIntro0020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The enemy is trying to escape with supplies. Hurry to the loading dock and destroy their transports.-------------DAWRMissionIntro0030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is a race against time. Reach the loading bay and destroy the transport ships before they can escape.-------------DAWRMissionIntro0040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Transport. You're vulnerable. Get out of there!-------------DAWROrbitersDestroyed0510CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shields down. Open fire.-------------DAWROrbitersDestroyed0200Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Orbirters destroyed, target the transport.-------------DAWROrbitersDestroyed0210Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's vulnerable. Finish it off.-------------DAWROrbitersDestroyed0220Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Transports, all power to shield Orbiters. Now!-------------DAWRReachedDockArea0490CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Transports, deploy shield Orbiters. Protect your cargo!-------------DAWRReachedDockArea0500CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've found a transport, destroy the Orbiters to make it vulnerable.-------------DAWRReachedDockArea0170Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's a transport, take out its shields by destroying those Orbiters.-------------DAWRReachedDockArea0180Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You need to disable shields before you can attack the transport. Target the Orbiters.-------------DAWRReachedDockArea0190Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's all over? Tell me at least one survived. Good.-------------DAWRSuccessSome0600CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Some profit is better than no profit I suppose that's what I'll tell the Board.-------------DAWRSuccessSome0610CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Too slow, Tenno! My transports are getting away.-------------DAWRTransportEscaped0440CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Transport escaped. I'm getting a bonus for sure.-------------DAWRTransportEscaped0450CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Too late, a transport escaped.-------------DAWRTransportEscaped0100Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You let a transport escape.-------------DAWRTransportEscaped0110Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You need to move faster, their transports are escaping.-------------DAWRTransportEscaped0120Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Load complete? Okay, get out of here.-------------DAWRTransportMoving0420CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Transport, stop loading and power engines. They're close.-------------DAWRTransportMoving0430CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A transport is powering its engines.-------------DAWRTransportMoving0070Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A transport is fully loaded.-------------DAWRTransportMoving0080Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Transports, prepare for evacuation. The Tenno are here to steal our profits.-------------DAWRWarning0330CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno assailants approaching fast. We must protect the product. Transports, initiate emergency departure.-------------DAWRWarning0340CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Move fast, Corpus, the Betrayers are coming. Ready the transports, we have orders from the top, protect that product.-------------DAWRWarning0350CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's the Tenno! Launch all offensive units. This is not a drill.-------------DAWRWarning0360CorpusComm_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, hurry. The first transport is almost loaded.-------------DAWRWarning0010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're running out of time. The first transport is about to depart.-------------DAWRWarning0050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have to move faster. A transport is almost ready to escape.-------------DAWRWarning0060Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think ya just annoyed 'em, matey.-------------BbBwnWavChipper1280_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I kinda suspect this may take a turn for the worse.-------------BbBwnWavChipper1290_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yeah, I think they're gonna make a day a this.-------------BbBwnWavChipper1300_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ya not likely to get mercy from someone who's never been shown it, now are ya?-------------BbBwnWavChipper1310_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What they are not lacking is tenacity.-------------BbBwnWavChipper1320_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scan's, uh, yeah scan's about half-done, I reckon?-------------BbBwnWavChipper1330_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Stop sweatin', Margaret. Scan's doin' fine. I'm old enough and ugly enough to do two muckin' things at once.-------------BbBwnWavChipper1340_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
See, now they're just takin' it personal.-------------BbBwnWavChipper1350_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think she's just about good, matey. Scan's comin' along nicely. Just give it another minute I reckon.-------------BbBwnWavChipper1360_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There ya go. One Archon. Coordinates n'all. Pretty. As a muckin' dinner. -------------BbBwnWavChipper1370_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ugh, I do not like that. Not one bit. -------------BbDownedChipper0980_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oi. Give us a hand. No hospitals!-------------BbDownedChipper0990_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Agh. Not lookin' good for ol' Chipper, matey. -------------BbDownedChipper1000_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Agh. They got me. Give 'em credit, though, that was some nice speedwork.-------------BbDownedChipper1010_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ugh I've had worse but this might be lights out for ol' Chipper.-------------BbDownedChipper1020_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oi! If I don't make it bury me under the ol'... Maprico tree-------------BbDownedChipper1030_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mornin', sunshine! Got the short stick didja? Get a move on, then.-------------BbPlayerSpottedChipper0900_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sent you did they? Righto. This'll be good for a laugh. -------------BbPlayerSpottedChipper0910_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yeah it's me. Y'know what they say: want a job done right kneecap every mucker between you and whatever 'right' is.-------------BbPlayerSpottedChipper0920_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Howzagarn? HaHA! Lead on, matey.-------------BbPlayerSpottedChipper0925_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
May your Desire blossom, thief, and with it: wisdom! Farewell!-------------DTreasureEscaped1410Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fulfill your Desire and others will follow! I follow Parvos! To freedom!-------------DTreasureEscaped1420Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are unstoppable! We are Corpus! Farewell, thief!-------------DTreasureEscaped1430Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your Desire is found wanting, thief! Farewell!-------------DTreasureEscaped1440Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Parvos! I return to the grasp of your golden hand! Away!-------------DTreasureEscaped1450Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Most cunning Founder, with my life I protect your sacred Crowns!-------------DTreasureSpawn1250Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Most wise Founder, protect your avaricious servant!-------------DTreasureSpawn1260Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Parvos Granum, your sacred tokens shall remain secure from the grasp of the idle!-------------DTreasureSpawn1270Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wise Parvos! The low thief shall never know the cool caress of your Crowns!-------------DTreasureSpawn1280Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your Crowns are safe in my grasp, oh Parvos! Protect me!-------------DTreasureSpawn1290Treasurer_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They know.-------------LbDetectedTeshin0330_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are found. Strike without hesitation.-------------LbDetectedTeshin0340_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now you must take the more brutal path.-------------LbDetectedTeshin0350_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ready yourself, a formidable enemy approaches.-------------LbGrineerHeavyDetectedTeshin0290_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All exits have been sealed, what will you do?-------------LbLkdnTeshin0360_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They think you are caught. Educate them.-------------LbLkdnTeshin0370_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The enemy remains blind to your intrusion.-------------LbUndetectedTeshin0300_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The livestock graze unaware of the eagle soaring.-------------LbUndetectedTeshin0310_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are the hunter, unseen in their midst.-------------LbUndetectedTeshin0320_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Most excellent! That shall cover the expedition expenses nicely! Come! Time and my clientele wait for no-one!-------------DBaroMissionBuy0050Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your investment shall be returned many times over, this I assure you, oh God King.-------------DBaroMissionBuy0060Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Through the beneficence of Inaros all things are possible.-------------DBaroMissionBuy0070Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Enough! Your investment shall be used to fund my recuperation. Farewell, thieves! The day is yours!-------------DBaroMissionFail0170Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I must withdraw! Forgive me, God King!-------------DBaroMissionFail0180Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah! That our glorious adventure should meet such an ignoble end.-------------DBaroMissionFail0190Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Flawless! I detect a few choice artifacts my buyers will salivate for. We must defend as my instruments isolate their locations!-------------DBaroMissionGrineer0080Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is indeed the place! My instruments are working to locate nearby objects of beauty drawing the attention of scavenging Grineer. To arms, oh God King!-------------DBaroMissionGrineer0090Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Precise as always, God King. But my instruments of divination reveal our position to the Grineer. No matter! The Tubemen shall prove no match for us!-------------DBaroMissionGrineer0100Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Inaros! I'm hurt! These thieves are ruining my garments!-------------DBaroMissionHalf0110Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am wounded! How dare you!-------------DBaroMissionHalf0120Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I fear I am defending my dignity at the cost of my health.-------------DBaroMissionHalf0130Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am grievously wounded! How boring!-------------DBaroMissionQuarter0140Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I fear I shall not be with you much longer, God King!-------------DBaroMissionQuarter0150Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am overwhelmed!-------------DBaroMissionQuarter0160Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Success! My treasures are transported! You shall receive your generous cut, as always!-------------DBaroMissionWin0200Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are once again triumphant! God-King Inaros and his best friend Baro! Away!-------------DBaroMissionWin0210Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wondrous! Our treasures are secure! Now, let's away and see what we have.-------------DBaroMissionWin0220Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Inaros Prime once-protector of the master artisans of Luna Placida and keeper of their secrets. A walking treasure map if ever there was one. The Orokin are dead as dust, and with them your obligation. I, however, am very much alive and I need stock. For a modest investment we can both do quite well AND keep my kiosk well supplied with Orokin wonders. What say you?-------------DInarosPrimeFirst0010Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
God King! Sales have been brisk, my lord, and, between you and me, my stock is thinning. Might we adventure together? For the usual cut?-------------DInarosPrimeInteraction0020Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My lord! You find me, as always, in my hour of need. I, Baro Ki'Teer, stand ready to accompany you on another adventure of mutual benefit.-------------DInarosPrimeInteraction0030Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Great Inaros! Welcome! My shelves grow bare. Might we you know. The usual?-------------DInarosPrimeInteraction0040Baro_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun is one point from victory.-------------DCTCCaptureLeft0190Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon is one point from victory.-------------DCTCCaptureLeft0200Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun Cephalon captured. Point Moon!-------------DCTCCephCapture0120Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Point Moon!-------------DCTCCephCapture0150Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Point Sun!-------------DCTCCephCapture0130Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon Cephalon captured. Point Sun!-------------DCTCCephCapture0140Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun Cephalon dropped.-------------DCTCCephDrop0080Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon Cephalon dropped.-------------DCTCCephDrop0090Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun Cephalon returned.-------------DCTCCephReturn0100Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon Cephalon returned.-------------DCTCCephReturn0110Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun Cephalon taken.-------------DCTCCephTaken0060Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon Cephalon taken.-------------DCTCCephTaken0070Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The enemy is but a mountain. With each fall you test its surface, learning the footholds needed to reach the summit.-------------DCTCLoss0480Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The path to mastery has many setbacks. It is the true masters who remain unfaltering in their journey.-------------DCTCLoss0470Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Failure teaches us more than victory. Reflect on your movements and summon a greater resolve.-------------DCTCLoss0460Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This defeat is a lesson. Consider your mistakes. Study your enemy's movements. Grow from this moment on.-------------DCTCLoss0450Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team MOON!-------------DCTCMoonSpawn0050Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A deadlock between the Moon and Sun.-------------DCTCTie0510Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A stalemate between Sun and Moon.-------------DCTCTie0500Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The match ends in a draw.-------------DCTCTie0490Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You impress me, pupil. You are on your way to higher Mastery.-------------DCTCVictory0440Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your enemies will remember this day with humiliation.-------------DCTCVictory0430Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
With this victory your strength and reputation grows.-------------DCTCVictory0420Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well earned, pupil. You fought with discipline and honor.-------------DCTCVictory0410Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon has won the match.-------------DCTCVictoryMoon0360Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon's surging tide washes away the Sun.-------------DCTCVictoryMoon0370Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The near Moon eclipses the far Sun.-------------DCTCVictoryMoon0380Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The oceans of Moon have extinguished the fire of Sun.-------------DCTCVictoryMoon0390Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun has won the match.-------------DCTCVictorySun0320Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sun's light has burned Moon's shadow away.-------------DCTCVictorySun0330Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The fires of the Sun have turned the Moon to ash.-------------DCTCVictorySun0340Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moon was torn apart by Sun's furious light.-------------DCTCVictorySun0350Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team SUN!-------------DCTFSunSpawn0040Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I find a use for every part of the beast.-------------DHaiLukDissectEnter0250HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's uh open 'er up then.-------------DHaiLukDissectEnter0260HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Kruna metta. Allow me to help... with that.-------------DHaiLukDissectEnter0270HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That was expertly done.-------------DHaiLukDissect0280HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're quite handy with a blade, aren't you?-------------DHaiLukDissect0290HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That that smell is quite something isn't it?-------------DHaiLukDissect0300HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These will be received gratefully. Thank you.-------------DHaiLukDonateConfirm0220HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The people acknowledge your generosity, Tenno.-------------DHaiLukDonateConfirm0230HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This will feed many. Thank you, Tenno.-------------DHaiLukDonateConfirm0240HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If you have any fish to spare, I will see they reach the tables of our poor and infirm.-------------DHaiLukDonateEnter0190HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Can you spare a fish or two for the people of Cetus, Tenno?-------------DHaiLukDonateEnter0200HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We have many who go without. A fish or two would make their dinner table a less somber affair.-------------DHaiLukDonateEnter0210HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Different fish need different bait, and Fisher Hai-Luk is your one-stop shop. Swazdo-lah, stranger.-------------DHaiLukFirst0050HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This one will feed the whole family. And the cousins too!-------------DHaiLukFishLarge0150HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
By the Unum. Is that I can't remember the last time this species was seen in our waters. What did you use for bait?-------------DHaiLukFishLegend0180HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hmm... Medium size. Good length. Teeth Still too big.-------------DHaiLukFishMed0140HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now this is something special. A rare catch!-------------DHaiLukFishRare0170HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Just a wee one. Nothing to fear.-------------DHaiLukFishSmall0130HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look at that. Don't see many of these anymore.-------------DHaiLukFishUncom0160HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah! You're still alive! I'm so happy.-------------DHaiLukIntroLoved0090HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fisher Hai-Luk happily places herself at the service of Cetus' champion!-------------DHaiLukIntroLoved0100HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lok heb, surah! It's wonderful to see you again!-------------DHaiLukIntroLoved0110HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A bad day fishing's better than a good day working. Swazdo-lah, friend.-------------DHaiLukIntroNeutral0060HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lok heb, surah! Let's get you fitted out and ready for the big blue. -------------DHaiLukIntroNeutral0070HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hello! It is my aim to ensure you fully enjoy your time upon the water, which is absolutely not filled with unknowable horror.-------------DHaiLukIntroNeutral0080HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I should have been a plumber. -------------DHaiLukOutroNoSale0400HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well all right, then.-------------DHaiLukOutroNoSale0410HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Check back tomorrow! New stock regularly!-------------DHaiLukOutroNoSale0420HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Come again!-------------DHaiLukOutroSale0370HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I hope to... see you again. Goodbye.-------------DHaiLukOutroSale0380HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A fine selection! Be well!-------------DHaiLukOutroSale0390HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's see what you've got... Wait, you have no fish? Well what are you waiting for, go catch some!-------------DHaiLukVisitNoFish0120HaiLuk_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hok would love to help. Perhaps if you return with some weapon parts he could assemble a fine blade for you?-------------DHokAssNoPiece0190Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Supply the parts and I shall create the weapon.-------------DHokAssNoPiece0200Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Without the proper components, alas, I am helpless to assist.-------------DHokAssNoPiece0210Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Perhaps the most important part of the weapon. Choose wisely.-------------DHokAssNoSGB0280Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Take your time, take your time.-------------DHokAssNoSGB0290Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Grip and Link must, of course, be chosen with utmost care.-------------DHokAssNoSGB0300Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hok does marvelous work, does he not? Marvelous, ootz.-------------DHokAssOutroBuilt0220Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not too shabby. Pedlek helped with some of the smaller touches, so my apologies if it falls apart in your hands.-------------DHokAssOutroBuilt0230Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pedlek! Fetch this customer their oh, there it is.-------------DHokAssOutroBuilt0240Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Very good, very good.-------------DHokAssSelectSGB0310Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They shall work wonderfully together.-------------DHokAssSelectSGB0320Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A most astute choice, surah.-------------DHokAssSelectSGB0330Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There is no rush. Hok has all day.-------------DHokAssViewNoPiece0250Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is important to make the right choice, of course.-------------DHokAssViewNoPiece0260Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pedlek! Fetch me my lunch while this customer browses.-------------DHokAssViewNoPiece0270Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A-ha! You desire the Zaw weapons Hok is so famous for. Allow Hok - I am Hok - to sell you blueprints for weapon parts! Forge them in your Foundry, and then return here so that Hok may construct a fine weapon for you.-------------DHokBrowseNoPiece0180Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sho-lah, surah.-------------DHokBye0630Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Come back soon.-------------DHokBye0640Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Remember, Hok has new specials everyday.-------------DHokBye0650Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dah-dap, surah.-------------DHokBye0660Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sho-lah.-------------DHokBye0620Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dah-dap, surah. Your contribution to our defense is gratefully accepted.-------------DHokContDonate0490Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ai yo. Dah-dap, surah. The militia thanks you.-------------DHokContDonate0500Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are too kind, surah. Dah-dap. Dah-dap utz.-------------DHokContDonate0510Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The militia will only accept battle-hardened Zaws, Tenno.-------------DHokContNoMaxZaw0460Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If the steel is tested, the militia will gratefully accept. Otherwise not so much.-------------DHokContNoMaxZaw0470Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We cannot arm recruits with anything less than battle-hardened weapons, surah.-------------DHokContNoMaxZaw0480Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A name to strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.-------------DHokForgeNameConfirm0400Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are quite the poet, Tenno. Beautiful.-------------DHokForgeNameConfirm0410Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Perfection.-------------DHokForgeNameConfirm0420Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Test your blades in battle. Return to me once their worth is known. Only then will Hok gild.-------------DHokForgeNoMaxZaw0340Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If your weapon is tested then Hok shall gild it - but not before.-------------DHokForgeNoMaxZaw0350Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Untested metal is unfit for gilding. Return to Hok once the worth of that blade has been proven, surah.-------------DHokForgeNoMaxZaw0360Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Such beautiful lines. She requires only a name.-------------DHokForgeReqName0370Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is ready, waiting to come to life at your touch. Will you name her?-------------DHokForgeReqName0380Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your blade, Tenno. Name her, and bring her to life.-------------DHokForgeReqName0390Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You see her for what she is. Truly you share a bond.-------------DHokForgeSkipName0430Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Her nature is her own. As you say.-------------DHokForgeSkipName0440Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Of course, surah. She is yours.-------------DHokForgeSkipName0450Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ai yo. What a day: Hok has been busier than a one-armed mime with a skin rash. What may I provide?-------------DHokIntoNeutral0040Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oof. That last customer? Nice guy but couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. What do you need?-------------DHokIntoNeutral0050Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, swazdo-lah. Both the world and his wife are on Hok's back this accursed day. How may he improve yours?-------------DHokIntoNeutral0060Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No excuses, Pedlek! Last time there was a dead squirrel floating in it! I am a bright star surrounded by an accretion disk of cretins and ding-dongs. How may I serve?-------------DHokIntroPedlek0100Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha! I do not like your chances, Pedlek, for you are barely symmetrical! Oh. Swazdo-lah. How may Hok serve?-------------DHokIntroPedlek0110Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pedlek! Did your mother jump around whilst pregnant? Those aren't pets! They're carnivorous as ffff... ...far as I know. Hello there. How may Hok serve?-------------DHokIntroPedlek0120Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No, Pedlek, I will not be attending your poetry recital! Hok would rather get a plate in his head and collect magnets. How may I serve?-------------DHokIntroPedlek0130Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ai yo! Cetus' favorite Tenno! Welcome! Welcome!-------------DHokIntroLoved0070Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Aaaaah surah. A joy, as always.-------------DHokIntroLoved0080Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Swazdo-lah, Tenno! Your presence makes joy fountain from Hok's eyeballs.-------------DHokIntroLoved0090Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I will not tolerate this behavior, Pedlek! You look like a jerk and have a crappy face! Swazdo-lah. What do you need?-------------DHokIntroPedlek0140Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That money in your sock, Pedlek, is for bail! Swazdo-lah. What do you need?-------------DHokIntroPedlek0150Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Knock it off, Pedlek! You laugh like an electrocuted hamster. Oh. Swazdo-lah. How may Hok serve?-------------DHokIntroPedlek0160Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
By the Unum, Pedlek. It would be wiser to simply fire you and use your face to make squid biscuits. Oh. Swazdo-lah. How may Hok serve?-------------DHokIntroPedlek0170Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Really? Step into the winner's circle occasionally, friend^ we'd love to have you.-------------DHokOutroNoSale0550Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So you've just wasted my time is what your face is telling me.-------------DHokOutroNoSale0560Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Are your eyes in your pockets? You'll not find the equal of Hok's merchandise elsewhere!-------------DHokOutroNoSale0570Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Walk like there's a knife in your boot, eh?-------------DHokOutroSale0520Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Keep swinging 'til they're more red than well anything else.-------------DHokOutroSale0530Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Getting old isn't for the weak. Be well, surah.-------------DHokOutroSale0540Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Big special today. Hok knows you're interested. -------------DHokSpecial0580Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Behold, my special for today.-------------DHokSpecial0590Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another day, another master work.-------------DHokSpecial0600Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Today's special is a thing of such beauty that I had to slap Pedlek for looking at it indecently.-------------DHokSpecial0610Hok_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Be well.-------------DKonzuBye0540Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You see and are seen.-------------DKonzuBye0550Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
See you again, eh, Tenno.-------------DKonzuBye0300Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You come back again soon.-------------DKonzuBye0310Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sho-lah.-------------DKonzuBye0320Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
See you again, eh, Tenno.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
You come back again soon.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sho-lah.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Swazdo-lah, offworlder. Interested in working for me? Gotta prove yourself first. Head out on the plains and show me what you can do.-------------DKonzuFirstBounty0330Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hmmm Not bad. I have work for someone with your talents. Lots of work.-------------DKonzuFirstBountyDone0340Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Konzu's favorite gun. Swazdo-lah, killer.-------------DKonzuIntroLoved0080Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, Tenno. Good. Good, utz.-------------DKonzuIntroLoved0090Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Right on time, surah. I see you. Let's get to work.-------------DKonzuIntroLoved0100Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, our most esteemed surah! Welcome!-------------DKonzuIntroLoved0120Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ai yo. You are bright in the Unum's sight, surah. Magnificent. Magnificent, utz.-------------DKonzuIntroLoved0110Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You pay me in red, I pay you in silver.-------------DKonzuIntroNeutral0050Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Got something. Heavy hitter like you needs a little snack, yeah?-------------DKonzuIntroNeutral0060Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I give you coordinates. You go in, you work, nobody but you comes out. Good?-------------DKonzuIntroNeutral0070Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Konzu's favorite gun. Swazdo-lah, killer.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, Tenno. Good. Good, utz.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Right on time, surah. I see you. Let's get to work.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, our most esteemed surah! Welcome!---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ai yo. You are bright in the Unum's sight, surah. Magnificent. Magnificent, utz.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
You pay me in red, I pay you in silver.---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Got something. Heavy hitter like you needs a little snack, yeah?---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
I give you coordinates. You go in, you work, nobody but you comes out. Good?---------------- [ogg] [wav] [play]
Everything is in balance, from the Plains to the glittering fields of the Origin System itself. This this is something the Grineer will never see, let alone understand.-------------DKonzuIntroNeutral0530Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Unum provides all. Always she gives to those who are willing to learn.-------------DKonzuIntroNeutral0510Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
How the children admire your good deeds, Tenno. It brings me such joy. Dah-dap.-------------DKonzuIntroNeutral0520Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It would be my honor to help you toward grace.-------------DKonzuNewRank0210Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We Ostrons would be honored to accept your sacrifice.-------------DKonzuNewRank0220Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Perhaps you underestimate the value of this one.-------------DKonzuNotTaken0590Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You choose to pursue other actions it seems. Other talent will have to be called in to assist.-------------DKonzuNotTaken0600Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You upping your rates on me?-------------DKonzuNotTaken0180Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Picky picky.-------------DKonzuNotTaken0190Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You gonna make me use offworld talent? Come on.-------------DKonzuNotTaken0200Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Swazdo-lah. How may we assist?-------------DKonzuOpenStore0240Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lok heb, esteemed friend.-------------DKonzuOpenStore0250Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Kruna metta, advise us as to your need.-------------DKonzuOpenStore0260Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Unum smiles upon you, surah.-------------DKonzuRankAchieved0230Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
One hand washing the other: indivisible.-------------DKonzuRepSale0270Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The lessening of your burden also lightens ours.-------------DKonzuRepSale0280Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A wise choice.-------------DKonzuRepSale0290Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am pleased you have accepted what so many have feared to try.-------------DKonzuTaken0580Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your deeds shall be rewarded.-------------DKonzuTaken0560Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is right you should take on this task. Success will follow.-------------DKonzuTaken0570Saya_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Couldn't get anyone to take that on. Early lunch for Konzu.-------------DKonzuTaken0170Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Rightio. See you soon.-------------DKonzuTaken0140Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Alright. Chop chop.-------------DKonzuTaken0150Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
One more off the docket. Hop to.-------------DKonzuTaken0160Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Handy with a gun or blade? Cetus needs you. Let's talk.-------------DKonzuBark0010Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Offworlder. I'm hiring combat talent. Let's talk rates.-------------DKonzuBark0020Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Job board's filling up, offworlder. Help Konzu clear the slate, eh?-------------DKonzuBark0030Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Offworlder. Help push the Grineer away from Cetus. You do a good deed, I pay you for it.-------------DKonzuBark0040Konzu_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lok heb, surah. It is good to see you again! How may I help?-------------DNakakIntroLoved0080Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A joy to serve you, Tenno. As always.-------------DNakakIntroLoved0090Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dah-dap, Tenno^ for all that you do for Cetus. It is wonderful to see you.-------------DNakakIntroLoved0100Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Others have one price for locals and one for offworlders. Me? I give you the local price, every time.-------------DNakakIntroNeutral0050Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Free advice with or without purchase, surah. I'm here to help!-------------DNakakIntroNeutral0060Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Best prices and free advice, surah. To me you're a local.-------------DNakakIntroNeutral0070Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You'll find spirit jars at most of the bars. Order something, leave a coin. It keeps the souls of the Orokin happy, and you've paid for the next person who can't afford a drink. sho-lah.-------------DNakakOutroNoSale0170Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've worked all kinds of jobs in all kinds of places. Never met a good person, or a bad one. It's just folks, friend. Everyone's just folks. sho-lah.-------------DNakakOutroNoSale0180Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Buy three bags of termite droppings. It'll keep you going long after you should have keeled over and if that's how you react to nibbling termite crap? You're gonna love my desert survival tips.-------------DNakakOutroNoSale0190Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Those urns outside doors? Don't drink from them. They're yoong-baht. We leave them for traveling monks.-------------DNakakOutroNoSale0200Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Beyond Cetus you'll encounter the occasional Ostron who built themselves a bridge across a river. They'll charge you to use it. It's how some of these families support themselves.-------------DNakakOutroNoSale0210Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
When you've made peace with the world then everything becomes a game, friend. This place will teach you that.-------------DNakakOutroNoSale0220Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Eidolons have done something to the water out there. Touch it and you'll get the shock of your life. Plus it's loaded with gut parasites! Sho-lah!-------------DNakakOutroSale0110Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Eidolons have done something to the water out there. Touch it and you'll get the shock of your life. It is free of parasitic gut larvae though! Sho-lah!-------------DNakakOutroSale0120Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Visitors go crazy for kubuchi. They think drinking it makes them a local. But just between you and me^ it tastes like hot garbage!-------------DNakakOutroSale0130Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Eidolons. Beautiful creatures of the night, graceful in their own way. Go anywhere near them and they'll crush you like a turd. Here y'go!-------------DNakakOutroSale0140Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dah-dap, surah. Here you go. Have you seen the Tower? The Unum within does not move, or see. But She hears, and feels... and speaks. Sho-lah.-------------DNakakOutroSale0150Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
See a man with a blank mask and no adornment? That's a widower. All of his bright things would have been cremated with his wife. Beautifully sad, really. He won't laugh for a year. Here y'go!-------------DNakakOutroSale0160Nakak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Closeness, or nearness. Push, or pull. Hold, or release. Which will it be?-------------DOnkkOtherGreet0260Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Which string will you pluck? Which note will you sound? Play well and the universe dances.-------------DOnkkOtherGreet0270Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Which of us will give, Tenno, and which of us will take?-------------DOnkkOtherGreet0280Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is it time?-------------DOnkkoGildAmp0290Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Allow us to improve your efficiency.-------------DOnkoStandGreet0540Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes. Commit.-------------DOnkkoGildAmp0310Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The choice is made. We are here.-------------DOnkkoCraftDone0200Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The sum of consequence to consequence resolves, here, in this extension of your will.-------------DOnkkoCraftDone0210Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You end here, at this choice: the inception point of who you will become. Behold the product of that becoming.-------------DOnkkoCraftDone0220Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here we create the instrument with which you might co-author the future. The amp, Tenno, will magnify your power and your will.-------------DOnkkoCraftGreet0160Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The amp is an extension of your will. No part of it may be chosen lightly.-------------DOnkkoCraftGreet0170Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The amp: your primary tool in control and defeat of the Eidolons. The stylus with which you shall inscribe your name in the pages of future history.-------------DOnkkoCraftGreet0180Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Every choice closes off an infinite number of possible futures. The amp you craft, then, is unique in all the multiverse. Where you end and it begins an unanswerable question. Research. Craft. Assemble. Strive to answer the unanswerable.-------------DOnkkoCraftNoPiece0190Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Time is relative. Choose when ready.-------------DOnkkoCraftNoSelect0230Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I see permutations tumbling, resolving behind your eyes. Beneath your skin. Exquisite.-------------DOnkkoCraftNoSelect0240Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Once, long ago, I would look backwards, feeling for the fading tendrils of our might-have-beens. But those avenues are closed now. Too far gone. Instead I comfort myself with the music of the universe and the sense of her close by. Her choices brush against me, like the arm of a passing stranger, and I am happy.-------------DOnkkoCraftNoSelect0250Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Gratefully received back into the weave.-------------DOnkkoDonateConfirm0400Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is done.-------------DOnkkoDonateConfirm0410Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you feel that? Consequence brushing consequence. Already the future shifts her expression.-------------DOnkkoDonateConfirm0420Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Drop a stone, a ripple. Drop a grain, nothing of consequence. Come to me with stones, Tenno: instruments of tested power, and I will accept.-------------DOnkkoDonateNoMax0390Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This has served you well. Has that time passed? Released it may yet serve a greater plan.-------------DOnkkoDonate0360Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You release, it falls, to create one last, outward spreading cascade. Causality awaits your decision. This amp may arm another.-------------DOnkkoDonate0370Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Some paths end. Others circle back on themselves. Release this amp, that it might serve another.-------------DOnkkoDonate0380Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am Quill Onkko Primary. We have, and shall have a long association, Tenno. I know this conversation well.-------------DOnkkoFirst0040Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno separating from simple nexus at Quill Onkko Primary.-------------DOnkkoGenOut0650Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, the history you will have.-------------DOnkkoGenOut0640Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah. A desire for greater agency. I can assist.-------------DOnkkoGildAmp0300Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This has served you well. Cement that bond.-------------DOnkkoGildConfirm0330Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A bold reaching toward consequence. How shall this be remembered?-------------DOnkkoGildConfirm0340Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Infinite possibilities fall away as this declaration codifies itself into a single, clear path. Name it.-------------DOnkkoGildConfirm0350Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No effect without a cause. No reward without an earning. No name without a legacy. Return once the amp has proven itself.-------------DOnkkoGildNoMax0320Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are an instrument most perfect, Tenno^ tuned to the pitch of the Unum.-------------DOnkkoIntroLoved0150Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are bound: family to family, clade to clade, as children of the all-seeing Unum.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0070Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You were anticipated. Our interaction begins.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0080Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Consequence to consequence brings you to me.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0090Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We shall make use of you.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0130Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What things are and what they should be are indivisible.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0060Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Eidolon seer-zhwong intercepted at isolate node sahd by Tenno sahd-pahk. But first: interaction.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0100Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are each one viewpoint within the myriad that comprises the Unum.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0110Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We watch, we anticipate, we intercede.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0120Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You will make the necessary sacrifice. Inevitably.-------------DOnkkoIntroNeutral0140Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is time. Utter the name.-------------DOnkkoNameAmp0430Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The past is dead. Name the future.-------------DOnkkoNameAmp0440Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
With a name, emerge.-------------DOnkkoNameAmp0450Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes. The name I have always known.-------------DOnkkoNameConfirm0460Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It could never have any other.-------------DOnkkoNameConfirm0470Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And so it begins.-------------DOnkkoNameConfirm0480Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As it has always been.-------------DOnkkoNameSkip0490Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A name whispered by the universe itself.-------------DOnkkoNameSkip0500Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As a note of music, carried from a distant room.-------------DOnkkoNameSkip0510Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Saya if he if Onkko if I could have shown her how catalogs of possible futures fanned out from the moment I could choose... could have chosen to stay. None of them end ended well. None save one. This one. The one where I left. This future ends so well for her. For Konzu, for Cetus. As eviscerating a choice as it was, it was the only one I could live with. Some day, I swear, this is this was this will be borne out. Speak of this no more. To be crushed by the singular excruciates. What's done is done. Enough.-------------DOnkkoSaya0050Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Was it ever thus?-------------DOnkkoStandNoSale0610Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In time.-------------DOnkkoStandNoSale0620Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A wise choice.-------------DOnkkoStandSale0550Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That will prove beneficial. For you, and for us.-------------DOnkkoStandSale0560Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well chosen.-------------DOnkkoStandSale0570Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So it is.-------------DOnkkoStandSaleOut0580Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is done.-------------DOnkkoStandSaleOut0590Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your weapons have no effect on its shields. Try something else.-------------DOnkkoTeraAttShield0720Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sunrise nears. Sentient retreats. Strike now, for in moments the future decides itself.-------------DOnkkoTeraDaytime0780Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Next you attempt to take control of it.-------------DOnkkoTeraDestroyLure0700Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Those devices draw energy from Vomvalysts. Make use of them.-------------DOnkkoTeraFindLure0690Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Teralyst retreats, but remains close by, wary of you.-------------DOnkkoTeraPort0730Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And now, a massive sentient energy spike in your area. I advise you to be careful.-------------DOnkkoTeraSpawn0710Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Smaller sentients rush to the Eidolon's aid, healing it. Stop them.-------------DOnkkoTeraSwan0750Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sentient energy contained. You are closing on victory. Act now.-------------DOnkkoTeraTetherAll0770Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That device is insufficient. You are directed to secure and employ additional Eidolon lures.-------------DOnkkoTeraTetherFirst0760Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Energy spike. I advise falling back.-------------DOnkkoTeraWail0740Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are prepared to provide.-------------DOnkoStandGreet0520Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These will assist.-------------DOnkoStandGreet0530Onkko_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Name's Suumbaat. If you want to draw wealth from a cliff-face then I've got what you need to do it. Mining tools, scanning gear, that kinda stuff.-------------DSuumFirstTime0040Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kid. Tell me something good.-------------DSuumIntroLoved0080Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, swazdo-lah, kid. Always got time for you.-------------DSuumIntroLoved0090Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oof. Sight for sore eyes. Finally, someone worth talking to.-------------DSuumIntroLoved0100Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The trick to doing the impossible is to get out there and bloody well do it.-------------DSuumIntroNeutral0050Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So, you want to get rich.-------------DSuumIntroNeutral0060Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kid.-------------DSuumIntroNeutral0070Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Move along then. I'm not running a social club.-------------DSuumOutroNoSale0150Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're lucky I don't charge you for time.-------------DSuumOutroNoSale0160Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do I look young enough to spare two minutes on nothing?-------------DSuumOutroNoSale0170Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Right you are, young person.-------------DSuumOutroSale0110Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Prove everyone wrong, kid. Get lucky.-------------DSuumOutroSale0120Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good luck out there. Watch for kubrow. -------------DSuumOutroSale0130Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Little advice. Every kid thinks they're tough 'til they're trying to outrun an Eidolon. Be smart. Don't mine at night.-------------DSuumOutroSale0140Suumbaat_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Vasca Kavat. An invasive, nocturnal species carrying the symbiotic Vasca virus. They are stealthy, and extremely aggressive. Be careful. And one last thing: should any kavat companions be bitten you should secure an antidote quickly. Good luck.-------------DTeaHuntCallVasca0000Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hunter, this particular Bau is close to going full Nephil. A timely catch.-------------DTeaHuntCatchBau0000Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look at the fight in this one. The viral load in its veins must be immense. I'll prepare a double-dose of curative.-------------DTeaHuntCatchBau0010Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
How many animals have been drained by this Bau? How many nests and lairs wiped out? Still, we cure and persevere.-------------DTeaHuntCatchBau0020Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A weak little Ostia no more, are you? Well, before the week is out you'll be back to being a regular kavat - and happier for it I'm sure.-------------DTeaHuntCatchBau0030Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I do love kavats. I hate what this loathsome virus makes of them. I'll be glad to cure this Bau, and find them a more suitable home.-------------DTeaHuntCatchBau0040Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A rare and hateful guest, this one. I think your welcome on the Plains has been well overstayed.-------------DTeaHuntCatchNephil0000Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This Nephil has been Vasca so long its digestive tract can no longer tolerate solid food. Just blood. Rehabilitation will be difficult for this one.-------------DTeaHuntCatchNephil0010Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This poor, wretched thing has been utterly overtaken by the virus, with no recollection of having ever been kavat. It now exists only to spread the virus. But I will bring them back to themselves. I swear. They will love the sun once more.-------------DTeaHuntCatchNephil0020Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your time in the sunless lands are at an end, my anguished friend. I will lead you home.-------------DTeaHuntCatchNephil0030Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nephil Vasca. Look what the virus has done to a once-noble animal. It will be an honor to return this beast to itself. The curative is ready and waiting.-------------DTeaHuntCatchNephil0040Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If they are engineered from fertilization, and if the virus is doctored, Vasca can be trained, even domesticated. Wild specimens? Very different.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOstia0000Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ostia Vasca. I am researching a means to inoculate wild kavats against the virus, but with little success as yet. Thank you for this.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOstia0010Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The local wildlife will appreciate this unnatural predator being taken out of circulation. I will administer a Vasca curative as soon as they arrive.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOstia0020Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yet another Ostia Vasca. For every one we remove it seems two more appear. Almost as if in response to our efforts.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOstia0030Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know, every now and then a melancholy Offworlder will arrive, thinking to get themselves Vasca-infected as a means to live forever. Too many novels, I think.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOstia0040Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Bau Vasca. An uncommon find. An Ostia Vasca drains many animals, including other Vasca, to survive long enough to become Bau. One look into its eyes will tell you: it barely remembers the animal it once was.-------------DTeaHuntFirstBau0000Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The rare Nephil Vasca. The apex manifestation of Vasca virus colonization, compelled by the viruses imperative to spread and consume. The Nephil knows little but hunger and death. They can be cured and rehabilitated, but it is a long, long road. We had best get started.-------------DTeaHuntFirstNephil0000Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Ostia Vasca. Still coming to terms with its condition. Left unchecked it will become an apex predator - or die - in a matter of weeks. Most do. Many Ostia are out here, concealed, stalking fighting for nourishment.-------------DTeaHuntFirstOstia0000Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Listen. The territorial voicing of the Condroc: carrion-eater and opportunistic scavenger.-------------DTeaHuntCallCondroc0260Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Kuaka. The elder cousin of the Vallis Pobber, but unlike that herbivorous rodent the Kuaka possesses an irritable temperament and will eat almost anything. But, precisely as its cousin, the Kuaka will bolt at the first hint of danger.-------------DTeaHuntCallKuaka0270Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Mergoo. An avian of ridiculous appearance found along coastal regions and by large bodies of water. Mergoo circle and squawk at the sight of marine predators. Many an Ostron fisher owes their life to these odd little birds. Killing one is considered very bad luck.-------------DTeaHuntCallMergoo0280Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A common Condroc. Carrion makes up nearly the entirety of their diet.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocCommon0580Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Common Condroc could never be called glamorous, but their role is a necessary one.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocCommon0590Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They've learned not to scavenge Grineer camps, but fisher-folk still take potshots at them.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocCommon0600Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scavengers prevent the spread of disease and pathogens. The Business is wise to collect them but why? Surely he could not be populating some far-away Moh of his own?-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocCommon0610Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Traditional Ostron hunters and bridge wardens still use the feathers of the Condroc as fletching for their arrows.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocCommon0620Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A rare Emperor Condroc. Note the warm golden plumage. Hear that robust call.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocEmp0840Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This rare Emperor Condroc would be the leader of several Condroc committees. What could have lured them away from their aerie? No matter. This is our good fortune.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocEmp0850Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Emperor Condroc. A rare sight. You must not miss this opportunity, Tenno. Should it take flight, it will retreat to its aerie and be lost to us.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocEmp0860Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Rogue Condroc. Scavenging ways abandoned, this one prefers fresh meat and hunts it. Unusual behavior for a Condroc, but not unheard of.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocRogue0720Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A loner. Extra effort will be made to re-socialize them.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocRogue0730Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A group of Condrocs are known as a committee. This one has no time for such things.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocRogue0740Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Rogues often wipe out entire colonies of Kuaka and even Mergoo. The Condroc's role is that of scavenger. The Rogue has lost its purpose. It would be better to no? I could Very well.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocRogue0750Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The stomach acid of the Condroc is useful as a powerful antiseptic. Perhaps you have need? No? Very well.-------------DTeaHuntCatchCondrocRogue0760Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Female.-------------DTeaHuntCatchFemale0510Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Note the pale coat, indicative of a subspecies that spends most of its time belowground.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaAshen0680Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An Ashen Kuaka. They don't like the light. Let's move this along.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaAshen0690Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An efficient ratter, the Ashen Kuaka. Very helpful in controlling introduced pests.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaAshen0700Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Ashen Kuaka makes for good eating, Tenno, but if preservation is your mission so be it.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaAshen0710Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A rare pleasure, my little friend.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaGhost0810Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Note the superficial similarities to the Ashen Kuaka, but this specimen's eyesight and digestive tract have evolved to serve a rodent that almost never visits the surface world.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaGhost0820Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Ghost Kuaka are birthed in collectives far, far belowground. There they live on grubs and roots. This may be their first visit to the surface. I will do what I can to make the experience a pleasant one.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaGhost0830Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Plains Kuaka. Nature's janitor. Slow-roasted and paired with hot chimurr is a personal favorite.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaPlains0520Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A foul-tempered omnivore - but key to maintaining ecosystemic balance.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaPlains0530Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Population levels of the Plains Kuaka are in no danger of dipping, and this one's services are required elsewhere. So, off they go.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaPlains0540Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another Kuaka. You are aware the female of the species becomes fertile immediately after giving birth, yes?-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaPlains0550Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I once knew a hunter who, in dire straits, walked many days using two of these animals as shoes.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaPlains0560Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Properly skinned and sewn a Kuaka can make for a useful improvised waterskin.-------------DTeaHuntCatchKuakaPlains0570Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Male.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMale0500Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Coastal Mergoo. Fisher-folk honor them.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooCoastal0630Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, these little ones do make me laugh.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooCoastal0640Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Coastal Mergoo. Perhaps the most common seabird in these parts.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooCoastal0650Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mergoo flocks deprive smaller mammals of nourishment. I am content to remove a few; however you see fit.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooCoastal0660Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Note its grasping foreclaws. Mergoo will often swoop in, clutch some small target and fly off before anyone's the wiser.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooCoastal0670Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've seen Grineer troopers divert from objectives to hunt and kill these particular specimens. For the plumage. Very hard to find these days.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooSplendid0870Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Splendid Mergoo! Lords and ladies of the nest these ones. Highly prized mates, for obvious reasons.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooSplendid0880Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is well you have saved this one. Populations of Splendid Mergoo have been in sharp decline since the arrival of the Grineer.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooSplendid0890Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll note the area, keep an eye out for the nest.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooWood0770Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mergoo, woodland plumage. Perhaps the adaptation is an attempt to elude the Grineer.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooWood0780Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've often seen a Woodland Mergoo dart from foliage to zap an insect from the air. Cunning.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooWood0790Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Should you find yourself lost and starving, watch the Woodland Mergoo. They often know of ant colonies and grub nests. Useful protein in emergencies.-------------DTeaHuntCatchMergooWood0800Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In its prime, this one.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOld0470Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Adult.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOld0480Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Full-grown.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOld0490Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've caught us a lively one.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0900Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This little one has endured hardships. No more.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0910Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An impeccable example of the species.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0920Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So full of life, this one. It shall do well.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0930Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh dear. This one has not had an easy road. Evidence of not just battle scars, but burns even shrapnel. This is why the Grineer must be expelled. The conflict threatens all life on the Eidolon-Moh.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0940Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Breathtaking. I've rarely seen such a beautiful specimen.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0950Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Eyes clear. Strong vital signs. Easy movement. Excellent. I'll take it from here.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0960Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Easy now.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0970Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ha. They don't like you, Tenno. If only they knew you've likely saved their life.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0980Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah yes. Impaired vision. Evidence of skin plucking. Some respiratory distress. A timely intervention on our part. I'm moving this one to the front of the line.-------------DTeaHuntCatchOutro0990Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A very young specimen.-------------DTeaHuntCatchYoung0440Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A juvenile.-------------DTeaHuntCatchYoung0450Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An immature specimen.-------------DTeaHuntCatchYoung0460Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The common, garden-variety Condroc. Their primary diet is carrion, though they can hunt when they need to.-------------DTeaHuntCondrocCommonFirst0350Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A rare privilege, Tenno: you behold the Emperor Condroc. This one will have several Condroc committees under their thrall. A superlative example of the species, worthy of the title 'Emperor.'-------------DTeaHuntCondrocEmpFirst0370Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This Condroc has gone rogue from their committee. It happens, once a Condroc gets a taste for the hunt.-------------DTeaHuntCondrocRogueFirst0360Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are agents of balance, you and I.-------------DTeaHuntGearScreen0180Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Things live, things pass. To the turning of the wheel, we bear witness.-------------DTeaHuntGearScreen0190Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Through strife and predation, the species of the Eidolon-Moh struggle to survive. We correct the balance.-------------DTeaHuntGearScreen0200Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A new day, a new purpose.-------------DTeaHuntGearScreen0210Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you feel it, as I do? We are bonded to this place. This planet.-------------DTeaHuntGearScreen0220Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Business is dedicated to saving animals, while I am dedicated to saving my people. A land out-of-balance feeds none.-------------DTeaHuntGearScreen0230Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Eidolon-Moh houses me, feeds me, uses me to keep herself in balance and, when I am no more, shall find a use for me still. I have no need for walls.-------------DTeaHuntGearScreen0240Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Before the Grineer my master and I would conduct a yearly cull, to keep the Eidolon-Moh in balance. After the Grineer that was no longer necessary. Quite the opposite.-------------DTeaHuntGearScreen0250Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So. The Business has given you his blessing. Here on the Eidolon-Moh, what you call the Plains, balance is threatened. Once I would have tasked you with culling out-of-control populations in order to support failing ones. But, for now, those days are gone. My partner has chosen to devote resources to relocation instead, and I must grudgingly admit the program is proving effective in restoring a healthy balance to the Moh. Let us begin.-------------DTeaHuntGearFirst0170Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sometimes we fail, despite our best efforts.-------------DTeaHuntKill0410Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And so it goes. I'm sorry, little friend.-------------DTeaHuntKill0420Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That is unfortunate. But we should try again.-------------DTeaHuntKill0430Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ashen Kuakas are seen infrequently, spending time, as they do, rooting through tunnels and dens of reptiles and rodents.-------------DTeaHuntKuakaAshenFirst0330Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An exceedingly scarce Ghost Kuaka - so named for their rarity, and preponderance for disappearing. This is a rare opportunity.-------------DTeaHuntKuakaGhostFirst0340Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Plains Kuaka. They play a key role in pest control, thereby protecting the young of other species and keeping the ecosystem balanced.-------------DTeaHuntKuakaPlainsFirst0320Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Prepare the tranquilizer.-------------DTeaHuntLureSuccess1060Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tranquilizer ready?-------------DTeaHuntLureSuccess1070Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ready the tranquilizer. Be swift.-------------DTeaHuntLureSuccess1080Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Coastal Mergoo. You'll see these everywhere along shorelines and around large bodies of water. -------------DTeaHuntMergooCoastalFirst0380Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Regal, is it not? The Splendid Mergoo is a highly social specimen.-------------DTeaHuntMergooSplendidFirst0400Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A less common variant, with plumage that makes it difficult for a hunter to spot them amongst the foliage.-------------DTeaHuntMergooWoodFirst0390Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am in partnership with a certain individual. On Venus. 'The Business,' they call him. If he thinks you are up to the task of conservation, he will equip you appropriately. Then we shall talk, you and I.-------------DTeaHuntNoTranq0160Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Observe. Animal sign.-------------DTeaHuntSigns1000Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our quarry has passed this way. Your echo-lure, it is prepared?-------------DTeaHuntSigns1010Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look there. Sign. We are in someone's territory now.-------------DTeaHuntSigns1020Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If I may: you appear to have chosen the incorrect lure.-------------DTeaHuntWrongLure0290Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your prey will not respond to that song. A different lure.-------------DTeaHuntWrongLure0300Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's the wrong tool for the job, Tenno.-------------DTeaHuntWrongLure0310Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An honor to groom the beasts that serve the Tenno. Master Teasonai is forever at your service.-------------DTeaIntroLoved0070Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An honor, as always, Tenno. What do your beasts require this day?-------------DTeaIntroLoved0080Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am humbled, protector of Cetus. Allow Master Teasonai to repay your service with my own. What might your animals require?-------------DTeaIntroLoved0090Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes, I am able to groom your animal. What is your desire?-------------DTeaIntroNeutral0040Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you seek to enhance your beast's appearance, perhaps for lower visibility on the hunt?-------------DTeaIntroNeutral0050Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I can groom for aesthetics, stealth, visibility or to terrify. Show me the animal and I will advise.-------------DTeaIntroNeutral0060Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have lived upon the Eidolon-Moh all my life. Nurturing and culling go hand-in-hand. Live here long enough; you will understand that also.-------------DTeaIntroNeutral0061Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Eidolon-Moh has weathered the introduction of many invasive species, but none more destructive than the Grineer themselves.-------------DTeaIntroNeutral0062Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Business speaks poetically of the grandeur of the Orb Vallis. I should like to see it for myself, but the cold would not be to my liking.-------------DTeaIntroNeutral0063Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
When The Business first sent me these small stuffed animals I took it as evidence of a mind in decay. However on reflection I see now that he has a greater understanding of people than I could ever aspire to.-------------DTeaIntroNeutral0064Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I was mentored in my craft by a man who lived upon the Eidolon-Moh for many years. It has been a gulf of time now since Sigor Savah departed the Plains. Where he is I do not know. Though I very much wish I did.-------------DTeaIntroLoved0091Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Space and resources are finite. But The Business, he only smiles and tells me "Teasonai, it is a big universe." Sigor Savah would have had no time for such nonsense.-------------DTeaIntroLoved0092Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Some in Fortuna knew my mentor. I have asked The Business if he had the honor. He only said that Sigor Savah sounded like he had been a man of enviable clarity. A strange response.-------------DTeaIntroLoved0093Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Business: strange that he frowns upon my methods - of taking animal life in order to preserve it - while he himself applies the same principles to people.-------------DTeaIntroLoved0094Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Business has no stomach for the population control necessary in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. I fear for whatever sanctuary he is building.-------------DTeaIntroLoved0095Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As you wish.-------------DTeaOutroNoSale0130Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another time, then.-------------DTeaOutroNoSale0140Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Be well.-------------DTeaOutroNoSale0150Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There. Much better.-------------DTeaOutroSale0100Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I trust this meets with your approval.-------------DTeaOutroSale0110Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sublime.-------------DTeaOutroSale0120Teasonai_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No No-------------DChimeraBallasCell0070Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My beauty, my grace, my humanity---------------DChimeraBallasCell0080Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
H-Hello? No. No hope.-------------DChimeraBallasCell0090Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Only suffering under her eye.-------------DChimeraBallasCell0100Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That she sees she punishes!-------------DChimeraBallasCell0101Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
But she gave me the gift of life!-------------DChimeraBallasCell0110Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why would I betray her?-------------DChimeraBallasCell0111Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fool! This... This is no gift!-------------DChimeraBallasCell0120Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
She stole my death! My perfect death.-------------DChimeraBallasCell0121Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Such is her power over me. Over the devil!-------------DChimeraBallasCell0122Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We saw what we wanted, those devils and I.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0190Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A lover a mother! But now I know.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0191Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
She is neither. She's a hawk - calling with sparrow's song.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0192Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A viper, blending into wood.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0193Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And her venom spreads not into flesh, but into your heart.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0200Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Those devils! What has their great awakening accomplished - but the destruction of potential allies?-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0201Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't they see?-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0202Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Love must die---------------DChimeraBallasEnd0210Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
--As Margulis did when I sent her to the Jade light.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0220Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And the Lotus just some cloud in the sky, just some shape they imagined.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0221Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Only the Sentient is real.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0222Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Only Natah.-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0223Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So tell me, devil. Do you understand what must be done?-------------DChimeraBallasEnd0230Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Huh?-------------DChimeraBallasInt00160Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Huh?-------------DChimeraBallasInt00170Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Huh?-------------DChimeraBallasInt00180Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Huh?-------------DChimeraBallasInt00190Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Who-who's there?-------------DChimeraBallasInt0130Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What? What is this?-------------DChimeraBallasInt0140Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh? Is there someone?-------------DChimeraBallasInt0150Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh...-------------DChimeraBallasRes00190Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ok...-------------DChimeraBallasRes00200Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh...-------------DChimeraBallasRes00210Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah...-------------DChimeraBallasRes00220Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nothing so-------------DChimeraBallasRes0160Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm just confused uh-------------DChimeraBallasRes0170Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Only shadow only shadow...-------------DChimeraBallasRes0180Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
But of course, you are. Imprisoned, just as she was.-------------DChimeraIntro0060Ballas_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am not who you think I am.-------------DChimeraIntro0050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00100VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00100VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00100VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00100VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kiddo!-------------DChimeraIntro0010VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kiddo!-------------DChimeraIntro0010VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kiddo!-------------DChimeraIntro0010VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kiddo!-------------DChimeraIntro0010VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00140VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00140VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00140VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00140VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00150VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00150VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00150VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00150VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00160VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00160VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00160VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00160VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00170VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00170VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00170VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00170VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00180VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00180VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00180VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00180VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00190VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00190VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00190VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00190VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00200VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00200VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00200VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00200VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Psst... Hey.-------------DChimeraIntro00210VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Psst... Hey.-------------DChimeraIntro00210VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Psst... Hey.-------------DChimeraIntro00210VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Psst... Hey.-------------DChimeraIntro00210VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00220VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00220VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00220VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Haha!-------------DChimeraIntro00220VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Detonator's primed. That's it, then.
How long do we have?
About a minute. By the time the Sentients get here, this place will be nothing but Infested. Should buy the Seven some time, at least.
All those skin-blistering showers, shift after shift, scrubbing every pore. I was never going to let it infect me. And now
A final toast?
Let's die with some sincerity. You were finally free of me, this place. Why didn't you leave, Belric?
Because I never forgot the first time I saw you.
Too sincere?
I should have -
-------------DCitBelRanOneMin0291Belric_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tubemen, try again.-------------DCitCrpEnd0560Tyl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
One more trip through the tunnel of love, Tenno.-------------DCitCrpEnd0570Tyl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My tubemen are endless, Tenno. Are you?-------------DCitCrpEnd0580Tyl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These crystals formed on Deimos ages ago. Now they are being exploited by smugglers. Belric and Rania deserve better than that.-------------DCitCrpStrt0630Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
When extreme emotions meet pure Void Energy, they can change reality, bend and break the laws of nature. Might this explain the connection between these crystals?-------------DCitCrpStrt0640Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If either crystal is destroyed; the tunnel, their connection, collapses. Do not let that happen.-------------DCitCrpStrt0650Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Seek out Citrine's Remnants to protect Belric and Rania's crystals.-------------DCitFrgRem0660Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Collecting a critical mass of Citrine's Remnants will create a Prismatic Ward to these crystals.-------------DCitFrgRem0670Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Amass Citrine's lost Remnants to manifest her protective power.-------------DCitFrgRem0680Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As the enemy is eliminated, Citrine's Remnants appear. The Void, manifesting her last wish to protect Belric and Rania. -------------DCitFrgRem0690Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Somewhere, Citrine still seeks to protect Belric and Rania. Collect her remnants to fulfill her final wish.-------------DCitFrgRem0700Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you know the story of Belric and Rania? Lovers whose guardian Warframe tried to save them by encasing them in her crystal. It is their remains, and the connection forged between them, that you are protecting. -------------DCitFrstCrpStrt0550Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pitter pitter pitter. Rodents snatch crystals from sick sick Deimos. Stashed one on Venus. Stashed one on Mars. Void kissed, tangled up-like crystals. Tubemen! Smash this tunnel, stop the rodents.-------------DCitGnrStrt0590Tyl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
'Belric the bold. Rania the clever. Unleashed the Infested on Deimos forever.' Never liked that rhyme. Garbage rhyme.-------------DCitGnrStrt0600Tyl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Having a wee kavat nap, Kril? Rodents in your house, Kril. Thieving rodents, make me come to Mars. Do your job for you. Smash the crystal, break the tunnel. No genes for you.-------------DCitGnrStrt0610Tyl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Getting tired, Tenno? Getting sleepy. I can go all day and all night. Watch me.-------------DCitGnrStrt0620Tyl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Old War, Warframe made, crystal caskets.
Caskets for who? Belric and Rania.
Mighty good genes they had. Yes!
Genes for the tubemen. Smash the crystals.
Take the genes. Do the science.
My tubemen get stronger.
-------------DCitGnrWvOne0510Tyl_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, the Corpus and Grineer seek to destroy two crystal formations so intertwined with Void energy that a tunnel forever links them. Protect them at all costs.-------------DCitMssnInt0500Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, you're here to defend something that defies my own understanding of the Void. These Crystals need you - stop the Grineer and Corpus!-------------DCitMssnInt0505Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Corpus forces are mounting an assault on the Venus crystal.
Stop them.
-------------DCitPseEnd0520Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Corpus forces have regrouped. Go.-------------DCitPseEnd0530Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Trouble on Venus. Get through that Void tunnel.-------------DCitPseEnd0540Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ooh! Ooh! You know about Citrine? And Belric and Rania? I love that story! Loid says it isn't true, though, boo.-------------DFirstVisit0010Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I did not say that, Otak. I merely said that it has been significantly embellished.-------------DFirstVisit0020Loid_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey Chip!

So there's a super secret place. On Mars. Tyana Pass.

Nothing to do with any OLD LEGENDS or AWESOME CRYSTALS or anything.

Probably doesn't even exist.

I marked it on your map for ya. So you can make sure you DON'T go there ON ACCIDENT.

And you better not come see me afterwards either.

-------------DInbox0280Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Citrine was made out of minerals! I wish *I* was made out of minerals. -------------DVisit0030Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Citrine's story happened back in Old War times. At least a week ago. Maybe more! -------------DVisit0040Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Can you believe Belric and Rania got their home kerblooied by the Infestation on purpose?-------------DVisit0050Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Belric and Rania were such good buddies they wanted to be together forever! Just like me and Loid!-------------DVisit0060Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So Chip you ever wondered *how* this place got Infested? Me too!-------------DVisit0070Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Citrine's a great name! But maaaaybe Chunky McLumpyLumps is better? -------------DVisit0080Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Belric and Rania got turned into crystal! That's even shinier than glass.-------------DVisit0090Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nothing says "true love" like minerals!-------------DVisit0100Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Infestation can't eat crystal! So whaddaya do when your pals are gonna be eaten? Turn 'em into crystals!-------------DVisit0110Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Citrine was a Warframe! You know what that means? Warframes were real!-------------DVisit0120Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I love geodes! There's a surprise inside every one.-------------DVisit0130Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Citrine wanted Belric and Rania to be together in her!-------------DVisit0140Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dignity, Otak! Dignity at all times.-------------DVisit0150Loid_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And then Citrine punched the asteroid! Pow!-------------DVisit0160Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Otak does like to mix up his stories.-------------DVisit0170Loid_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Loid says the Citrine story is "sentimental fiction." I guess Loid forgot we got invaded by the sentiments!-------------DVisit0180Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Those were the Sentients, Otak. As I believe I have explained before.-------------DVisit0190Loid_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Some folks say Citrine's story happened right here, on Deimos!-------------DVisit0200Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes. They do say that. Despite being politely asked not to.-------------DVisit0210Loid_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Being turned into crystals is kinda romantic, isn't it, Loid?-------------DVisit0220Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes, Otak. If you say so.-------------DVisit0230Loid_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They say the two are connected through the Void, to this day!-------------DVisit0240Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What would our old master have made of that?-------------DVisit0250Loid_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Stealing the crystals and using 'em as a shortcut! Can you believe it? -------------DVisit0260Otak_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are fortunate that such unsavory characters steered well clear of the Necralisk.-------------DVisit0270Loid_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Lotus seduced the Tenno. Lead them on a complacent path like Oxen. I failed the Orokin but I will preserve their legacy. The Tenno, now is the time for action. Cast off your harness and become a pupil of the Conclave. Through trial combat, I will prepare you for the evils beyond the Outer Terminus. A warrior only grows if they face the ultimate enemy. Themselves.-------------DCnclvIntro0010Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We were led astray. We forgot The Conclave, so when that new evil came we were not prepared. This is how we failed the Orokin. You went into stasis but not me. I searched the long path for redemption, for the kind of balance only The Conclave can create. Now I return, only to find the Tenno still herded like livestock. Horrors from beyond the Outer Terminus are coming. You must prepare, you must accept The Conclave. Let it be your teacher and I its humble guide. For true balance can only be found in the face of the ultimate enemy, yourself.-------------DCnclvIntro0020Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well met, Master. You bring honor and fear, to the Conclave.-------------DCnclvLvd0010Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your growth honors the Conclave. But be warned, pupil. The biggest fish attracts the hungriest predators.-------------DCnclvNewRnkAchd0010Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My pupil, the next summit awaits. Are you ready to make the climb?-------------DCnclvNewRnkAvbl0010Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Those who brave the thorn may eat the rare fruit.-------------DCnclvOpnRepStr0010Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These offerings honor your suffering and practice.-------------DCnclvOpnRepStr0020Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You seek power, you pay in blood.-------------DCnclvOpnRepStr0030Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
May this bring you honor, pupil.-------------DCnclvPchsRepStr0010Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Use it well, as you walk the harder path.-------------DCnclvPchsRepStr0020Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Very good, pupil.-------------DCnclvPchsRepStr0030Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welcome pupil. You are a sapling, growing under moonshade. The battlefield your garden. Tenno blood, your water. Now you must grow.-------------DCnclvWelcome0010Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Day after day we toiled, my father, my brother Cladius, pulling grains for the Orokin takers in the city, as our kind had done for generations.-------------DInGameReliefs01250Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The more we toiled the more impatient I grew. A fire raged inside me. I wanted more. I deserved more.-------------DInGameReliefs01260Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The city. Those towers. I was struck with awe. What glorious totems of greed these Orokin had built. Built on. Our. Backs.-------------DInGameReliefs01270Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I was brash and bold. I struck at midday. I cried, "I take what I am owed!" as I ripped jewels from their tower gates and ran.-------------DInGameReliefs01280Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I crawled back to the fields, where I collapsed before my father and my brother. I was so near death they read my Nava rites. My brother Cladius bemoaned me as a fool. How could I have abandoned them?-------------DInGameReliefs01290Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moving swiftly from sick-bed to field, I fell to my knees beneath that relentless sun, my chest afire. As it moved to my throat, robbing me of breath, certain death had finally found me, I made one last heave. I spat it out.-------------DInGameReliefs01300Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In desire I was wealthy, but in strategy I was empty-handed. I listened for the whisper, it said: "Money begets money".-------------DInGameReliefs01310Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In time my money multiplied into multitudes. With this wealth, I made my body whole again. Then news came: father had collapsed in the field.-------------DInGameReliefs01320Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Cladius begged me to stop my mega-dozers, "If you build a city on these fields what will we eat?"-------------DInGameReliefs01330Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I believe my father would have smiled with pride as I smashed our family home into the dirt.-------------DInGameReliefs01340Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My gift to the future is an idea; an idea that wealth need not settle as a crust upon the upper echelons of the populace.-------------DInGameReliefs01350Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Day after day we toiled, my father, my brother Cladius, pulling grains for the Orokin takers in the city, as our kind had done for generations. We were young but the work made us old. Our backs ached, our hands bled, the sun tortured our skin. In the worst times, it felt as though death would claim us before the day was through. It was on one such afternoon that I was fated to first hear that glorious sound. A whisper I strained to hear. In a tongue not of man, but of something else. Something... grander. A language I understood instinctively. The language of Desire. It said:

"Fear not poverty. Poverty is the bitter soil in which sweet desire blossoms."
-------------DReliefs0010Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The more we toiled the more impatient I grew. A fire raged inside me. I wanted more. I deserved more.

But how? The whisper washed over me, louder now than before:

"Fortune despises the idle man. Stasis is death. Always move forward."

And so, with only the whisper to guide me, I straightened my back, wiped the dirt from my hands, and left.
-------------DReliefs0020Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The city. Those towers. I was struck with awe. What glorious totems of greed these Orokin had built. Built on. Our. Backs. Their wealth was my wealth. I was starved, while our masters were fat. and full. and warm. They flaunted their wealth, left it sitting there for the taking: priceless gemstones decorating the tower gates. I was afraid, but the whisper gave me courage.

"Be envious. Covet. Then take what you desire."

So, that is what I did.
-------------DReliefs0030Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I was brash and bold. I struck at midday. I cried, "I take what I am owed!" as I ripped jewels from their tower gates and ran.

I did not get far.

For my blasphemy they dragged me to the tower square, throwing me to the ground in front of the sneering crowd of Orokin servants that mingled there.

The guards held aloft my satchel, containing the proof of my crime. I grasped at it, determined to reclaim what was mine. He snatched my arm, held me high and... with a dash of his plasma dagger... severed my left hand. The crowd jeered. Yet, I felt no pain, only clarity, for the whisper was with me again. It said:

"Deception is the sword of wisdom. Be wise."

They took my hand that day, but they did not take what I had earned.
-------------DReliefs0040Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I crawled back to the fields, where I collapsed before my father and my brother. I was so near death they read my Nava rites. My brother Cladius bemoaned me as a fool. How could I have abandoned them? Guilt washed over me. I asked the whisper, was he right? And the whisper replied:

"Beware the idle man who would lull you back to idleness."

Hearing this, I felt the life force stream back into me.
I sat up. They protested. I stood and they tried to pull me down. I was too strong. There was now a fire in my chest that would not be denied.
-------------DReliefs0050Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Moving swiftly from sick-bed to field, I fell to my knees beneath that relentless sun, my chest afire. As it moved to my throat, robbing me of breath, certain death had finally found me, I made one last heave.

I spat it out: a molten red gemstone of the purest, clearest rubedo.

Swallowing that stone would have killed a man of weaker will, but not a man sustained by the power of Desire.

It was worth more than my family had made in ten generations. It would fetch enough to feed us all for a lifetime. As I stared into its brilliant facets, a familiar voice rushed through me.

"Contentment is idleness. Desire inspires action. Nurture all desires."

And so, with my brother and father pleading for my return. I once again left for the city.
-------------DReliefs0060Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In desire I was wealthy, but in strategy I was empty-handed. I listened for the whisper, it said:

"Money begets money."

With my jewel as collateral, I secured a loan. And with that sum, I gave my own loans. To poor men, like me, who desired more. With each loan, I dispensed truths I had learned from the whisper. Those men went out into the world, and they too made loans, and their money too begat money. Word spread fast. Men flocked to hear me. I told them of the evils of contentment and idleness. I taught them the gift of Desire.
-------------DReliefs0070Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In time my money multiplied into multitudes. With this wealth, I made my body whole again.

Then news came: father had collapsed in the field. I rushed back to my family's humble farm to be by his side, but his death was sudden. Cladius mourned. But I was committed to ending the brutal labor my family and people had endured for generations. The whisper approved, it said:

"Charity is power. More charity is more power."
-------------DReliefs0080Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Cladius begged me to stop my mega-dozers, "If you build a city on these fields what will we eat?" To which I replied, "Just as I consumed the gemstone that fed my fortune, our people will eat the wealth I have bestowed upon them."

"What of our home?" he cried, "Our traditions?" I pondered this until the whisper gave me the words:

"Shun sentimentality. It is a weakness that binds the idle man."
-------------DReliefs0090Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I believe my father would have smiled with pride as I smashed our family home into the dirt. It saddens me that Father did not live to see the glory of Corposium, the city I erected upon our meager land. Men of Desire will always be outnumbered by idle men, men of fear. But small men can never hold back men of Strength, and Desire.

"Fulfill desire and others will follow."
-------------DReliefs0100Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My gift to the future is an idea; an idea that wealth need not settle as a crust upon the upper echelons of the populace. No. Any poor grain farmer can, should he feed his Desire and apply his wisdom, take fortune for himself. The more the better. And, when men of fortune come together under great leadership, their potential is exponential.

Just as my money replaced what the Orokin took from me and made my body whole again, our collective Desire will create a new body. A body forged of fortune and unencumbered by idleness or sentimentality.

"Ours is the grasping golden hand. We are desire. We are Corpus."
-------------DReliefs0110Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good, good. Now. Rise.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingKilled2300Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sister. Chosen by fate. Purged by death. Worthy as few are worthy.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingKilled2310Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This moment defines you. Remember it with every screaming nerve.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingKilled2320Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My Sisters! We have a neonate. Induct her at once.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingKilled2330Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Death embraced you once, but now you are my sister. It will not dare do so again.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingKilled2340Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Embrace the pain! It is the birth-pang of your power.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingKilled2350Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Perhaps we can find something for you. In filing.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingReject2360Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No second chances.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingReject2370Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Void hides many mistakes. So be it.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingReject2380Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Some errors serve to inform. Some merely insult the maker.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingReject2390Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have mistaken your desire.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingReject2400Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get this inadequate out of my sight.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingReject2410Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have proven yourself many times over. Let us see if you have steel in you.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingSpawn2240Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This one is now alone. Friendless. Desperate. As I once was.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingSpawn2250Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There is but one true test. Be the reaper, or be the crop.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingSpawn2260Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are all marked to die in the end. Some cower, some fight. Which are you?-------------DCrpLichLarvlingSpawn2270Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If you mean to rise from the decadent morass the Corpus has become, prove yourself to me.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingSpawn2280Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are to be split, little stone. I shall see whether your core is diamond... or dross.-------------DCrpLichLarvlingSpawn2290Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Space the remains. Let them drift, a monument to her failure.-------------DCrpLichRJKilled2420Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, well. I have other, less weak, sisters.-------------DCrpLichRJKilled2430Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. That will prove to be a very costly mistake.-------------DCrpLichRJKilled2440Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Very well, Tenno - you have my attention. So. Be. It.-------------DCrpLichRJKilled2450Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sisters! Retrieve her corpse. Analyze this failure. Learn. Iterate!-------------DCrpLichRJKilled2460Parvos_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Keep still, you useless Hound. I need to consume you.-------------DCrpLichConsumeHound6150CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Proud, Tenno? Forcing me to consume my own pet to stay alive?-------------DCrpLichConsumeHound6160CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hound! Explode immediately!-------------DCrpLichDetHound6170CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hound, detonate yourself. It'll be a mercy.-------------DCrpLichDetHound6180CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So the Hound finally earns its keep. About time.-------------DCrpLichHoundDownPlayer6090CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What are you waiting for, Hound? Finish it off!-------------DCrpLichHoundDownPlayer6100CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't look at me, Hound. I'm not cleaning up after you.-------------DCrpLichHoundKillPlayer6110CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I never knew the Orokin made dog chews.-------------DCrpLichHoundKillPlayer6120CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Great. Now I have to order another one.-------------DCrpLichPlayerKillHound6130CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm going to do that to your favorite floof and make you watch!-------------DCrpLichPlayerKillHound6140CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Gatecrashers. Get into those sleds.-------------DLichAssBoardParty0670CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Gatecrashers, bring Mommy that ship. Launch ramsleds.-------------DLichAssBoardParty0680CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, fine. Let's do this.-------------DLichAssConfront0730CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well hey there, sweetie. Any last mucking words?-------------DLichAssConfront0740CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wait. This is what you wanted the whole time? You know you could have just ASKED.-------------DLichAssConvert0940CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Void. I'll never live this down. Yeah, okay. Let's just... get outta here before someone sees us together.-------------DLichAssConvert0950CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well. Alright. I assume the position comes with the usual ship, bonus scheme, and insurance plan. Yes? No? SERIOUSLY?-------------DLichAssConvert0960CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Crewship! Put yourselves between me and them.-------------DLichAssCrew6210CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Huh. A Crewship I didn't know I had. Send it in.-------------DLichAssCrew6220CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nobody gets in here without an invite, ugly.-------------DLichAssEnterShip0690CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Turn around. Get back on your little spaceship. And leave. Right now.-------------DLichAssEnterShip0700CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why are there fighters that aren't even fighting yet? Do I need a chalkboard?-------------DLichAssFight6190CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Launch fighters! Why isn't there a button for that?-------------DLichAssFight6200CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't touch what you can't afford, ya microcephalic trog.-------------DLichAssHalfHealth0750CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I would kill for a cryotic cocktail right now.-------------DLichAssHalfHealth0760CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I hand selected those men.-------------DLichAssHalfway0710CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey! Hey hey hey! This all costs money, you peasant!-------------DLichAssHalfway0720CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Figures.-------------DLichAssHarvest0910CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're a LOSER! You'll always be a loser! *urk*-------------DLichAssHarvest0920CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What's the POINT of being part of a SISTERHOOD if they let you down!-------------DLichAssHarvest0930CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know, I know. I know! Ahaha. Oh you. Thank you!-------------DLichAssLevelUp0810CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A promotion? *gasp* Spectacular.-------------DLichAssLevelUp0820CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thank you. I deserve this.-------------DLichAssLevelUp0830CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I just want to thank everyone who helped me get here. Now that I've achieved this promotion, you're all fired, and I'm buying real friends.-------------DLichAssLevelUp0840CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well isn't that just lovely.-------------DLichAssLevelUp0850CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Finally, I get what I'm owed. Ultimate power. Feels good and it looks good on me. Mm hm. Now. Down to business.-------------DLichAssMaxLevel0860CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes. Yes! This is me, Sisters, how I was always meant to be. There's a new goddess atop the mountain, and you're looking at her. Go ahead. Touch me. I'm real.-------------DLichAssMaxLevel0870CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why are you following me? What is your damage?-------------DLichAssTaunt0600CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh. It's that null-unit who looks like a Tenno only smaller. We meet again.-------------DLichAssTaunt0610CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well well. Look who turned up to play soldier. -------------DLichAssTaunt0620CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now? Call ahead, for Void's sake. Some of us have plans.-------------DLichAssTaunt0630CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I should have blown your ship to confetti when I had the chance. Now I have to get my nails dirty.-------------DLichAssTaunt0640CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Torpedoes! Blow 'em up real pretty.-------------DLichAssTorp0650CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Torpedoes! All bays! Fire!-------------DLichAssTorp0660CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get ready to make the biggest mistake of your career.-------------DLichBattleTaunt0320CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey sweetie guess what? By the time I'm done with you you'll never form a consonant again.-------------DLichBattleTaunt0330CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
By the time I'm done with you, you're gonna look like a normal person REFLECTED IN A PUDDLE!-------------DLichBattleTaunt0340CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Blah blah blah.-------------DLichBattleTaunt0350CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think you should take some Me Time and drop dead.-------------DLichBattleTaunt0360CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, Vala is going to be livid when she hears it was me who took you out. -------------DLichBattleTaunt0370CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is a really bad idea on your part.-------------DLichBattleTaunt0380CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ugh, you make this so hard to watch. Closer. Closer.-------------DLichClues0210CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Please, *BORING*. Warmer. Closer. Over... no, no, not... UUUUGH-------------DLichClues0220CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If you intend to find me you'll need to do better than that.-------------DLichClues0230CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Colder... colder.... HA! You actually believe me. -------------DLichClues0240CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I claim this system in the name of Me.-------------DLichControl0150CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll take that.-------------DLichControl0160CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All forces! Claim this sector in the name of Parvos Granum! And the rest of the Corpus, of course.-------------DLichControl0170CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
While they kiss one hand I'll take with the other. This sector is now under my control.-------------DLichControl0180CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thanks, I'll take it.-------------DLichControl0190CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey Vala honey, guess who got a sector? Don't hate me too much.-------------DLichControl0200CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here I am to perform my contractually-obligated butt-saving. Stand back pew pew whatever.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro0970CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In trouble again, huh? It's a miracle you get anything done. Alright, who are we shooting?-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro0980CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Alright look, I'll help you out this one time, but you're buying lunch.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro0990CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ok I'm here. Y'know, when I did this stuff for Parvos, there were incentives. You might wanna think about that.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro1000CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well... this was totally worth it.-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled1050CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Y'know, I always thought when I went it'd be the usual way: my Sisters framing me in some elaborate plot... or... replacing my breakfast cereal... with... a landmine.-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled1060CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thiiiiiiis suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks....-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled1070CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
OK done. Anything else? Great. Bye.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro1010CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Still alive? Great. One more reason for my Sisters to never speak to me again. Later.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro1020CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Problem solved, you're green, I'm outta here.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro1030CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Alright. So, I got a thing. Call me, we'll do lunch, except don't and we won't.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro1040CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, I just found the new background image for my datapad.-------------DLichDefeatTaunt0250CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Aw, who folded up like a little ol' pressed flower?-------------DLichDefeatTaunt0260CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll just bet you've been waiting your whole life to screw up this bad.-------------DLichDefeatTaunt0270CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not interested. Read the room. Goodbye.-------------DLichDefeated0550CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I don't think so. Until next time.-------------DLichDefeated0560CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I literally will not be caught dead here. Leaving.-------------DLichDefeated0570CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
UUUGH! You have NOT seen the LAST of ME!-------------DLichDefeated0580CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Alright sweetie. You can have this one. We'll settle this another time.-------------DLichDefeated0590CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, look who decided to take a dip in beautiful Lake Moron.-------------DLichDownPlayer0390CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Y'know, when a smart person is on their deathbed... they find another bed. But not you. Ooooh no.-------------DLichDownPlayer0400CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What were you thinking? The inside of your head must be nothing but strobe lights and circus music.-------------DLichDownPlayer0410CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Aw. Sad. You get one life and spend it doing everything wrong. Tsk.-------------DLichDownPlayer0420CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You murdered me. But now I have that whole 'harness the power of lightning' thing, so it's not all bad.-------------DLichIntroElectric0040CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I was stunning before. I admit it. But now I'm a whole different kind of hot.-------------DLichIntroFire0020CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm getting a reputation for giving people the cold shoulder.-------------DLichIntroIce0030CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So you can slap. I slap harder.-------------DLichIntroImpact0010CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Crank those shields all you want, it won't make any difference to me.-------------DLichIntroMag0060CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here's what gonna happen. We're gonna fight, you'll try to outsmart me, I'll flood you with a TON of radiation and watch you die from some kind of catastrophic metastasis.-------------DLichIntroRad0070CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm not entirely sure what *kind* of poison this is but I did make one guy throw up so hard he pretty much inverted.-------------DLichIntroToxin0050CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I could make a better opponent by stuffing Clem's pajamas with rags.-------------DLichKillPlayer0430CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm not sure what's wrong with you, but it's getting worse.-------------DLichKillPlayer0440CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're about as convincing as someone who stars in their own commercials.-------------DLichKillPlayer0450CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Want some advice? This sucks.-------------DLichLowHealth0460CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ha ha yeah, you're about as funny as a broken ankle.-------------DLichLowHealth0470CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know: me asking for mercy is totally hypocritical, and I hate hypocrites. But I am one, so I'm okay with that. Don't kill me!-------------DLichLowHealth0480CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, this is humiliating.-------------DLichLowHealth0490CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My Sisters don't like me that much. Because I get things done. You're next on my list.-------------DLichRemindTaunt0080CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You don't really think you can beat me, do you?-------------DLichRemindTaunt0090CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah. The Lout of the Lotus. Is today the day you push your luck just a little too far?-------------DLichRemindTaunt0100CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I *like* you! I have the most fun with idiots and mean people and you're both.-------------DLichRemindTaunt0110CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, you tried killing me and look how that turned out. I guess you just weren't the right tool for the job.-------------DLichRemindTaunt0120CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bet you didn't think you were gonna bump into me today.-------------DLichStalkIntro0500CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh honey, when you go up against the Sisterhood, you swim with sharks.-------------DLichStalkIntro0510CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
First rule of success: if you think things are going well you've overlooked something. Hello.-------------DLichStalkIntro0520CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Kinda sucks that you only get experience after you need it, huh? Prepare for an experience.-------------DLichStalkIntro0530CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think we need to talk about your attitude.-------------DLichStalkIntro0540CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Grineer... GRINEER. Oh buddies, you and me, we have a score to settle. DIE!-------------DLichQuirckHateGrineer1360CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Forget the Tenno! Grineer! KILL THE GRINEER!-------------DLichQuirckHateGrineer1370CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Curse my hereditary inner ear imbalance!-------------DLichQuirkBalance1260CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, that's how you want to play it? Fine. Gloves off.-------------DLichQuirkBalance1270CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm not here to play hide-and-seek, ya loser. Besides, I can smell you.-------------DLichQuirkBloodhound1120CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know I can smell you right? So stop playing cute and come out.-------------DLichQuirkBloodhound1130CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, come on. One-on-one? That's hardly fair.-------------DLichQuirkCoward1400CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sure, I'll fight you one-on-one... if I'd left my brain in the closet. Not a chance, buddy.-------------DLichQuirkCoward1410CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That was my best Eximus! Falling back!-------------DLichQuirkDeserter1420CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Eximus is down! Regroup!-------------DLichQuirkDeserter1430CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, you cleared those goobs out pretty quick. How about we talk about this? Like adults?-------------DLichQuirkFearAlone1300CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look. I don't have any beef with you. Not really. This was all Parvos' idea. You and me we're just caught in the middle. Let's talk this out.-------------DLichQuirkFearAlone1310CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Okay. There was nothing in the mission brief about kids being here. RUN! RUUUN!-------------DLichQuirkFearChildren1160CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is... is that... a child? Oh no. Oh nonono. AGH! AAAAGH!-------------DLichQuirkFearChildren1170CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh Void. So high. I'm gonna be sick.-------------DLichQuirkFearHeights1140CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Whoa. We are... REALLY... high up. Everything's spinning. Whoa. WHOA.-------------DLichQuirkFearHeights1150CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, back off, you mutt. Hey. Hey hey hey! AAGH!-------------DLichQuirkFearKubrow1100CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
KUBROW! Keep it away from me! KEEP IT AWAY!-------------DLichQuirkFearKubrow1110CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ugh. Gross. *Nature.* Agh! So... itchy....!-------------DLichQuirkFearNature1240CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bugs! Bugs everywhere! Agh! AGH!-------------DLichQuirkFearNature1250CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
How... how can you people work like this? In space. How can you not feel... small. Insignificant. Like... like you're nothing. Agh! AAAGH!-------------DLichQuirkFearSpace1080CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Was... did we just puncture something? Are we venting atmo? Are we depressurizing? I don't wanna get spaced!-------------DLichQuirkFearSpace1090CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, thank Parvos. I was prepared to go up against a Warframe, but kids? I can totally beat up a kid. C'mere ya little squealer.-------------DLichQuirkHateChildren1180CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Cute. The kids are playing soldier. C'mon then ya little punk. Let's play.-------------DLichQuirkHateChildren1190CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Infested? Gross! GROSS!-------------DLichQuirkHateInfested1340CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ew! Infested! Killitkillitkillitkillit!-------------DLichQuirkHateInfested1350CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I really should just kick your ass, but I'm absolutely starving. Hang five.-------------DLichQuirkHungry1440CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Gonna a take a mo' to grab a few calories...-------------DLichQuirkHungry1450CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey. That critter over there has a pelt that would pair perfectly with a teal Virmink ammo belt. Sorry, can't pass this up. Be right back.-------------DLichQuirkHunter1380CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Take five. Spotted a cute little something I can use to line a battle vest. Hey little fella. C'mere. Mama wants to turn you into a snood.-------------DLichQuirkHunter1390CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, I didn't need those losers anyway! RAAARGH!-------------DLichQuirkLoner1320CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If you think I need backup to take you down, you're more delusional than I thought.-------------DLichQuirkLoner1330CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
BOOM! That's what you get if I think you're not giving one-hundred-and-ten-percent when it comes to protecting ME! Anyone else feeling hesitant? No? Then get back to work!-------------DLichQuirkParanoid1200CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
POW! And let that be a lesson to the rest of ya! If I hear any of ya questioning my orders, you're Kubrow food. Now face forward and keep firing!-------------DLichQuirkParanoid1210CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fire fire burning bright, I'm gonna set your hair alight. Or whatever you have that passes for hair.-------------DLichQuirkPyro1220CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What I like most about fire... is that it takes whatever's bothering a girl... and makes it like it never existed...-------------DLichQuirkPyro1230CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Whatever you CLAIM your reasons for wanting to stop me are, I KNOW you're just jealous. Look at this face. Anyone would be.-------------DLichQuirkVain1280CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm the ideal mix of style and substance, baby. And you just want to destroy what you can't have.-------------DLichQuirkVain1290CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get me numbers on the most humiliating ways to murder Tenno. Top 5. Wait you're not my assistant. *STATIC*-------------DLichRemindTaunt0130CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You think anyone can be a Sister of Parvos? Uh uh. No. Only the best of the best.-------------DLichRemindTaunt0140CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I swear to the Void if you were any dumber you'd be a mineral.-------------DLichTax0280CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm taking your stuff.-------------DLichTax0290CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Whatever, just gimme your money.-------------DLichTax0300CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Boo hoo wah wah is this all you have?-------------DLichTax0310CrpLichA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mommy's real sorry, puppy, but she needs to eat you.-------------DCrpLichConsumeHound2790CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, don't look at me like that, puppy. After I devour you we'll be closer than ever!-------------DCrpLichConsumeHound2800CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Go boom for Mommy.-------------DCrpLichDetHound2810CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I loved that Hound. It isn't right that you made me blow her up like that. I hope it just hurt you the awfullest.-------------DCrpLichDetHound2820CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This right here is my Hound, and they'll mind your business for you. Just see if they don't.-------------DCrpLichHoundDownPlayer2730CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, puppy, aren't you just a stitch! Puppy got you fine and proper, friend!-------------DCrpLichHoundDownPlayer2740CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am real sad that it's come to this, friend, but I consider it an honor that my Hound's the one to end your life.-------------DCrpLichHoundKillPlayer2750CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Give it a good shake, honey. Make sure it's good and dead.-------------DCrpLichHoundKillPlayer2760CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I tell my problems to my diary. Maybe you could do that too? When you're not being used as a whimpering human pillow by the largest and most diseased of the felons I'm gonna lock you in a basement with.-------------DLichRemindTaunt5090CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Every time I clean something you just make something else *dirty*.-------------DLichRemindTaunt5100CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Y'know, I'm not very sure how many of us it'd take to kick your bottom but I got a long line of volunteers.-------------DLichRemindTaunt5110CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I was at the end of my rope, 'til I met you. Now you're at the end of mine.-------------DLichRemindTaunt5120CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You can't get away from me, darling.-------------DLichRemindTaunt5130CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Can we talk about Mister Parvos? I'm sure if you just listened to what he's all about you'd see he has such wonderful, perfect ideas. Would you do that for me?-------------DLichRemindTaunt5140CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, it's my fault. If I'd done a better job of placing your hand in Mister Parvos' we wouldn't be in this humbugging, bamboozled old situation. Well. I'm not giving up on you.-------------DLichRemindTaunt5150CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Betcha wish you'd never done to me that bad thing you did.-------------DLichStalkIntro2630CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wishes aren't fishes, and if my progenitor had wheels, well, she'd a been a wagon. I don't like havin' to do this, but you're just bad. Bad right to the bone.-------------DLichStalkIntro2640CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, I wished better things for us, but you have broken my faith in you and now things must come to their end.-------------DLichStalkIntro2650CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If I'm honest... I've been following you since first we met. Does that sound strange?-------------DLichStalkIntro2660CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We all have a shadow, darling. I am yours as you are for certain mine.-------------DLichStalkIntro2670CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You BRUTE! You MONSTER!-------------DCrpLichPlayerKillHound2770CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh my. You just worked her right over, din'cha. -------------DCrpLichPlayerKillHound2780CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Little men, get on your shooter tubes and do good. Travel true!-------------DLichAssBoardParty2900CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Little men, I would very much like you all to bring me that ship, please. Now fly.-------------DLichAssBoardParty2910CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It just breaks my heart to have to do this.-------------DLichAssConfront3000CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why do you have to make me choose? Between you and Mister Parvos? You know that's no choice I can make.-------------DLichAssConfront3010CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
But... that would mean... that would mean I have to *leave* Mister Parvos. A girl has to do what's best for her. Goodbye, Mister Parvos. I'll never forget what you did for little ol' me.-------------DLichAssConvert3170CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh. Oh what kind of choice are you giving me? To betray the man I love... to save my own life? What kind of choice is that? Forgive me, darling.-------------DLichAssConvert3180CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What? To betray or die? What kind of choice is that? I was reborn once. I can be reborn again. All right. Have it your way.-------------DLichAssConvert3190CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pack lots of burly men into a Crewship and send it on over.-------------DLichAssCrew2940CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Make ready the next Crewship. I farewell you... with a kiss!-------------DLichAssCrew2950CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What. You can't be here. How can you be here? Oh, this is all gone wrong!-------------DLichAssEnterShip2960CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is how you repay me for showing you Mister Parvos' light? You better start showing some gratitude, or I don't think we can be friends.-------------DLichAssEnterShip2970CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fighters, away! Handsome skyboys, I'll be waving from the bridge!-------------DLichAssFight2920CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fill the sky with fighters like an angel choir! Sing!-------------DLichAssFight2930CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're not my friend. You're a fake tin thing as fake as all my SISTERS!-------------DLichAssHalfHealth3030CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm... I'm so proud of you. But you need to be quiet now.-------------DLichAssHalfHealth3020CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Things are gonna change around here. Oh indeedydoody and yessiree. Things are gonna change.-------------DLichAssHalfway2980CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You may not say much, but those popguns of yours certainly do sing a sad old opera, don't they?-------------DLichAssHalfway2990CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ha. Hahahaha-------------DLichAssHarvest3140CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wait. No. Not when everything's still so messy...-------------DLichAssHarvest3150CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
aaAH! MUCK YOU YA MUCKIN' MUCK MUCKER I'M G...!-------------DLichAssHarvest3160CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh. Oh! I just want to dance!-------------DLichAssLevelUp3050CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Really? Is this...? Am I...? Oh. Oh my. If this isn't just the shiniest star in the heavens.-------------DLichAssLevelUp3060CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh. Mister Parvos. Thank you for making me a part of your life. For welcoming me into your wonderful dream.-------------DLichAssLevelUp3080CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh! Thank you, Mister Parvos! I... I don't know what to say.-------------DLichAssLevelUp3040CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My sisters used to say children would dress like me for Naberus. They thought they were so smart. So funny. Well. Who's laughing now, huh? WHO! IS LAUGHING! *NOW*!!!-------------DLichAssLevelUp3070CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well. My goodness. I feel... powerful. Mister Parvos, sir, this must be how you feel every single morning. I am going to be such a good Sister, sir. Oh yes I am. Better than all those other doodies you surround yourself with. Better than that Vala. Oh, you'll see. I'll be the only Sister you'll need.-------------DLichAssMaxLevel3090CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You see? You see me now, all you dirty doodies? Who took the cheap, easy route? I am my best self. I have manifested the life I deserve and Mister Parvos, he SEES ME. Oh. Oh happy day. I'm gonna kill all of you I swear to the Void.-------------DLichAssMaxLevel3100CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I believe we pick the devil we run with. You picked me, I guess.-------------DLichAssTaunt2830CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are very brave, but leaving here alive should be of concern to someone as outnumbered as yourself.-------------DLichAssTaunt2840CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I hope you hugged everyone who cares about you.-------------DLichAssTaunt2850CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I don't like people who just come calling. I DON'T LIKE IT.-------------DLichAssTaunt2860CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am tired of runnin' you around on the end of a stick. I am an important part of Mister Parvos' endeavors, and you are just a... a... dumb-dumb dooder. And dooders gotta die.-------------DLichAssTaunt2870CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Deliver Mister Parvos' wrath on trails of fire! Fire!-------------DLichAssTorp2890CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hit 'em with those crackle-snappers! I wanna see that little tin ship scatter like stars.-------------DLichAssTorp2880CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shoulda banged a left before you got here. Then we wouldna had ta do this, now would we?-------------DLichBattleTaunt5330CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I figure you're gonna last about as long as a moth in a candle factory, yes I do.-------------DLichBattleTaunt5340CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'd say you have about as much chance as a snake in a typing contest.-------------DLichBattleTaunt5350CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't you tell me you love me, I don't care how bad you wanna live.-------------DLichBattleTaunt5360CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There you are. There's my cheeky sweetie.-------------DLichBattleTaunt5370CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your rage is fire. And that fire is gonna take you. -------------DLichBattleTaunt5380CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now you keep those ticklesticks of yours where I can see them and maybe this doesn't end with my having to spread you out like a map.-------------DLichBattleTaunt5390CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nobody likes a pokey Pobber. You quit poking around my affairs and I won't have to poke out those pretty peepers of yours.-------------DLichClues5220CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What... what are you doing? Get away! You get away from that!-------------DLichClues5230CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I don't like people who put their sticky little ticklesticks where they haven't been invited.-------------DLichClues5240CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh no. Oh no you don't you dirty dooder. This belongs to Mister Parvos, and nobody touches Mister Parvos' particulars while I'm around! No sir!-------------DLichClues5250CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The sector? We got it? Really? Oh happy day! Happy, happy day! What do I win?-------------DLichControl5160CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now. Mr Parvos says this sector's mine and that means everyone in it. Now you all be double-shiny good and I won't ever have to show you my mean face.-------------DLichControl5170CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh. Oh Mr Parvos will be so pleased with me. Do I look okay?-------------DLichControl5180CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A sector. Gosh. A sector's a big responsibility. But I can do it. I'm ready, Mr Parvos, sir. You just see if I'm not.-------------DLichControl5190CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I do believe I'm getting better at this! Even my Sisters say so. "She should be dead already." Nossir. I'm movin' on up.-------------DLichControl5200CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look what I got! A sector! Oh, it's perfect perfect perfect.-------------DLichControl5210CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get away from them! All of you! YOU TAKE YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF THEM RIGHT NOW!-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro3200CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm here, darling. Don't you worry. I'm here.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro3210CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let me take care of these no-good stinky verminks for you. Don't you tire yourself on their account.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro3220CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, I was on my usual patrol, and here you were - wasting your time with these no-account two-bit muck munchers - and, well, I just couldn't not stop by and help out the System's greatest warrior! And here I am!-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro3230CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am sorry my love. I got bamboozled. *erk*-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled3280CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tricked... by dirty doodies. I feel such... a nincompoop.-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled3290CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh no. I got all turned around by their flim-flam. On alone you must go. Farewell, my love.-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled3300CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh it was like music watching you spin and twirl through all those two-faced scum muffins. I consider it an honor to have been your dance partner.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro3240CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There. All done.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro3250CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh! We did it, and you're alive and it was all because I came along at JUST the right time!-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro3260CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There. Now, I must tell you. Enemies like those... those wormy waffles and side-talking snot snakes that you fight so often... well, well they're beneath you. And I'm glad that I came by so maybe you didn't have to anymore. There. I said it.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro3270CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well look where those assumptions got you. And you know what they say about assumptions. They make an ass out of 'you'... and... '...mptions'.-------------DLichDefeatTaunt5260CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Doodies do what they do and then they're dead dead doo-doo.-------------DLichDefeatTaunt5270CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dirty.-------------DLichDefeatTaunt5280CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, I am not at home to Mister Defeat!-------------DLichDefeated2700CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You should apologize to your mother... for the dirty girty you turned out to be!-------------DLichDefeated2710CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Must you rip the wings from all the angels?-------------DLichDefeated2680CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, not this chicken, friend.-------------DLichDefeated2690CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
How COULD you?!-------------DLichDefeated2720CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why is it always the best in this world who are obliged to do the ugliest of things? I'm sorry it's come to this.-------------DLichDownPlayer2540CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now lie still. This is for the best.-------------DLichDownPlayer2520CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I warned you. I warned you... and I warned you... and I warned you.-------------DLichDownPlayer2530CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well. We thought quite a lot of ourselves, didn't we?-------------DLichDownPlayer2550CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's not good manners to let a girl dance alone. Once I zap you real good? You'll dance.-------------DLichIntroElectric5050CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
From you I took fire. Nothing makes me happier than burning away anyone who might want to harm Mister Parvos.-------------DLichIntroFire5030CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You were a cool customer. Well then, Mister Parvos said, why not take that from them... and return the turn in kind? That Mister Parvos, he's so *clever*.-------------DLichIntroIce5040CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh I learned to take a hit long before I met you. Learned how to give one, too. -------------DLichIntroImpact5020CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm back, and mad enough to smash right through every shield you have.-------------DLichIntroMag5070CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm back. You're part of me now, and me a part of you. I'm in you, like radiation, you can't get away.-------------DLichIntroRad5080CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Gonna slip you an oogie. Make you real green around the gills. Just you see.-------------DLichIntroToxin5060CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, I'm sorry!-------------DLichKillPlayer2570CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You didn't think I'd do it, but I did it. I DID IT.-------------DLichKillPlayer2580CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Whew. I'm going to need some alone time to think on Mister Parvos and make peace with what I've done.-------------DLichKillPlayer2560CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You are a bad, bad person!-------------DLichLowHealth2590CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, this sucks rocks through three miles of bent pipe.-------------DLichLowHealth2600CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nothing... nothing stays dead... around... Mister Parvos... that he doesn't want... to stay dead.-------------DLichLowHealth2610CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why would you be... so mean?-------------DLichLowHealth2620CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh Grineer. Tatty tin fakemen is what I call them. Copies of copies of copies of a real person. Not even ghosts. Putting them down... well... it's a duty. And one I need to attend to. Excuse me.-------------DLichQuirckHateGrineer3590CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Grineer. Tatty little tin fakemen. Herky-jerking fun-making of what a real person is supposed to be! Gotta put you down! -------------DLichQuirckHateGrineer3600CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What kind of person tips a lady over?!-------------DLichQuirkBalance3490CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Knocking a lady over? That's dirty pool, you dirty doodie! DIRTY POOL!-------------DLichQuirkBalance3500CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well well mmm. Don't you just smell sweet as pie.-------------DLichQuirkBloodhound3350CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh no no *no*. You may hide from my eyes but you can't hide from my twitching little sniffer. Smell you from anywhere, I would.-------------DLichQuirkBloodhound3360CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well. I can see I am clearly in over my little old head. So, if you'll excuse ME!-------------DLichQuirkCoward3630CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now I may be brave but I am not stupid. A lady has to know her limitations and so I bid you a very good day.-------------DLichQuirkCoward3640CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Physical conflict is not something at which I excel. So, if you'll excuse me!-------------DLichQuirkDeserter3650CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You... you killed my *Eximus*? HOW COULD YOU? Come on home, baby. Let Momma make it better. YOU MONSTER!-------------DLichQuirkDeserter3660CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mister Parvos gave me all those shiny men. Now you broke them. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no he's gonna be so mad. HE'S GONNA BE SO MAD.-------------DLichQuirkFearAlone3530CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nonono. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. I was supposed to lay you low with my army of his Shining Hand and... and... and now it's all RUINED. -------------DLichQuirkFearAlone3540CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Children are like people not left in the oven for long enough and the way they look at me all clear-eyed like the Void itself is looking back at me and saying 'I come for you, in time, I come for you and take you into the nothing so that you become nothing and...'!-------------DLichQuirkFearChildren3390CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Children. No. All wrong and supple-limbed and moving like water. Wrong wrong wrong!-------------DLichQuirkFearChildren3400CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wha... what am I meant to do all the way up here with the hard hard ground staring at me like it wants to squash me flat? Flap my arms like a little birdie? I gotta go. I gotta go I say!-------------DLichQuirkFearHeights3370CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now there is a right place and a wrong place for each thing to be. And things without feathers are not meant to be this... *far*... from the good old ground. Nossir. Nossir THEY ARE NOT!-------------DLichQuirkFearHeights3380CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am no meat treat for no devil-eyed dirty dog! You keep that wrong one away and maybe I... I won't have to do what I don't wanna do! You hear me!-------------DLichQuirkFearKubrow3330CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Eyes and hair and fangs all a-red. I know you, devil dog. I have been in those jaws before. You will not have me again!-------------DLichQuirkFearKubrow3340CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
*sneezes* *sneezes* Oh, this... this place is *sneezes* playing merry hell with my allergies. *sneezes*-------------DLichQuirkFearNature3470CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Things should be clean and just so. But... *sneezes* this place... *sneezes* this place is all DIRT. *sneezes*-------------DLichQuirkFearNature3480CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Floating through the infinite inside a tin-thin doohickey just isn't right! It's wrong! It's wrong wrong wrong and I gotta go go go!-------------DLichQuirkFearSpace3310CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Someone who's a little something sure does feel like no-one floating in the middle of all this nothing. I gotta skidaddle!-------------DLichQuirkFearSpace3320CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh you sneaky faker child! Don't look at me, you knowing-eyed little BRAT! You got secrets, we all got secrets. I don't NEED your secrets! I just need you to STOP LOOKING AT ME!-------------DLichQuirkHateChildren3410CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A child?! A child raises its sticky little grasper to me? Without so much as a how-do-you-do, without a shred of respect. You respect your elders, you hear my words! You tiny little half-person child-thing! You RESPECT. YOUR. ELDERS!-------------DLichQuirkHateChildren3420CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll get right back to you, but first I need to exterminate this dirty no-good Infested filth.-------------DLichQuirkHateInfested3570CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Infested. All bubbling and roiling and wrong. Help a girl clean this up. We can get back to killing each other soon enough.-------------DLichQuirkHateInfested3580CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Back in the Corpus mess - that fine old place - Mister Parvos feeds us well. I do right by him by making sure I get my three squares. -------------DLichQuirkHungry3670CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
OK boys, you keep our guest busy while I get a few calories to strong on up.-------------DLichQuirkHungry3680CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well now. I spy with my little eye a critter that would make the finest of gifts for Mister Parvos. Once appropriately stuffed and mounted. Come here little fella. -------------DLichQuirkHunter3610CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well how do you do my four-legged little friend! I'm going to take a moment to measure you up for a rug. Hey! Come back here!-------------DLichQuirkHunter3620CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They're all gone. Good. I don't like sharing my meat.-------------DLichQuirkLoner3550CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So all my men are dead now. They were just getting between me and you, darling.-------------DLichQuirkLoner3560CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know you know. Don't think... don't think I don't know... that you know. Yeah. You know.-------------DLichQuirkParanoid3430CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh I get it. I see now. This was all a trap. A trick. A big old flashy fake. All of you. All of you in on it. To get me here. Well. It ain't gonna work. NO SIR.-------------DLichQuirkParanoid3440CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The thing I like the bestest-best about fire? It doesn't lie. It is what it is, does what it does, please and thank-you. Just like me.-------------DLichQuirkPyro3450CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Doesn't life just look merry as you please in front of a big ol' rip-roaring fire? Well, only if you're not in it, I suppose.-------------DLichQuirkPyro3460CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Such fine work Mister Parvos did. Behold the glorious product of his glad hand. Behold my *beauty*.-------------DLichQuirkVain3510CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I was ugly. But now I'm pretty. The prettiest of the pretty. The belle of the ball.-------------DLichQuirkVain3520CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am good at many talents so opposing me was a silly, stupid, dirt-headed mistake. I will spend this better than you ever would.-------------DLichTax5290CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Because I am learned and worldly and elegant I have something you never will: I have enough. I also have enough because I am taking your money.-------------DLichTax5300CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're not supposed to be here. So I'll take that and you'll say 'Thank you, Sister. I'll be on my way now.' -------------DLichTax5310CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You do bad, you put money in the Bad Jar. I'm gonna get Mister Parvos something nice.-------------DLichTax5320CrpLichB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
See, Tenno. I consume the inefficient.-------------DCrpLichConsumeHound7420CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your life... for mine. My pet.-------------DCrpLichConsumeHound7410CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do your final duty, Hound.-------------DCrpLichDetHound7430CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hound? Die for me.-------------DCrpLichDetHound7440CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Hound bites. The prey is down.-------------DCrpLichHoundDownPlayer7350CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Back, Hound. This kill is mine.-------------DCrpLichHoundDownPlayer7360CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Too quick, Hound. I would have made the kill last longer.-------------DCrpLichHoundKillPlayer7370CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You thought you could face a Sister, and yet you fell to a mere apparatus.-------------DCrpLichHoundKillPlayer7380CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Finally, you show promise.-------------DCrpLichPlayerKillHound7390CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It can be replaced. Can you?-------------DCrpLichPlayerKillHound7400CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Execution squad dispatched. Inbound.-------------DLichAssBoardParty7520CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ramsled underway. Troops expendable.-------------DLichAssBoardParty7530CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There is much of worth in you. I shall crack you open and scrape it out.-------------DLichAssConfront7630CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is it still here? Is it persisting?-------------DLichAssConfront7620CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I... did not expect this. Very well.-------------DLichAssConvert7790CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am to be renegade, then. So be it.-------------DLichAssConvert7800CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You would turn me apostate? What efficient cruelty. I submit.-------------DLichAssConvert7810CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another Crewship.-------------DLichAssCrew7560CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Crewship. Launch.-------------DLichAssCrew7570CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I shall name this ship the traditional way. By smashing a Tenno against the hull.-------------DLichAssEnterShip7590CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's not make your death a boring one. The Founder is watching.-------------DLichAssEnterShip7580CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fighters? Swarm them.-------------DLichAssFight7540CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
More fighters. Now.-------------DLichAssFight7550CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Harder, idiot!-------------DLichAssHalfHealth7640CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Have you started fighting yet?-------------DLichAssHalfHealth7650CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You. Impaled on the prow of my ship. A living figurehead. Screaming.-------------DLichAssHalfway7600CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am bracing myself. For disappointment.-------------DLichAssHalfway7610CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I... shall be... avenged.-------------DLichAssHarvest7760CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do it, coward!-------------DLichAssHarvest7770CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Parvos. Witness me. -------------DLichAssHarvest7780CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am elevated. And you... are trodden underfoot.-------------DLichAssLevelUp7670CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Power grows like a crystal. Cold. In pure, perfect order.-------------DLichAssLevelUp7690CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have labored and now I claim my due!-------------DLichAssLevelUp7660CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you see? Do you comprehend? I am winning.-------------DLichAssLevelUp7680CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The more you struggle, the harder the golden hand shall grip.-------------DLichAssLevelUp7700CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In azure fire we ascend! I have achieved my full potential, and you did nothing!-------------DLichAssMaxLevel7710CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You must enjoy watching others rise above you. You do it so often.-------------DLichAssMaxLevel7720CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Watch this Tenno, sisters. It'll probably climb into an engine vent and incinerate itself.-------------DLichAssTaunt7470CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dogged persistence. Common to both the noble and the deeply stupid.-------------DLichAssTaunt7460CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I told you you'd come to me sooner or later. Now here you are.-------------DLichAssTaunt7450CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Trying to add novelty by failing in space now?-------------DLichAssTaunt7480CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now it ends. As Parvos foresaw.-------------DLichAssTaunt7490CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Torpedoes away.-------------DLichAssTorp7500CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Target locked. Fire torpedo.-------------DLichAssTorp7510CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Too late to make an effort now.-------------DLichBattleTaunt7080CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I honor your desire to be torn asunder. My Hound shall have the scraps.-------------DLichBattleTaunt7100CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let me teach you the value of breath and blood.-------------DLichBattleTaunt7110CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This will be over disappointingly fast.-------------DLichBattleTaunt7070CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have them. The hunt is on. Parvos wills it.-------------DLichBattleTaunt7090CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Did you prepare wisely? I doubt it.-------------DLichBattleTaunt7120CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's no coward. I'll give it that.-------------DLichBattleTaunt7130CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You cogitate like a child.-------------DLichClues6980CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Back to your colored blocks, little one.-------------DLichClues6990CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you think to riddle me out?-------------DLichClues6960CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This work should have been completed long ago.-------------DLichClues6970CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Taken. Look elsewhere.-------------DLichControl6930CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Run along, scavenger. There are no scraps for you here.-------------DLichControl6940CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What Parvos grasps, the Sisterhood keeps.-------------DLichControl6950CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tread lightly in his dominion.-------------DLichControl6910CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This place is no longer your concern.-------------DLichControl6920CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
By the power vested in me by the true head of the Corpus, I claim this sector.-------------DLichControl6900CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I shall do penance through slaughter.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro7820CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We have parasites and looters to dispatch!-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro7830CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Assignment... accepted.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro7840CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This place shall be the abattoir of my shame.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro7850CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't let them salvage my parts!-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled7900CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There is no death while the blue fire burns...-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled7910CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am... dying. Are you this careless with all your equipment?-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled7920CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Enough. I have done what I could.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro7890CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The work is done. The spoils are yours. I deserve... nothing.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro7870CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
To serve is a joy. But alas, it must end for now.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro7880CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have repaid some measure of what I owe.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro7860CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your pain has much to teach you. Listen.-------------DLichDefeatTaunt7000CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Again and again, I cut you down.-------------DLichDefeatTaunt7010CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sister Glarios named you well. Tenno rats.-------------DLichDefeatTaunt7020CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Careless.-------------DLichDefeated7340CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Next time I'll see that coming.-------------DLichDefeated7320CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not good enough.-------------DLichDefeated7330CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Should have finished me.-------------DLichDefeated7300CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Add another failed assassination to its record.-------------DLichDefeated7310CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Inferior equipment, inferior results.-------------DLichDownPlayer7150CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Every heartbeat feels precious now, doesn't it?-------------DLichDownPlayer7160CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Stay down. It's over.-------------DLichDownPlayer7140CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Parvos severed his own hand without fear. This thing clings to life like an infant.-------------DLichDownPlayer7170CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I will lift you up by the head. The current will flow. And you will dance for me.-------------DLichIntroElectric6790CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What will you become when the fire consumes you?-------------DLichIntroFire6770CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am cold. Endless numbing cold. When your neck finally snaps, you will not even feel it.-------------DLichIntroIce6780CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You killed a weakling. Now you face a Sister of Parvos, and she will pound your face into the dirt.-------------DLichIntroImpact6760CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do not place your faith in shields to protect you. Turn to Parvos - if you have the wit.-------------DLichIntroMag6810CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm afraid there is no defense against radiation. Soon your own cells will begin to devour one another.-------------DLichIntroRad6820CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Venom will melt you from the inside out. Enjoy the taste of your brains dripping onto your tongue.-------------DLichIntroToxin6800CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Salvage what you can from it. But keep the head intact. We shall find a buyer without Maroo's scruples.-------------DLichKillPlayer7180CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hm. Not as satisfying as my Sisters had led me to expect.-------------DLichKillPlayer7200CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's down. Disassemble the remains. Usual split.-------------DLichKillPlayer7190CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are the Sisters of Parvos. We are deathless.-------------DLichLowHealth7240CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We'll be done when I say we're done.-------------DLichLowHealth7250CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Come closer. I have broken teeth to spit at you.-------------DLichLowHealth7260CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That taste. Blood and metal. I remember.-------------DLichLowHealth7230CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There are depths you could never sound. Cold you could never endure. In such places we have our birthing.-------------DLichRemindTaunt6890CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know your value. Every sinew. Every morsel.-------------DLichRemindTaunt6880CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I endure. You fester.-------------DLichRemindTaunt6840CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The ledger of your debt is growing. Longer. Every. Day.-------------DLichRemindTaunt6850CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll wait. In time, you will come to me.-------------DLichRemindTaunt6830CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Must I watch you waste your days in idleness?-------------DLichRemindTaunt6860CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Those you have killed are always with you. We know you.-------------DLichRemindTaunt6870CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bluster in vain. Sooner or later, every debt comes due.-------------DLichStalkIntro7210CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Listen. Footsteps. Cold breath on your neck.-------------DLichStalkIntro7220CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Found them.-------------DLichStalkIntro7270CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have waited, just as Parvos waited. Now I strike.-------------DLichStalkIntro7280CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is here. Contact Sister Glarios. Ask what she wants done with the parts.-------------DLichStalkIntro7290CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Detecting... Grineer! Engaging Grineer. Eliminating Grineer.-------------DLichQuirckHateGrineer8210CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Defective Grineer clones detected. Terminating. Invoice the Queens... for the service.-------------DLichQuirckHateGrineer8220CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You shall not do that again.-------------DLichQuirkBalance8110CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Cheap. Recalibrating.-------------DLichQuirkBalance8120CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It thinks it's invisible.-------------DLichQuirkBloodhound7970CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That idle dodge won't work.-------------DLichQuirkBloodhound7980CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If I walked into so obvious a trap, Parvos would spit on me.-------------DLichQuirkCoward8260CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You thought to stack the deck in your favor? I am not stupid.-------------DLichQuirkCoward8250CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have been incompetently briefed regarding the Tenno's ability! Mission aborted.-------------DLichQuirkDeserter8270CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The dossier was in error. Target has destroyed an Eximus. Retreating.-------------DLichQuirkDeserter8280CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I refuse to fight undefended!-------------DLichQuirkFearAlone8150CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You leave me for last, like some unappetizing morsel? No.-------------DLichQuirkFearAlone8160CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't make me look at children. Not after what I did. I can't bear it!-------------DLichQuirkFearChildren8010CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The child. It's here again. Whispering. Staring at me!-------------DLichQuirkFearChildren8020CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No. I can't. It's too far to fall.-------------DLichQuirkFearHeights7990CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Too high. Too high! Nothing to hang on to! Send an Osprey!-------------DLichQuirkFearHeights8000CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get that thing away from me!-------------DLichQuirkFearKubrow7950CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Kubrow confirmed. Kubrow confirmed. Retreating.-------------DLichQuirkFearKubrow7960CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am not optimized for this primitive environment!-------------DLichQuirkFearNature8090CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am unclean.-------------DLichQuirkFearNature8100CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I can feel it. The cold. The endless cold. The blue fire is dying. Dying in the black.-------------DLichQuirkFearSpace7930CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Space. So close. What if it claims me? What if I drift... forever... in the black... still conscious... unable to die?-------------DLichQuirkFearSpace7940CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Human infant. Waste of resources. Cull it.-------------DLichQuirkHateChildren8030CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Child. Consumes valuable food, produces only noise and stench. Expendable.-------------DLichQuirkHateChildren8040CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mindless Infested hunger. An insult to the refined desire of Parvos.-------------DLichQuirkHateInfested8200CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shifting target. These infested mistakes have priority.-------------DLichQuirkHateInfested8190CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A moment. I have a bone to gnaw.-------------DLichQuirkHungry8290CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I feed.-------------DLichQuirkHungry8300CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Local lifeform. Possible covert surveillance device. Exterminating.-------------DLichQuirkHunter8230CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Weapons test. Selecting unimportant local lifeform. That will do.-------------DLichQuirkHunter8240CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Team eliminated. Retaliating. Full offense.-------------DLichQuirkLoner8170CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They are dead. I am not. Now you will learn why.-------------DLichQuirkLoner8180CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You fools were not chosen! Only I was chosen! OFFAL! WASTE!-------------DLichQuirkParanoid8050CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Parvos whispers, and I hear. 'Execute the traitors. Every one.'-------------DLichQuirkParanoid8060CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your idleness is sickening. Let us see if fire spurs you to action.-------------DLichQuirkPyro8080CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Got a fire. But it could be bigger. Brighter! Like the BLUE FIRE IN MY BLOOD!-------------DLichQuirkPyro8070CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The blue fire burned away any imperfections I might have had.-------------DLichQuirkVain8130CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Parvos chose me. And he chose well.-------------DLichQuirkVain8140CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As a Maprico falls from the shaken tree, so too falls fortune from the idle.-------------DLichTax7060CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I take your meager goods. One day, I shall take your head.-------------DLichTax7030CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do not claim what you cannot keep.-------------DLichTax7040CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I see, I desire, I take. Try to stop me.-------------DLichTax7050CrpLichC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hound's expendable. I'm not.-------------DCrpLichConsumeHound5720CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Gonna get me some use out of this thing.-------------DCrpLichConsumeHound5730CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Save me! Self-destruct!-------------DCrpLichDetHound5740CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Situation critical! Blow yourself up!-------------DCrpLichDetHound5750CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes! The dog thing worked!-------------DCrpLichHoundDownPlayer5660CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A wounded animal won't crawl far.-------------DCrpLichHoundDownPlayer5670CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's technically my kill. I get credit.-------------DCrpLichHoundKillPlayer5680CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not bad! I should upgrade this thing!-------------DCrpLichHoundKillPlayer5690CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I love my work. You envy me, I know. And that's okay.-------------DLichRemindTaunt4780CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're really not the kind of person who itemises their storage, are you?-------------DLichRemindTaunt4790CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you ever clean this squalid little ship?-------------DLichRemindTaunt4750CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Idle. That's what Parvos would call your sort. Expect everything to be handed to you on a plate. Those days are over, bucko.-------------DLichRemindTaunt4760CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shall we schedule a meeting soon? Maybe one of those fun informal ones where one of us DIES?-------------DLichRemindTaunt4800CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ready for another round of relentless persecution? I am.-------------DLichRemindTaunt4770CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bom pom pom... taking over the system, one sector at a time, keeping the Tenno distracted, making all their stuff mine... oh, I am GOOD at this.-------------DLichRemindTaunt5410CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Focus. It's only a Tenno. We kill them all the time.-------------DLichStalkIntro5560CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am open to this combat experience - I will learn from this combat experience - I am ready for this combat... ergh!-------------DLichStalkIntro5570CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Right. Combat mode. Think empowering thoughts! Power flows through me.-------------DLichStalkIntro5580CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I don't want to kill you, you know. So you could always just leave. Then I wouldn't have to!-------------DLichStalkIntro5590CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Right. That's it. I tried being reasonable. But you've gone and pushed it too far.-------------DLichStalkIntro5600CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
But... that thing was built to be Warframe resistant...-------------DCrpLichPlayerKillHound5710CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get back up and fight, you useless object!-------------DCrpLichPlayerKillHound5700CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good luck, Ramsledders! With you in spirit!-------------DLichAssBoardParty5840CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ramsled full of angry people, coming towards you, quickly.-------------DLichAssBoardParty5830CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Whatever happens here, I think we've both learned a lot. Haven't we?-------------DLichAssConfront5940CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mighty Parvos. My desire this day is... not to die. And I grasp it.-------------DLichAssConfront5930CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, thank you, THANK YOU. Oh, you won't regret this.-------------DLichAssConvert6240CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes! For a moment there, I thought you were going to... well. Moving on.-------------DLichAssConvert6250CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thank you so much for this opportunity. I believe my former experience makes me the ideal candidate to join your team, and I can't wait to get started!-------------DLichAssConvert6260CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Remember, Crewship, your families get no compensation if you fail today!-------------DLichAssCrew5880CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's launch a Crewship. That'll keep them busy.-------------DLichAssCrew5870CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Just remember, Tenno. You started this. And you'll only have yourself to blame.-------------DLichAssEnterShip5890CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're making a big mistake here, Tenno! I'm a strong, confident Sister at the height of her power! And you're... not.-------------DLichAssEnterShip5900CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your proud moment has come, fighter squadron number one-more-than-the-last-one!-------------DLichAssFight5860CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Brave Corpus fighter pilots, get out there and earn your pay.-------------DLichAssFight5850CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You'll meet a bad end, you will! Bullies always do!-------------DLichAssHalfHealth5960CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're not displaying very flexible thinking here, you know! Always it's straight to the violence!-------------DLichAssHalfHealth5950CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
'Self destruct activated. All personnel evacuate.' Oh no! Hurry, everyone! Let's all get off this ship before it explodes!-------------DLichAssHalfway5920CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Think! When has killing me ever, EVER worked? Not once! So why don't you just go home, eh?-------------DLichAssHalfway5910CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No no no, wait, just let me ex--------------DLichAssHarvest6070CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No! NOT YET! PLEEEASE!-------------DLichAssHarvest6080CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No, Tenno, it's me, you can't have meant to... oh.-------------DLichAssHarvest6230CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I just got promooo-ted! Don't be bitter, Tenno. You can't be a loser forever.-------------DLichAssLevelUp5970CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another promotion! This partnership is going places.-------------DLichAssLevelUp5990CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The industrious reap the reward, the idle look on and covet. It's all there in The Founder's Tenets, you know.-------------DLichAssLevelUp6010CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
More power? Don't mind if I do.-------------DLichAssLevelUp5980CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's nothing like having your hard work recognized, is there? Like you'd know.-------------DLichAssLevelUp6000CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Parvos sees me. He takes me in his golden hand. And he raises. Me. UP!-------------DLichAssMaxLevel6030CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
At last. The pinnacle. And I could never have done it without using you as my footstool.-------------DLichAssMaxLevel6020CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. Let me explain this in words you will understand. My ship is very big. Your ship is very little.-------------DLichAssTaunt5770CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, look. It's Stabby Parazon-Pants the Stabbing Stabber of Stabsville. Planning on doing a little stabbing, were you?-------------DLichAssTaunt5790CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, Tenno, I see you have blundered into my lair! Prepare to perish in agony! What do you think? Was that too much?-------------DLichAssTaunt5760CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, are you demented? Do you have the slightest idea how many lethal weapons are on this thing? Should I send you over the documentation?-------------DLichAssTaunt5780CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am in control. This battle is happening on MY terms. I am a motivated self-starter who can think on her feet.-------------DLichAssTaunt5800CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Launching torpedo. A nice big one.-------------DLichAssTorp5810CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fire torpedoes! Now!-------------DLichAssTorp5820CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I warn you, I'm a lot stronger than I look!-------------DLichBattleTaunt4910CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Sister of Parvos is an official position. So you see, I'm officially killing you. Perhaps that will be some comfort.-------------DLichBattleTaunt4920CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look, I am actually going to hurt you quite badly, and it's only fair to let you know that.-------------DLichBattleTaunt4940CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Have you met my Hound? A gormless mass of metallized flesh that follows me around everywhere? You two have a lot in common.-------------DLichBattleTaunt4930CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm sorry! It's too late for mediation! You've escalated this situation waaaaay beyond the original remit!-------------DLichBattleTaunt4950CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You represent an embarrassing mistake. And what do we do with those, Sisters? We shred them.-------------DLichBattleTaunt5490CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If I can face a disciplinary meeting with Sister Glarios, I can certainly face the likes of you!-------------DLichBattleTaunt5500CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yes, yes, this was funny for a while, but you can stop now.-------------DLichClues4850CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why are you trying to crack top level Granum security? Are you deranged?-------------DLichClues4840CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, trying to guess my password? Yawn.-------------DLichClues5450CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're wasting your time, you know. This is com-plete-ly futile. You might as well be knitting socks for the Entrati.-------------DLichClues5460CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
With Parvos Granum calling the shots, everyone will benefit! Especially his loyal Sisterhood. Conspiracy is such an ugly word.-------------DLichControl4820CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm in charge! And it's all going SWIMMINGLY.-------------DLichControl4810CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Observe. This sector belongs to Parvos Granum first, to the Corpus Administration second, and to you not at all. -------------DLichControl4830CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This sector is under new management. And about time, too.-------------DLichControl5420CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Observe. This sector belongs to Parvos Granum first, to the Corpus Administration second, and to you not at all.-------------DLichControl5440CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Finally, some competent administration. Any complaints can be filed in the usual bin.-------------DLichControl5430CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm here! I'm sorry I'm late! I had a thing.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro6270CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I will prove my worth to you, so help me...-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro6280CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Boss. Looking forward to leveraging our strengths in this challenging combat experience.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro6290CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here we go. This is what I signed up for.-------------DLichConvertHelpIntro6300CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm fine! I can do this! I can - ack...-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled6350CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I am a valued... team... member...-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled6360CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sorry, Boss. Think I might be dying. Yup.-------------DLichConvertHelpKilled6370CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All done here, boss!-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro6310CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Job done. I look forward to receiving my performance assessment.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro6320CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So, uh, now I'm all done with work, I was thinking we could... Oh, never mind.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro6330CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welp. Looks like I'm done here. Nothing else to stick around for. Unless... nah.-------------DLichConvertHelpOutro6340CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know you're probably upset about what just happened, so let me be the first to say it... I forgive you... Your Turn!-------------DLichDefeatTaunt4860CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look at you, bouncing back after a defeat! I think we're developing a healthy respect for one another!-------------DLichDefeatTaunt4880CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So I think we both learned something from that. Surprised you, didn't I?-------------DLichDefeatTaunt4870CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This altercation is over.-------------DLichDefeated5620CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ha! NOT today!-------------DLichDefeated5640CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, we're not done. We are a LONG WAY from done.-------------DLichDefeated5610CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm going to my happy place.-------------DLichDefeated5630CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Get me out of here! I said, GET ME OUUUUT!-------------DLichDefeated5650CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh no, no, you're getting blood and bits of yourself all over the place. Do you have to?-------------DLichDownPlayer4970CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know, I don't think that armor's quite up to snuff. Might want to report that.-------------DLichDownPlayer4980CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sorry, didn't quite catch that, could you repeat? 'Flaily flaily bleed bleed'? Ah, thought so.-------------DLichDownPlayer4960CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Be a good Tenno and give the floor a clean while you're down there, eh?-------------DLichDownPlayer5510CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, I am operating at charge levels way above the recommended safe rate!-------------DLichIntroElectric4710CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I wonder what happens when you get hot. Does stuff start bubbling up through your armor plates? Can we find out?-------------DLichIntroFire4690CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Funny things, fingers. Get them cold enough, and they just snap right off. Like fish sticks.-------------DLichIntroIce4700CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Did you ever sit alone in the office with a plasmic hole punch, just punching holes in other people's things? Over and over?-------------DLichIntroImpact5400CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I can make your shields collapse like the Brogen-Steiff derivatives bubble! You don't even know what that IS, do you?-------------DLichIntroMag4730CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
How do I achieve this beautiful glow? Simple. Every day I affirm the truth of Parvos's teachings in my heart. And I'm suffused with radioactivity! -------------DLichIntroRad4740CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You realize I'm literally toxic now? I can make you foam and see pretty colours while you die.-------------DLichIntroToxin4720CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is... is it dead? It's dead! It's over. Oh, thank blessed Parvos.-------------DLichKillPlayer4990CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Job done. Ticky box. Call a cleaning drone.-------------DLichKillPlayer5520CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think we both knew how this was going to end, didn't we?-------------DLichKillPlayer5530CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Time out! Time out!-------------DLichLowHealth5000CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wait. Wait. Stop. I'm going to throw up.-------------DLichLowHealth5010CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're cheating. You've got to be.-------------DLichLowHealth5540CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What if you kill me, and I just come back even more powerful? Is that what you want? IS IT?-------------DLichLowHealth5550CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ooh. Someone's sent me some tubemen for taaaarget praaaactice.-------------DLichQuirckHateGrineer6660CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Just a moment, Tenno. Some Grineer has got in, and this Sister of Parvos needs to take out the trash.-------------DLichQuirckHateGrineer6670CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hmph. Gravity test complete.-------------DLichQuirkBalance6560CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Come on. Push me over again. I'm having FUN!-------------DLichQuirkBalance6570CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mmm. You're more than usually pungent today, Tenno.-------------DLichQuirkBloodhound6420CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh dear, Tenno. What have you been rolling in?-------------DLichQuirkBloodhound6430CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm sorry this is a completely inappropriate mismatch of power levels, and I am therefore leaving immediately. Goodbye.-------------DLichQuirkCoward6700CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
... ah. It appears I am severely under-equipped for this assignment. Terminating.-------------DLichQuirkCoward6710CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Vandalizing company property, is it? I'm leaving! To... file a report.-------------DLichQuirkDeserter6720CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Impressive. I'm just going to pop off and update your file. Don't wait up.-------------DLichQuirkDeserter6730CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I could really use some colleague support here!-------------DLichQuirkFearAlone6600CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No. This is wrong. This was NOT a solo assignment.-------------DLichQuirkFearAlone6610CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I can't deal with children! I'm not certified!-------------DLichQuirkFearChildren6460CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Child. CHILD. I will NOT have mucky little fingerprints all over my screens.-------------DLichQuirkFearChildren6470CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nausea meds! No, these are bullets. Where are my nausea meds?-------------DLichQuirkFearHeights6440CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This drop is NOT SAFE. Where is the damn HANDRAIL?-------------DLichQuirkFearHeights6450CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not Kubrows. Please. Their little eyes and their squashed-up faces. Oh, I don't want that to be the last thing I see!-------------DLichQuirkFearKubrow6400CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Calm. Just imagine it gutted, and skinned, and spread out on the office floor. No. No, it's looking at me.-------------DLichQuirkFearKubrow6410CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bugs! They're inside me! Crawling in my tuuuubing!-------------DLichQuirkFearNature6540CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What is the POINT of still having organic parts if they're just going to break out in hives?-------------DLichQuirkFearNature6550CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The vacuum of space is out there. I am in here. It cannot suck my eyeballs out. But... what if it did?-------------DLichQuirkFearSpace6380CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why is space so QUIET? It makes me think I can hear... things.-------------DLichQuirkFearSpace6390CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is it 'bring your disgusting spawn to work' day?-------------DLichQuirkHateChildren6480CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There is a child running about here. We'll have to fumigate.-------------DLichQuirkHateChildren6490CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, that is just gross. It's got to go.-------------DLichQuirkHateInfested6640CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We've got Infestation! Putrid, scabby masses of... ugh. Clean it all out!-------------DLichQuirkHateInfested6650CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sorry! Skipped breakfast. You know how it is.-------------DLichQuirkHungry6740CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Deploying tactical reserve sandwich.-------------DLichQuirkHungry6750CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ugh, this place is crawling with wildlife! Do I have to clean it up myself?-------------DLichQuirkHunter6680CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's my new desk ornament! Just need to make it a little... more... dead.-------------DLichQuirkHunter6690CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Seeya, losers. I'll handle this by myself.-------------DLichQuirkLoner6620CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll just have to put on my big pants and handle this personally.-------------DLichQuirkLoner6630CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I see you. Passing notes. Whispering. Do you think I'm STUPID?-------------DLichQuirkParanoid6500CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Guess what, staff? It's time for a random loyalty test. Anyone still alive after this has passed.-------------DLichQuirkParanoid6510CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Burrrn. Burn it all. Burn it like I burned my dream journals!-------------DLichQuirkPyro6520CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I can hear Parvos speaking to me from the flames. And he tells me I am worthy.-------------DLichQuirkPyro6530CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Damn. I look gooood in blue.-------------DLichQuirkVain6580CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nothing wrong with wearing your wealth, Tenno, and my enhancements are mine.-------------DLichQuirkVain6590CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have restructured your finances. I have issued receipts. And there is nothing you can do about it.-------------DLichTax4890CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll put these to responsible use. Which is more than you would have done.-------------DLichTax4900CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These used to be yours, but now they are not yours. Are we clear?-------------DLichTax5470CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And that's my share. See? We can work together.-------------DLichTax5480CrpLichD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Specters down. This must now be your final stand Sister.-------------DCrpLichAssSpecterDead8550Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your guards have fallen. If you too must fall, exact a grievous price.-------------DCrpLichAssSpecterDead8560Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Specters destroyed. She has only herself now.-------------DCrpLichAssSpecterDead8570Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You stand undefended, Sister. Show them how hard we can fight.-------------DCrpLichAssSpecterDead8580Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sister, your desire has been rewarded with protection from Brother Parvos. Deploying Specters. May they be your shields.-------------DCrpLichAssSpecterSpawn8510Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fight well, Sister. Parvos sends you guardian Specters. Turn the strength of the Tenno back against them.-------------DCrpLichAssSpecterSpawn8520Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Specters! Stand by my Sister and shield her from all harm!-------------DCrpLichAssSpecterSpawn8530Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Authorizing protective Specter deployment. I shall not lose another of my Sisters.-------------DCrpLichAssSpecterSpawn8540Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is Sister Vala Glarios. Dispatching fleet support. We stand with you.-------------DCrpLichAssValaIntro8470Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sister. You have our brother's full support. Take what is yours.-------------DCrpLichAssValaIntro8480Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hold fast, Sister! Honor those who have gone before you!-------------DCrpLichAssValaIntro8490Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Have faith, Sister. When your time comes, your Sisters shall sing. But your time is not yet.-------------DCrpLichAssValaIntro8500Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sister. You have been promoted.-------------DCrpLichLevelUp8410Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have proven true, Sister. A promotion is in order.-------------DCrpLichLevelUp8420Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
When a Sister distinguishes herself, she deserves... promotion.-------------DCrpLichLevelUp8430Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I hereby promote you in rank and power. Use it.-------------DCrpLichLevelUp8440Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sister! We honor you with promotion to the highest rank!-------------DCrpLichMaxLevel8450Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You now receive the highest honor the Sisterhood can bestow.-------------DCrpLichMaxLevel8460Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
She has eluded the Tenno. A strong candidate, but this was not her time.-------------DCrpLichPreEscape8350Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Tenno was too weak for her. We shall find her a more suitable match.-------------DCrpLichPreEscape8360Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A draw. Impressive. Reward the candidate and return her to the queue.-------------DCrpLichPreEscape8370Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our candidate escaped. How embarrassing for the Tenno.-------------DCrpLichPreEscape8380Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This Tenno is wasting your time, Brother Parvos. The candidate has eluded them.-------------DCrpLichPreEscape8390Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We came to judge this candidate, but instead, she judged this Tenno... unworthy.-------------DCrpLichPreEscape8400Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Brother! Another candidate steps forward in the hope of admission to our Sisterhood.-------------DCrpLichPreSpawn8340Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Parvos Granum! This next candidate claims she has shed the bonds of idleness and aspires to become your Sister.-------------DCrpLichPreSpawn8310Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Candidate, you would be wise to remember your Tenets! Brother Parvos is watching.-------------DCrpLichPreSpawn8320Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Candidate, your accomplishments are many. Now prove yourself to our brother, Parvos Granum.-------------DCrpLichPreSpawn8330Vala_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The longer you hold out, the deeper I can search, but if you need to leave, extraction is ready.-------------DVoidSurvivalExtractionReady00080Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Grineer and Corpus came here in search of treasure but only found oblivion. They are trespassers here. You are not.-------------DVoidSurvivalFirstRaidSuccessful00070Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]

Lua has felt my touch as I have felt its in return. Rescuing Lua - and you - from the Void may be changing this place. The Void stirs and shakes Lua to its core... exposing ancient halls long since abandoned.

Smelling possible treasure, the Grineer Worm Queen ordered her troops to descend upon these newly exposed halls. They were instantly Corrupted by its long dormant Orokin Neural Sentry.

The secrets that lie buried here are yours, not theirs.

Infiltrate the Yuvarium and Circulus, survive the Corrupted and we will reclaim those secrets together.
-------------DVoidSurvivalInbox00000Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We have only scratched the surface. This place holds many more secrets.-------------DVoidSurvivalInterimSuccessfulRaid00200Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's as if The Void wants us to find this.-------------DVoidSurvivalInterimSuccessfulRaid00210Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is yours by right.-------------DVoidSurvivalInterimSuccessfulRaid00220Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As Lua kept you safe in the dark age that followed the fall, it kept this hidden for you to find.-------------DVoidSurvivalInterimSuccessfulRaid00230Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The treasures of the Orokin. Put them to better use than they did, Tenno.-------------DVoidSurvivalInterimSuccessfulRaid00240Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Long ago, one of your kind put an end to that final, desperate Continuity Ceremony. Her essence may still be here.-------------DVoidSurvivalInterimSuccessfulRaid00250Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't worry; I'll take very good care of Voruna. I have just the spot in the kennel for her!-------------DVoidSurvivalInterimSuccessfulRaid00380WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Queens have sought out Warframes before. Vor sought to present them with yours. We cannot let the Worm have Voruna.-------------DVoidSurvivalInterimSuccessfulRaid00381Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lua rumbles. The Void exposes old scars and revives forgotten secrets. Survive against the Corrupted onslaught. I will recover what I long believed lost.-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00010Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lua stirs, and lost, ancient chambers emerge from her ruin. Advance into this blasphemous space so that I may unearth what was buried so long ago.-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lua kept you safe after the fall... but she wasn't always kind to the Tenno. When the Void Conjunction reached its peak... terrible things happened. If you are willing, we can uncover what was lost to the past.-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00030Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look at that; more kibble for the Drahks! Save some for me, puppies! Ahhhooooo!!!-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00340WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Worm Queen. Even as the neural sentry corrupts her best troops, she continues to send more. What is she after?-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00341Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There you are... I think it's time we put a collar on you... Phh... Wait. You'd probably like that, wouldn't you?-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00350WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Worm has no compassion for her troops. She orders more to this place even though the Neural Sentry will surely corrupt them, too.-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00351Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pick a card, Dreamer! The 'asphyxiation of hearts'. Lucky draw!-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00360WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are being observed. The Worm Queen wishes to gloat. Her troops are no longer her own, but she cares little for that.-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00361Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Alright tube-mutts, let's give our little rabbit a wee head start... and then off we go, hounds! (Woof! woof!)-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00370WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Worm Queen has no control over the Corrupted. It is enough for her that they are hostile to us.-------------DVoidSurvivalIntro00371Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Orokin Neural Sentry is attempting to purge you from this place. Stand by for Life support.-------------DVoidSurvivalLifeSupportCut00040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, if you have a Necramech, this would be an excellent place to deploy it.-------------DVoidSurvivalNechramechPossible00050Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All manner of Orokin technology may work here due to the Circulus' proximity. If you have a Necramech, you may use it.-------------DVoidSurvivalNechramechPossible00060Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno - the Void has summoned a new presence, and it craves our Life Support. Destroy these manifestations.-------------DVoidSurvivalThraxSpawned00140Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Void signatures, but outside the Corrupted. They are draining your Life Support, and fast. Eliminate them quickly.-------------DVoidSurvivalThraxSpawned00150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These manifestations, they aren't from the Neural Sentry. Destroy them - they are drawing from your Life Support!-------------DVoidSurvivalThraxSpawned00160Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These 'manifestations' must not be allowed a foothold on Lua. Life Support is at risk - destroy them!-------------DVoidSurvivalThraxSpawned00170Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Void manifestations, drawn to this cursed place of stolen lives. They will drain your life support unless they are destroyed!-------------DVoidSurvivalThraxSpawned00180Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hiding Lua in the Void risked the unfathomable. I fear we are seeing the consequences of that risk now. Destroy these Void-stained enemies.-------------DVoidSurvivalThraxSpawned00190Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yuvan. Continuity. Of all the evil things the Orokin perpetrated... The Seven considered this place the perfect harmony of science and dominance, but it is nothing more than a crime scene.-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00130Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not since the onset of that last Void Conjunction have Tenno walked these halls. We have unfinished business here.-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00090Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Circulus, a Yuvan theater reserved for the mighty Seven. This is where executor Tuvul initiated the last continuity ceremony. But that was ages ago. Why is the Void surging here now?-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00100Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tuvul washed his hands of the Zariman after the catastrophic jump. He wanted all trace of her destroyed, including the survivors. The Tenno. Had it not been for Margulis, he would have succeeded.-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00110Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lua spent so many cycles hidden in the Void. It altered her. And a Conjunction now, after so long... I cannot tell what new monstrosities could be unleashed.-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00120Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A lovely little song... all for me! Did it drown out the desperate barking from the friends you left behind, Dreamer? Sit, Voruna, Sit! Hahaha!-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00320WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look who showed up to the Void Conjunction. Now you wanna be a skin donor? Too late, Yuvan. You're not wanted anymore. Because you're bitter. And jealous. And ugly.-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00330WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Poor Tuvul. Lost respect of the pack, so they did what I'd do... nom nom nom nom!-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00260WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If only my sister could have seen this mess. She might have listened to me! You're a nightmare for the world, aren't you, Dreamer?-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00270WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I tried to tell her. Dreamers are a bad, bad continuity... better for biscuits than skin.-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00280WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Big mommy never told you about the Yuvans, did she? Mmm-hmmm. Dreamers lining up to be skin. Not my thing, though. Too much baggage, don't you think?-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00290WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh. Looks like musty ol' Drusus neglected to mention a few things about Void Conjunctions... safety not guaranteed. HAHA!-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00300WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If only my dear sister were here. It would have warmed her heart to consume a child in this sacred place.-------------DVoidSurvivalTileReached00310WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
-------------DVorunaTeaser0090WormQueen_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have a Railjack. But you need a crew. Unconventional people require unconventional work. Purpose. So, naturally, I looked at my little network, saw the state of the System, thought of you and... if I'm honest, this was all Little Duck's idea. She made such a good case I couldn't say no. Come. Let Ticker introduce you to the gang. You'll love them. They're a hoot.-------------DCrewScreenFirst0010Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, well, well. You've become quite the popular dance partner. Since Ticker saw you last, she's had some very interesting prospects approach her vis-a-vis crewing with you. Your reputation may be preceding you, Stardust, but I'll handle the introductions.-------------DCrewScreenFirstHighTier0260Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think this is going to work out wonderfully.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0270Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I had a feeling about you two. Two rogues who seem positively made for one another.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0280Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ticker's had a few captains vying for the services of that one, but they insisted on talking to you first. To see if you were the real deal. I'd say you banished any doubt.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0290Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Top-tier talent that one. And they know it.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0300Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A prestigious recruitment to be sure!-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0310Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Take good care of them, Stardust. I'm quite fond of that one.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0320Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I mean to see you again, so no taking stupid risks. Look after them, Stardust.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0330Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, great things are in store for the two of you, Stardust. Just see if there isn't.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0340Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This one's a bit of a legend, Stardust. Practically a verb. Good catch.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0350Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Like attracts like. Only the best for the best. I love my job.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0360Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wonderful! Perfect. This is probably closest I'll get to running a matchmaking agency, so I'll take what I can get.-------------DCrewScreenHighTierHire0370Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm sure they'll make a wonderful addition to your high-risk little family.-------------DCrewScreenHire0170Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wonderful! They're just aching to get back into space.-------------DCrewScreenHire0180Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lovely. I'll just put the paperwork together.-------------DCrewScreenHire0190Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Gather your things, sweetie, you're shipping out with a legend.-------------DCrewScreenHire0200Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think you'll really like their energy.-------------DCrewScreenHire0210Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're tied to one another now. Keep each other alive.-------------DCrewScreenHire0220Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's a harsh universe, Stardust. Watch out for each other. You're family now.-------------DCrewScreenHire0230Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now. Don't make me worry about you. C'mon, let's go gather your things.-------------DCrewScreenHire0240Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That one wasn't sure they'd ever get back into space. They'll see your ship right, I think.-------------DCrewScreenHire0250Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah well. Same time tomorrow?-------------DCrewScreenNoHire0380Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sometimes you just know.-------------DCrewScreenNoHire0390Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll let them down easy.-------------DCrewScreenNoHire0400Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hm. Let me see who else I have on the books. Get back to me in a few.-------------DCrewScreenNoHire0410Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Right you are.-------------DCrewScreenNoHire0420Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hm. You know what? I'm going to try something different. Come back in a little bit.-------------DCrewScreenNoHire0430Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So it goes. I don't want you shipping out with anyone you wouldn't trust with your life.-------------DCrewScreenNoHire0440Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's so much potential in this lot. If you can show them the way, keep them safe, they'll flourish.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0160Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now. What gallant spacefarers are eager to make your acquaintance today...-------------DCrewScreenOpen0020Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good people and tested sailors looking to get back on their feet.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0030Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All rated by Little Duck and vetted by me, Stardust. Chemistry and skill-matching is the key to staying alive. So LD tells me.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0040Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Many want to crew for a legend, Stardust. No matter the risks.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0050Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Everyone on my books wants to make a difference. All of them seasoned professionals.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0060Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Work must have meaning, Stardust, and what is more meaningful than helping one another?-------------DCrewScreenOpen0070Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
One at a time, you'll all get your chance. Here's the latest likely crop, Stardust. Hand-matched just for you.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0080Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I do enjoy playing match-maker.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0090Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let me introduce you to our latest batch of hopefuls. No direct Railjack experience, but they know their way around a ship.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0100Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here we go. Why don't you introduce yourselves?-------------DCrewScreenOpen0110Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wonderful. Let's start by saying hello.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0120Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nothing but the best for you, Stardust. This ragtag bunch are hot hot hot right now.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0130Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now, they're hardly conventional but I'd bet a shiny credit they're just what you're looking for.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0140Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's tough staying alive out there, Stardust. This lot has a better chance of survival with you than without.-------------DCrewScreenOpen0150Ticker_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
-------------DRscHostageDeath130TennoHostage_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
-------------DRscHostageDeath140TennoHostage_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm down.-------------DRscHostageDown070TennoHostage_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ahh... bleeding out.-------------DRscHostageDown080TennoHostage_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They got me, Tenno help.-------------DRscHostageDown090TennoHostage_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Mission complete. Excellent work, Tenno.-------------MissionCompleteA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Great work. I am pleased with your performance.-------------MissionCompleteB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another job well executed.-------------MissionCompleteC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Security in today's marketplace is more important than ever. So why trifle with organics? Our Model-3 Jackal is second-to-none in lethal enforcement solutions.-------------DAladPA0010AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We Stand Tall, disciples. Remember your Corpus vows. Our profit is your peace. Your peace is our prosperity.-------------DAladPA0020AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Leadership. Growth. Corpus Robotics create new opportunities in colonial suppression. Security is safety. Comfort is containment.-------------DAladPA0030AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Market forces demand we Evolve, Overturn, Adapt. Opportunity demands we Partner with those we once called the Enemy... and move forward together.-------------DAladPA0040AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Partners may attempt to communicate. If so disengage immediately, note the exchange and convey it to your supervisor. Again: there is to be no contact between Corpus personnel and our Partners. Carry on.-------------DAladPA0050AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Please note: Lab stations are to be prepped for the next shift prior to being unmanned.-------------DAladPA0060AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Remember: Amalgam technology is first-of-kind. You are not. In the event of a mishap secure the asset first, tend to casualties second. Have faith in our work.-------------DAladPA0070AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In the event of contact with our Partners, remember your vows! Permit, Preserve, Proclaim! Permit aggression in the name of data science. Preserve the Partner, resist defensive action. Proclaim quarantine to advance further study.-------------DAladPA0080AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Remember: a class-D7 breathing apparatus is required for outdoor labor. How many times do I have to tell them this?-------------DAladPA0090AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Partner Amalgam units may seem unnatural, incomprehensible, unethical. They may trigger irrational responses in fellow disciples. Be vigilant for these reactions. Safeguard our new friends. They are our future.-------------DAladPA0100AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Seize initiative to seize the moment. Seize the moment... to seize the future.-------------DAladPA0110AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All disciples are to memorize the location of the nearest fire extinguisher, optical flusher, auto-medic, and decontamination cabinet.-------------DAladPA0120AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Abandoning your station without supervisor authority will result in sanction.-------------DAladPA0130AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Failure to wear mandated safety gear will result in sanction.-------------DAladPA0140AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Failure to honor non-disclosure vows will result in sanction.-------------DAladPA0150AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Initiating contact with the Partners will result in severe sanction.-------------DAladPA0160AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Failure to obey sterilization protocols will result in sanction.-------------DAladPA0170AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Failure to keep solids out of the waste sinks will result in sanction.-------------DAladPA0180AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Reminder: possible sanctions include work therapy, wage garnishment, shock protocols, organ donation, exposure, and 'the floor'. Conduct yourselves righteously, disciples.-------------DAladPA0190AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Consumption of food or drink within the laboratory spaces will result in sanction.-------------DAladPA0200AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Speak your mind! All complaints may be lodged with the Sub-Personnel Comptroller, Level 6, Bisection Zeta, Indigo Quadrant, Room 74390-point-beta-beta-333 every alternate day of, every alternate week.-------------DAladPA0210AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Remember: if you have to ask, the answer is 'No.'-------------DAladPA0220AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The latest candidates for the Partner Amalgamation process have been chosen. May we all bless their fortune.-------------DAladPA0230AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
New amalgam batches awake! And sections 4 through 8 expect reduced oxygen levels.-------------DAladPA0240AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pilots. Our Partners complain that you are flying too close to their vessels. Their airspace is now considered sacred. Violation of this no-fly-zone will result in severe sanction.-------------DAladPA0250AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If you encounter our Partners moving about the installation; eyes forward. Do not tempt fate.-------------DAladPA0260AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Vow Catalog Updated: Vow 137, commit to memory, "It is forbidden to disturb the partners."-------------DAladPA0270AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
For your peace of mind the Vow Catalog has been updated: commit to memory new subclauses to Vows 7, 17, 28, 29, 30, 50, 54, 78a, 88, 94, 99, 107g, 112 and 138. Testing may occur at any time. Failure results in sanction.-------------DAladPA0280AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A reminder that all 136 Employment Vows are to... what... 138, is it that many... all 138 employment vows are to be committed to memory. Testing may occur at any moment. Failure results in sanction.-------------DAladPA0290AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Corpus disciples, our new Partners are allies in power and prosperity.-------------DAladPA0300AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Attention. Meetings with our partners continue in Section 2. We are not to be disturbed.-------------DAladPA0310AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All personnel: eavesdropping on Partner data transfers will result in neuro-carnivorous memes birthing themselves in your subconscious. You are to avoid channel Upsilon-3.-------------DAladPA0320AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our Partners continue to aid in the Amalgam effort. We are to extend them every courtesy. That includes respecting their privacy. Failure to do so will result in sanction.-------------DAladPA0330AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Everyday objects may exhibit anomalous responses. Remember your vows: Accept And Ignore.-------------DAladPA0340AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Exposure to Partner communications may provoke aberrant mental patterning. If you experience these visions, report to the nearest auto-medic for shock protocol.-------------DAladPA0350AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Your environment may change unexpectedly. Remember your vows: Accept And Ignore.-------------DAladPA0360AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Key operational assets may be obfuscated. Accept And Ignore.-------------DAladPA0370AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Friends and coworkers may change without warning. Accept And Ignore.-------------DAladPA0380AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Any sign of the Tenno threat must be investigated and reported immediately. Investigate and report, disciples.-------------DAladPA0390AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Neither I, nor our partners will tolerate Tenno incursions into these sacred halls. If you see something, investigate and report.-------------DAladPA0400AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Like the sun, my wealth enlightens everything in the system, including you, my disciples.-------------DAladPA0410AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our enemies offer poverty and desolation. Your vows, Disciples, are the only path to prosperity and fortune, my fortune.-------------DAladPA0420AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Things have never been this bad. The currents are strengthening in that rank cesspool of a Board. Nef Anyo has consolidated his power on Venus, winning Frohd Bek's favor. All eyes are turning toward their new darling. And the currents the currents would drag me down. I am underestimated. I am unseen. I must turn that to my advantage.-------------DGCAladFrag1590AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I seek advantage and advantage appears! I'd long thought that old fool Regus dead, but here is - rich and gullible as ever! With an offer of shared wealth. Says he has tech like I've never seen! Old War tech. And he wants an investor. Oh, I'll invest all right-------------DGCAladFrag1600AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is about more than investment. Regus surprises me. How a man of his limited intellect came by such wonders is. But forget that. What he has is exceptionally viable. Where did he find this technology? It stinks of Tau, but the advantages to be had in the exploitation of it the things I could create the profits I could accrue the Board will never dare underestimate me again!-------------DGCAladFrag1610AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Regus' price was high, but I dangled the Board's most enticing intellectual property, SysComm, to seal the deal. Then I placed a contract, loaded with escape clauses and loopholes, in that slack, idiot's fingers And he signed! The fool signed without even reading it! Any partner that thick is a liability. A liability soon to be nullified.-------------DGCAladFrag1620AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Regus has changed. Or, perhaps, he is not such a fool... and today I saw beneath the mask. He is no longer so agreeable. Rather he came to our meeting with a raft of his own, radical, proposals. An entire shift in direction. And then, as I made to leave, he smiled. He smiled and, for just a second, I don't think his face was human at all. This is all wrong. I'm tearing up the contract. I have a terrible feeling that if do not escape this partnership immediately, I never will.-------------DGCAladFrag1630AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That was not Regus. It was never Regus. It revealed its true face to me and by the Void. I've entered into a partnership with Sentients. The world-builders, the world-killers. Our enemy under all. This contract is worthless. Instead, they demand submission. CT! Assemble the disciples. Arm the Condors. Those oversized crustaceans have no idea who they're dealing with.-------------DGCAladFrag1640AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That did not go as planned. Thousands against one. That massive grotesque tore through my forces like a shark through a shoal. We never inflicted so much as a scratch. Now it perches outside my home. The message is clear. I am to make Amalgams, and if I cross them, the Ropalolyst makes an ash cloud of this city. If my rivals find out I'll be executed for treason. What choice do I have but to comply?-------------DGCAladFrag1650AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Disciples! Good news! The Amalgam program has entered into a fruitful partnership. Pursuant to our agreement, their identities will be kept confidential, and a strict no-fly zone shall be instated around their craft. In time the nature of our project will be made known. Until then know that we work for a brighter Corpus future! Life is Profit.-------------DGCAladFrag1660AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The data's good at least. Worth more than a few trinkets to our business partners, yes.-------------DSentAmalgamKill0680AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, integrate this for the next generational cycle. We need to recoup aggressively.-------------DSentAmalgamKill0690AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another weakness revealed and removed. Who knew these violent prongs would be so good at science!-------------DSentAmalgamKill0700AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Unfortunately. But this is how evolution works. One generation closer to an Amalgam they just can't kill.-------------DSentAmalgamKill0710AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This is getting out of hand.-------------DSentAmalgamKill0720AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wasteful, but failure teaches faster. Our Partners will be pleased.-------------DSentAmalgamKill0730AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And now, Betrayers, for something completely different.-------------DSentAmalgamSpawn1430AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Betrayers, my Partners and I have been working on a new project, and I wanted you to be the first to see... my... Amalgams!-------------DSentAmalgamSpawn1440AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Amalgam technology. It's beautiful. Experience it! One death at a time.-------------DSentAmalgamSpawn1450AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Betrayers, let me introduce my new friends. My latest in hybrid commerce. My Amalgams!-------------DSentAmalgamSpawn1460AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Amalgams; hybrid lifeforms. A familiar concept to you, is it not, Betrayers?-------------DSentAmalgamSpawn1470AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno: relics of a bygone era. My Amalgams are the new paradigm.-------------DSentAmalgamSpawn1480AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Any last requests, Tenno? Moa got your tongue? Fine - release the Amalgams!-------------DSentAmalgamSpawn1490AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
While the rest of the system cowered in fear, I took risks. I made a bold new partnership. Bear witness, Betrayers, to my exciting new product line!-------------DSentAmalgamSpawn1500AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Give the Betrayers a little hope, and we'll sink the hook deeper.-------------DSentBuff0620AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's flip the program, and see what these Amalgams can do.-------------DSentBuff0630AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, the model is getting a bit predictable. A little morale boost might be good for conditioning.-------------DSentBuff0640AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let the Betrayers have a little fun while we crunch the numbers.-------------DSentBuff0650AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, invert the algorithm. Give them a little false hope.-------------DSentBuff0660AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What... what if we make the Tenno more of a threat really see what these Amalgams can do?-------------DSentBuff0670AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What happened to the interference routines? CT, what's going on?-------------DSentBuffIntUse1370AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The interference routines have vanished. What is going on up there? CT, we need diagnostics!-------------DSentBuffIntUse1380AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Failsafe activated? They've trashed the active cycle. CT, sweep the authorization-codes, immediately.-------------DSentBuffIntUse1390AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Finally. Some investments take longer to earn out.-------------DSentConduitDefFail1000AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, fast track these disciples for promotion I mean conversion, of course.-------------DSentConduitDefFail1010AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These disciples finally show some merit. Credit where credit is due, I am an excellent leader.-------------DSentConduitDefFail1020AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I thought you were better than this! You're making me look bad in front of my new business associates.-------------DSentConduitDefFail0990AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Betrayers, frustrated yet? Get used to it.-------------DSentConduitDefFail0940AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This week on Nightwave, Tenno lose big, give up on life! Details at the next cycle!-------------DSentConduitDefFail0950AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't be discouraged! Failure has made you what you are a failure.-------------DSentConduitDefFail0960AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Will you try again? Will you give me another reason to laugh?-------------DSentConduitDefFail0970AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A pity you could have used that. Hmm, but I'm bad at sharing you know.-------------DSentConduitDefFail0980AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thank you for your generous brutality and violence! My Amalgams have never been better!-------------DSentDefEarlyRoundWin0740AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good! Keep it up. Every single bit-stream of this carnage only makes me richer.-------------DSentDefEarlyRoundWin0760AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Keep the losses on the quiet channel, CT. Sweep this from the records.-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0850AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I don't like this. Inventory as bait was a mistake. What do I do now?-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0860AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Useless disciples! CT, is it so hard to get good help these days? The sooner they're all Amalgams, the better.-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0870AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Steady... steady now, follow the plan. Trials make data, data is sold, Amalgams evolve... Tenno die. And I won't have to beg for mercy from the Partners.-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0880AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, rescan the comm channels. I can't shake the feeling that someone's listening in. The Board? Our Partners? I don't know.-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0900AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, are you still floating there? Like a twit tetrapod, oblivious to the rising heat.-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0820AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The smart move would be to walk away while you still can. Consequences aren't your strong suit, are they?-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0830AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ready for more, Betrayers? I have to admire your greed! Sure! Let's go again!-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0840AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Take your trinkets. A small price to pay for a superior product.-------------DSentDefEarlyRoundWin0750AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What did they get? This is spiraling on us. I'm hemorrhaging inventory.-------------DSentDefEarlyRoundWin0770AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, transfer more disciples and begin conversion at once. We're deep in the red now.-------------DSentDefEarlyRoundWin0780AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
More losses. More debt. How am I going to explain this to that that thing.-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0890AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is it just me or is it getting a little warm in here? Zanuka taught me your weaknesses, Betrayers.-------------DSentDefStart0500AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, fire up the data spools and call in reinforcements. These Tenno look as thick as they are blood-thirsty. Selling their personal combat data is going to make me very, very rich.-------------DSentDefStart0510AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They're preoccupied! Now CT, the Demolyst!-------------DSentDemolyst1660AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT they've accessed a conduit. Deploy a Demolyst!-------------DSentDemolyst1630AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, time for a Demolyst.-------------DSentDemolyst1640AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Conduit activated! CT, send in a Demolyst.-------------DSentDemolyst1650AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As a man with everything to lose, I make a point of employing the opposite. Release the Demolyst!-------------DSentDemolyst1590AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In battle, advantage goes to the one most willing to die. And my Demolysts, Tenno? Well, they aren't just willing they want it.-------------DSentDemolyst1600AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Demolyst! Target the conduit and claim your glory!-------------DSentDemolyst1610AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Demolyst! Light your fuse!-------------DSentDemolyst1620AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Stay a while stay forever!-------------DSentEarlyStayLeave1120AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is that all you're good for?-------------DSentEarlyStayLeave1130AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You could have so much more-------------DSentEarlyStayLeave1140AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We're just getting reacquainted. Don't leave the party just yet.-------------DSentEarlyStayLeave1150AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Smell that? Newly evolved Amalgams, fresh from the oven! Want a taste?-------------DSentEarlyStayLeave1160AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Disciples performing well. Perhaps I should start a profit sharing program? No.-------------DSentFail1060AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This... this is how we do it. CT, prepare the revised Amalgam routines for the next production cycle.-------------DSentFail1070AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That should keep the Partners happy. Or, at least. Less. Un-happy.-------------DSentFail1080AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well done, disciples. CT, promotions. Fast-track them for Amalgamation!-------------DSentFail1090AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thank you, Tenno. By your thick-headed violent demonstration, my new Partner Amalgams are ready for full production!-------------DSentFail1030AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Game over. You lose but take comfort in what that means. That I win.-------------DSentFail1040AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You got greedy, Tenno. Best leave that to a professional.-------------DSentFail1050AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I told the Partners you were stronger than this. You've made a liar of me.-------------DSentFailDead1100AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look at all those shattered Warframes. Zanuka's going to get a new litter.-------------DSentFailDead1110AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Relentless, even when they're spinning on the spit. CT, signal the supply decks. We're going to need additional 'volunteers' for conversion.-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0570AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This has gone far enough. CT, cycle the interference routines. We need to knock these freaks down a notch.-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0580AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bait followed by battery followed by bait. I'm getting bored. CT, let's salt our interference routines and dispatch the next Amalgams, yes.-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0590AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, permute the next interference routines. They had better work this time.-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0600AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I need to cut my losses, quick. CT, dispatch updated interference routines and uh lower the room temperature, could you?-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0610AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Greedy are we? I admire that, Tenno.-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0520AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Feeling a bit out of sorts, Tenno? Noticing any performance problems with that metal seashell of yours?-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0530AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've taken my knocks in the past but, Tenno, you seem a bit sluggish, a bit spent. Are you sure you want to continue?-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0540AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Disciples, remember your vows. Increase profits, and decrease Tenno!-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0550AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I see. Another round? Good to see my greed wearing off on you!-------------DSentFirstDefRoundWin0560AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
More test subjects have arrived. Right on schedule. CT, prepare my Amalgams for further evolution. I've baited the traps.-------------DSentHacked0450AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Almost there, you clever vermin! But what to do next? Can you feel that coming rush? That cocktail of unflinching violence and pseudo-random rewards? Good for business!-------------DSentKey0470AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Showtime, CT. Inform our Partners another trial has begun. Prep interference routines. Bait and wait it's time for Alad V to get back on the corporate map, yes!-------------DSentKey0480AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're greedy, Tenno, very greedy. It's an inspiration to us all.-------------DSentLateStayLeave1170AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Impressive performance, Betrayer. But if you don't mind, we're going to change things up.-------------DSentLateStayLeave1180AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't leave, Betrayer, think of all the science we could be doing-------------DSentLateStayLeave1190AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Keep testing me, Betrayers. And I'll keep testing you.-------------DSentLateStayLeave1200AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They'll be back. And my Amalgams will be waiting.-------------DSentLeave1240AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Costly. CT, send combat results to our Partners, but omit our losses.-------------DSentLeave1250AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's not an ideal outcome. I just hope it's enough to appease that flying freak.-------------DSentLeave1260AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's see if that shiny, Tenno luck holds.-------------DSentNewRound1280AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Destroy them, my Amalgams!-------------DSentNewRound1290AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Another roll, Betrayers? I think your number's bound to come up.-------------DSentNewRound1300AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So feeling better, Tenno? I can fix that.-------------DSentNewRound1310AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I told my Partners you were insatiable but even I'm impressed!-------------DSentNewRound1320AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We have unfinished business. Shall we?-------------DSentNewRound1330AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The next Amalgam cycle will show you what it means to be on the bleeding edge.-------------DSentNewRound1340AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Outgoing? Partner frequencies? How long have they been watching?-------------DSentOption1410AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
CT, have you cut that outgoing signal? If the Corpus Board or the Tenno-------------DSentOption1420AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hmm. Can't shake that feeling I'm being watched. CT, scan for unauthorized streams, again.-------------DSentOption1400AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh no! You've caught me! Me and my little partnership! Where's that Lotus when you need her! Now. Sniff-sniff, Betrayers. See if you can find the cheese.-------------DSentStart0460AladV_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Helium-3 processors are key to the operation of this facility's reactor cores. It would be a shame if something happened to them.-------------DGCSabHelium1550Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These Elemental Condensers are the heart of Alad's operation. His profit center. ---Smash. It. Up.----------------DGCSabJovium1540Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Success! Core melt initiated. In a few brief moments, this facility will cease to exist. May Ordis suggest ---running for your life.----------------DGCSabLeave1580Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now, turn your attention to the reactor core. Locate the console and initiate the overdrive sequence.-------------DGCSabOverload1560Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Overdrive sequence in progress. This will take a few moments. Do not allow Alad's personnel to reverse the sequence.-------------DGCSabProtectCore1570Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Elemental condensers... helium-3 processors. Alad's facility is consuming Jupiter's resources on a massive scale... Operator, you certainly have an eye for strategic targets. Ordis has marked key infrastructure for demolition... ---Get in there and kick aaaaaaa... access the facility.-------------DGCSabReactor1510Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
First targets marked: Render them non-functional.-------------DGCSabSideRooms1520Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Most efficient, Operator! Ordis has located the next bank of machinery.-------------DGCSabSideWin1530Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Some kind of failsafe? If placed in a conduit it will cancel the running interference routines. Use it wisely, Operator, there's only one!-------------DSentBuffIntFind1350Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You found a conduit failsafe. This will likely cancel active interference! There's just one, Operator. A real tactical dilemma, isn't it?-------------DSentBuffIntFind1360Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scans indicate these Conduits are connected to a massive stockpile of resources. Just how long is the Operator planning to fight for?-------------DSentDefEarlyRoundWin0800Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Operator, the stockpile of tech and resources connected to these conduits seems beyond Alad's means. Where did he get all this?-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0910Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis thinks Alad will miss this.-------------DSentDefEarlyRoundWin0810Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis will add this to the pile.-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0920Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Excellent find. Might the Operator now consider returning to the warm embrace of the Orbiter?-------------DSentDefLateRoundWin0930Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Impressive! Ordis is just fluttering with anticipation! What will the Operator murder find next.-------------DSentDefEarlyRoundWin0790Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These conduits are the source of those Sentient waveforms. This may be worthwhile if we can find the key component but it does seem a tad convenient, doesn't it?-------------DSentFirstConduit0490Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Outgoing communications cipher. Not much of a trick for Ordis, is it?! Oh, how scandalous! Alad's system has a back door! Shall we listen in?-------------DSentHacked0440Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis is detecting Sentient waveforms, Operator. Strange interlink. Splattered in Corpus crosstalk. Bypass that console so we might get a better understanding -------------DSentIntro0430Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis knows the Operator has the wisdom to choose comfort and safety over material gain. Ordis is right, is he not?-------------DSentLateStayLeave1230Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
May Ordis suggest extraction? Nothing Alad has is worth your life.-------------DSentLateStayLeave1210Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
For how much longer will the Operator play along with Alad's twisted game?-------------DSentLateStayLeave1220Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Understood.-------------DChoiceNo0390RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Understood. I will begin the process of integrating myself with the ship's systems. This may take some time: commencing. You may now enter your Railjack.-------------DChoiceYes0400RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Online. Crew- Dax- My crew is gone. Tenno. You will do. Awaiting Dry Dock integration.-------------DConstructCy0010RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. I am Cephalon Cy. You will refer to me as such.-------------DCyPlaced0020RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Railjack requires a viable Command Cephalon. I am not a viable Command Cephalon. I will identify a viable replacement. But first: recover the wreckage, then assembly. Return to your Orbiter.-------------DCyPlaced0041RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scan baffled by interference drones. Destroy them.-------------DDestroyDrones0530RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Interference drones detected. Scan interrupted.-------------DDestroyDrones0540RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Drones have established a dampening field. Eliminate them to resume scan.-------------DDestroyDrones0550RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Interference drones. We have work to do.-------------DDestroyDrones0560RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Back to work. Let us get this over with.-------------DDronesDestroyed0570RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Return to objective.-------------DDronesDestroyed0580RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Boom. Drones down. Back to it.-------------DDronesDestroyed0590RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Perimeter breached. Clear them out to resume scan.-------------DEnemyInRadius0500RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Perimeter breached. Scan interrupted. We do not have time for this. -------------DEnemyInRadius0510RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scan cannot continue until area of operation is clear. Get on it.-------------DEnemyInRadius0520RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welcome to the Railjack. A living thing. A home. And a weapon. Your home. Your weapon. Aboard this vessel, we work before we play.-------------DEnterRJFirst0410RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. Your assistance is required in the dry dock.-------------DInstallRemind0620RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wreckage recovered. Proceed to the dry dock.-------------DInstallRemind0630RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, you are needed in the dry dock.-------------DInstallRemind0640RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. That wreckage will not recover itself. Coordinates marked.-------------DMissRemind0600RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Our enemy rebuilds itself ceaselessly. We must have that Railjack.-------------DMissRemind0610RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Confluence aggregator: roasted. Something has nested in the fuel intakes. Astroframe integrity at 87%. Component: viable. Cephalon Ordis: rendezvous with Tenno at extraction point.-------------DPartAComp0080RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fuselage. From the Vidar school. Stay in close proximity while I scan it.-------------DPartAFound0070RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Railjacks died with the Orokin. Only wreckage remains. I have identified faint Void drive traces on the surface of Mars. Investigate. Recover. Rebuild.-------------DPartAInbox0050RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Faint Void drive traces in proximity. Locate and mark for recovery.-------------DPartAIntro0060RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I have not seen a Railjack in some time. I remember: Orokin Outer Terminus positions have fallen to the Sentient armada. Our orders: behead the fleet. My crew: Sukhin, Krodhi, Zada. There are none finer. We are - family. We will stop this war in its tracks. We are the Orokin Empire's best hope. We were. There is work to be done. This fuselage requires repair.-------------DPartAPlaced0090RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Orgone accumulator: blown. Aetheric condenser: vaporized. Viable.-------------DPartBComplete0140RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Propulsion Systems: the most advanced ever produced. Scanning. Remain in proximity. Neutralize all hostiles.-------------DPartBFound0130RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fuselage restoration complete. Propulsion section located. Earth's forests. Beware of hostiles.-------------DPartBInbox0100RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Void contamination points to bleed-out from Railjack catalytic artery. Locate and assess.-------------DPartBIntro0110RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Void engines. Void engines. Zada dances our ship through forward lines. Krodhi identifies and prioritizes targets. Sukhin's turrets track and terminate. Our reputation is earned. Our objective: a Turaga-class Worm ship. Zada plots an arc. We accelerate. Hm. Ancient history. The dead have no needs. The living require that propulsion system.-------------DPartBPlaced0150RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Viable. Tagging for retrieval. Extract.-------------DPartCComplete0190RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Portside nacelle. Seen better days. Scanning. Eliminate interference.-------------DPartCFound0180RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Propulsion restoration complete. Void breach residue identified on Lua. Probable nacelle location. Recover if viable.-------------DPartCInbox0160RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Railjack nacelle nearby. Locate and assess.-------------DPartCIntro0170RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Zada plots a data-gathering lap around the worm-ship. Sukhin targets exposed launch orifices. Power redirects to the Tunguska capacitor. With a pull of the trigger we will end this. The moment arrives. The moment arrives. Tenno, my precepts I am not a viable Command Cephalon. I will continue my search. Continue repairs.-------------DPartCPlaced0200RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Integral fission tanks ruptured. Otherwise fine. Cephalon Ordis has been signaled. Proceed to extraction.-------------DPartDComplete0240RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Starboard Nacelle. Best-in-class. Scanning. Sights up, safeties off.-------------DPartDFound0230RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Portside nacelle restored. She is coming together... Next site: Venus.-------------DPartDInbox0210RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Starboard nacelle located. We-- You need this.-------------DPartDIntro0220RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Precepts: Complete the mission. Preserve the crew. Tunguska capacitor charged. Sukhin pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. Zada reports engines offline. Shields offline. Weapons offline. Personal lights flash on as the first missiles hit. I watch as Sukhin, along with his gunnery chair, is sucked into the infinite. I watch as the port nacelle detonates. We are spinning. Zada calls for assistance. I am silent. Krodhi's attempt to save our engines proves fatal. I watch as he is engulfed in flame. Zada is alone at the helm. She beholds the distant flash of torpedo tubes. She says my name. The viewplate blossoms. She ceases to exist.-------------DPartDPlaced0250RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dorsal stabilizers: salvageable. Cogitators: viable. Marking for recovery.-------------DPartEComplete0300RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tail section. Intact.-------------DPartEFound0280RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Starboard nacelle reinforced. Soon cognitive geometries will self-assemble. She will live. But not yet. Transferring tail section data to your Orbiter.-------------DPartEInbox0260RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
High-probability of Railjack tail section nearby. Clear out hostiles and mark for retrieval.-------------DPartEIntro0270RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Railjack. Sigma Series. Top-of-the-line. Crew. Four-thousand-eight-hundred-and-ninety confirmed kills. Complete the mission. Preserve the crew. Thirteen systemwide errors. There were no errors. There was only me. Following my orders. In her final moment I think Zada knew that. Precepts: Complete the mission. Preserve the crew. To complete the mission the crew must die. To preserve the crew is to fail the mission. The crew exist to complete the mission. Therefore I... completed the mission. Why was I given those orders?-------------DPartEPlaced0310RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Structural integrity: within required tolerances. Marking for recovery. Cephalon Ordis: time for pickup.-------------DPartFComplete0350RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Engine Cowling. You know what to do.-------------DPartFFound0340RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You require a viable Command Cephalon. You understand why I am non-viable. Replacement Cephalon not yet located. A solution must exist. I will find it. Final component marked.-------------DPartFInbox0320RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Cowling identified. Visual verification required. Move in.-------------DPartFIntro0330RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All known Cephalons: surveyed. None conform to tactical parameters. None possess necessary astrogation poetics. None possess a comprehensive warfighting database. Viable Cephalons: nil.-------------DPartFPlaced0360RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The Sentients continue to rebuild themselves. Our recovery operations must continue.-------------DPartialRepair0650RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do not rest. There will be time for R&R when we are done.-------------DPartialRepair0660RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well done. Work continues apace.-------------DPartialRepair0670RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Progress.-------------DPartialRepair0680RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Assigning resources to work crews.-------------DPartialRepair0690RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are making good time. I have yet to find a viable Command Cephalon. My search continues.-------------DPartialRepair0700RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have a Railjack. Tenno. All records of my mission have been purged from the weave. Why, I do not know. I had a crew. I must accept sole responsibility for their deaths. Conclusion: I am non-viable. But I... I am the only Railjack-compatible Cephalon. The Sentients have almost rebuilt. Conclusion: I am, under the circumstances, a viable Command Cephalon. If you will have me.-------------DRJComp0380RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Work crews report tools-down. Railjack structure: complete. Structure reinforcement: complete. Systems restoration: complete. Your presence is required on the dry dock.-------------DRJCompInbox0370RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This will take some time.-------------DRepairTimerStart0720RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Commencing restoration. You will be contacted upon completion.-------------DRepairTimerStart0740RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Reconstruction begins.-------------DRepairTimerStart0710RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fabrication and restoration commencing.-------------DRepairTimerStart0730RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Paradox. You behold an absence. Describe it.-------------DSarcoInteract0440RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Crew. A color you have never seen: imagine it. That is where you are.-------------DSarcoInteract0450RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Attempting to perceive: cognition algorithms fail to prove a negative. Something touches me. Impossible.-------------DSarcoInteract0460RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scan interrupted. Hold perimeter.-------------DStayInRadius0470RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Maintain defense. Hold position.-------------DStayInRadius0480RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scan interrupted. Maintain proximity to objective.-------------DStayInRadius0490RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
System integration: ongoing. You will be informed when process complete.-------------DUseNavUnrel0420RJCephalon_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Something's out there, kiddo watching us-------------DVoidEchoRJ0750VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey kiddo.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0790VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kiddo, what took you so long?-------------DVoidEchoRJ0830VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't forget, kiddo you're nothing without me.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0870VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You mad at me, kiddo? Did you forget? You owe me.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0910VoidEchoA_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Something's out there, kiddo watching us-------------DVoidEchoRJ0760VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey kiddo.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0800VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kiddo, what took you so long?-------------DVoidEchoRJ0840VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't forget, kiddo you're nothing without me.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0880VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You mad at me, kiddo? Did you forget? You owe me.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0920VoidEchoB_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Something's out there, kiddo watching us-------------DVoidEchoRJ0770VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey kiddo.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0810VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kiddo, what took you so long?-------------DVoidEchoRJ0850VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't forget, kiddo you're nothing without me.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0890VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You mad at me, kiddo? Did you forget? You owe me.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0930VoidEchoC_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Something's out there, kiddo watching us-------------DVoidEchoRJ0780VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey kiddo.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0820VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, kiddo, what took you so long?-------------DVoidEchoRJ0860VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't forget, kiddo you're nothing without me.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0900VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You mad at me, kiddo? Did you forget? You owe me.-------------DVoidEchoRJ0940VoidEchoD_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's that time again.-------------DDayTrib0010Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, friends. Check this merch out.-------------DDayTrib0020Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This looks interesting.-------------DDayTrib0030Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, hurry.-------------DDayTrib0040Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, you, yeah, you. Friend. You like deals?-------------DDayTrib0050Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Because you're a friend, I'm going to offer you something special. Just remember, one per customer.-------------DDayTrib0060Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welcome, friends!-------------DDayTrib0070Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, it's your lucky day!-------------DDayTrib0080Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Only one per Tenno. Don't get greedy.-------------DDayTrib0090Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey, Tenno, you ready for today's steal whoa, I mean deal. Today's deal.-------------DDayTrib0100Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Make your choice, Tenno.-------------DDayTrib0350Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Perseverance and loyalty are among your greatest assets, Tenno.-------------DDayTrib0360Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You have fought long and hard, Tenno. I want you to have this.-------------DDayTrib0370Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Take this, as recognition for all you have done.-------------DDayTrib0380Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Say hello to treasure.-------------DDayTrib0280Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Heya, Tinsuit, this your first time?-------------DDayTrib0290Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah, you look like a Tenno who knows the business.-------------DDayTrib0300Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh me, oh my, would you look at these?-------------DDayTrib0310Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lotta good stuff here, Tenno.-------------DDayTrib0320Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here we go, let's find some antiquities.-------------DDayTrib0330Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Jackpot. That's what we're looking for.-------------DDayTrib0340Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Operator, you have returned!-------------DDayTrib0170Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thank you for returning to me, Operator!-------------DDayTrib0180Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis is pleased to see you.-------------DDayTrib0190Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welcome back, Operator!-------------DDayTrib0200Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ordis has been --getting tired of waiting-- waiting patiently for your return, Operator.-------------DDayTrib0210Ordis_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, you will make an excellent hunter.-------------DDayTrib0110Smrs_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
May this aid you in the Synthesis of many creatures.-------------DDayTrib0120Smrs_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I knew we had a shared passion, hunter.-------------DDayTrib0130Smrs_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Good fortune, hunter.-------------DDayTrib0140Smrs_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hunter, you exceed expectations. You are far more exciting and complex than any specimen in my Sanctuary.-------------DDayTrib0150Smrs_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You seek rewards, hunter?-------------DDayTrib0160Smrs_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Those who brave the thorn may eat the rare fruit.-------------DDayTrib0220Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These offerings honor your suffering and practice.-------------DDayTrib0230Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
May this bring you honor, pupil.-------------DDayTrib0240Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Use it well, as you walk the harder path.-------------DDayTrib0250Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
New strength creates new weakness. Pupil, can you balance these opposing forces?-------------DDayTrib0260Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My pupil, the next summit awaits. Are you ready to make the climb?-------------DDayTrib0270Teshin_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We need to locate more dig sites. Break into the vaults and grab as much Seismic Data as you can.-------------DDSEReturnSpy00140Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
With no corroborating evidence, I'm skeptical of Maroo's wild claims, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. She's been right before.-------------DDSESpy00020Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Damn right I've been right before. And I'll be right again. Tinsuit, there's treasure in those vaults I guarantee it.-------------DDSESpy00030Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Seismic Data? Maroo? You said...-------------DDSESpy00040Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I uh I said there would be something valuable here, and that data has to be it. Keep searching, I'll come up with something.-------------DDSESpy00050Maroo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Friends, I've gone and done it again, this time, I've pissed-off the Grineer with another awesome deal. Why do they hate my deals so much? Is it because they were born in a tube? Probably. Might also be that they think I've stolen their stuff.
That means I've got to get rid of everything, fast. Each day I'll have a new deal, and anything you don't buy, I'm burning to an unrecognizable crisp. It's a fire sale!
Darvo's Fire Sale: Buy it, or I burn it.
-------------DAugust2017Deals0010Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Friends, smell that? That's the final shipment of unsold merchandise going up in flames. Let's see the Grineer try to pin this on me now. Maybe, if they spent more time securing their shipments and less time chasing legitimate merchants all around the system, they wouldn't have this problem.
Me, I think I might have inhaled one too many flaming Grakatas, so I'm going to go lie down for a bit.
Pleasure doing business with you, Tenno. Nighty-night.
-------------DAugust2017Deals0020Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Friends, I've done it again, I've ticked off the entire Corpus board with my amazing deals. They're so upset they make up lies, like, "Darvo's merchandise is our merchandise!"

To which I say, "You can't prove anything."

So, to ensure they can't prove anything, I'm having a liquidation sale. Everyday a new deal. It all has to go. Act quick because any stock that's left when the Corpus troops come knocking is getting dumped into space. Got it? Good.

Darvo's Totally Legit sale: You pick the best, I'm flushing the rest.
-------------DAugustDeals0010Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, it's Darvo Deal time, but you gotta keep this one between you and me.^ My competition would be upset if they knew I was selling this stock this cheap. Come to think of it, they'd be upset to know I'm selling this stock at all they're probably still looking for it.-------------DGenericDeal010Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey Tenno, you're just in time for a very special moving day sale. That's right, I need move all these items off my ship before the next Grineer spot check. What do you say, can you help me out?-------------DGenericDeal020Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, it's your lucky day! I found this great merchandise after it fell off the back of a Corpus shuttle. Actually, to be more precise, the entire back of the shuttle fell off when it took a direct hit from a Fomorian. So not such a lucky day for those guys, but good for you, right?-------------DGenericDeal030Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey Tenno you ready for today's steal whoa, I mean deal. Today's deal. I really have no idea why I said that, my items are one hundred percent legit. ... I swear.-------------DGenericDeal040Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Today only, I'm holding a lost and found sale. A Grineer transport lost its cargo and you found a great deal.-------------DGenericDeal050Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Psst, Tenno. I'm going to tell you about today's Darvo Deal but you gotta keep it quiet. Word gets out that I'm offering deals this sweet and suddenly everybody is getting nosey in my business. I like my privacy, so if someone asks, just tell 'em The Perrin Sequence sold it to you. Okay?-------------DGenericDeal060Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So, I take an order from Steel Meridian. Problem is it takes a little longer than usual to, how should I put this, 'acquire the merchandise' and just when I finally get the goods together, those cheapskates cancel their order. Taking too long they said. Bah, well I guess you know what that means Tenno, it's Darvo Deal time.-------------DGenericDeal070Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey Tenno. One of my customers suggested I'd get more sales if I made a catchy jingle to go with my deals, so, here goes nothing: Darvo, Darvo, Darvo Darvo, Darvo, Darvo. Buy one get one free-e Buy one get one free-e^ For a limited time- YEAH^ So??? What do you think You don't like it do you? Well whatever... buy one get one free deal, on now. Take it or leave it, I don't care.-------------DGenericDeal080Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Friends, when I first started out in the 'unsecured goods' business, I even imagined owning my own store.^ But look at me now! No doubt, I owe it all to you. So I want to give back.^ For a limited time, I have enabled a booster for each and every one of you.^ Thank you, Tenno. Now if you'll excuse me I think I have something in my eye.-------------DGenericDeal090Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno, you ever drink Ganymede Geyser Water? One of my suppliers brought a case to the store yesterday. ^"Have a sip," he says, "we'll look over my items," he says. ^ Next thing I remember, I wake up with a headache surrounded by crates and crates of something called the NYX NEMESIS SKIN? ^ Well, I hope this item is of interest to you Tenno, because I've bought a lot of it.^ You check the market for a Darvo Deal. I'm going back to bed.-------------DGenericDeal100Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ey, Tenno, good to see you.-------------DApproach0010Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welcome to my little shop.-------------DApproach0020Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Come in, come in.-------------DApproach0030Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno!-------------DApproach0040Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
See you soon, Tenno.-------------DGoodbye0280Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thanks for shopping by, I mean stopping by, don't know why I said that.-------------DGoodbye0290Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Til next time.-------------DGoodbye0300Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Come again.-------------DGoodbye0310Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hey. Check this deal out.-------------DHasDeal0100Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I think I have something you might be interested in. -------------DHasDeal0110Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Because you're a friend, I'm going to offer you something special. Just remember, one per customer.-------------DHasDeal0120Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
These won't last long.-------------DHasDeal0130Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not so fast Tenno, due to popular demand I'm only selling one of these per customer.-------------DOnePerCustomer0230Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Only one per Tenno. Don't get greedy.-------------DOnePerCustomer0240Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Due to limited stock, I'm only selling one of these per customer.-------------DOnePerCustomer0250Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look, you take more than one and next thing I know, Baro Ki' Teer will be buying up the whole stock and selling it for three times the price. You know I can't let that happen.-------------DOnePerCustomer0260Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You already got a deal. No hoarding.-------------DOnePerCustomer0270Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sorry Tenno, got nothing left. Don't you worry though... some really special stuff comin' in, check back soon. -------------DOutOfStock0050Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No deals right now, I'm waiting on one of my 'suppliers', know what I mean?-------------DOutOfStock0060Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All sold out. You know what they say, early bird gets the deal, right, Tenno?-------------DOutOfStock0070Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm all out of stock, you've got to be quicker next time.-------------DOutOfStock0080Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No deals right now. I'll let you know when something comes in.-------------DOutOfStock0090Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you need a bag for all these? hehe, just kidding I'll have them sent to your armoury.-------------DPurchaseBundle0140Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Looks like all these will keep you busy for a while eh?-------------DPurchaseBundle0150Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Whoa, big spender! heh. You won't regret it.-------------DPurchaseBundle0160Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A fine choice.-------------DPurchaseGeneric0170Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You won't be sorry.-------------DPurchaseGeneric0180Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know you'll put that to good use.-------------DPurchaseGeneric0190Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You be careful with that thing, Tenno.-------------DPurchaseWeapon0200Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Heh, I wouldn't want to get on your bad side now.-------------DPurchaseWeapon0210Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Can't wait to see what that thing will do once you get it all modded up.-------------DPurchaseWeapon0220Darvo_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A Granum Void gateway has been opened. It won't last long. Move.-------------DGrnmVoidCntDn00140Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Void disturbance. Tenno forces need backup within Granum's Void. Gateway collapse imminent.-------------DGrnmVoidCntDn00150Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
An expedition to Granum's Void has been initiated. Seconds remain until gateway collapse. Hurry.-------------DGrnmVoidCntDn00160Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A gateway to Granum's Void has opened. Hurry, before it closes.-------------DGrnmVoidCntDn00170Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Void rift detected. Granum's realm. It's already closing. If you want in, get moving.-------------DGrnmVoidCntDn00180Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Origin-side particle count has dropped, but not enough. I will assign a second team.-------------DGrnmVoidFailPart00260Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You're disentangling but our target hasn't been hit. Particle count still critical. We can't let up.-------------DGrnmVoidFailPart00270Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's still too many Specters. They're pushing through. I will alert nearby teams.-------------DGrnmVoidFailPart00280Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's not enough. We have to go back.-------------DGrnmVoidFailPart00290Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Not enough. Get clear. Another team may be able to clamp a lid on this.-------------DGrnmVoidFailPart00300Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ready your Xoris if it's equipped. Specter particle spillover imminent. Thin the Specters and save any Solaris you can.-------------DGrnmVoidIntro00190Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Free stranded Solaris with the Xoris and destroy Parvos' specters. You don't have long.-------------DGrnmVoidIntro00200Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Specter Particle count is below critical. Good work.-------------DGrnmVoidSuccess00210Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Crisis averted. Prepare to disentangle from the Granum Void.-------------DGrnmVoidSuccess00220Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They will multiply again, but for now the situation is under control. Come on home.-------------DGrnmVoidSuccess00230Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's enough. Particle count dropping sharply on our side. Pulling you back.-------------DGrnmVoidSuccess00240Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Particle reads have fallen off a cliff. Good work. Prepare to disentangle.-------------DGrnmVoidSuccess00250Lotus_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Xata. (Truth). It began long before us, we who now live our perfect and dull, endless lives. It began long before these moon-palaces and body-markets hurling around our golden sun. It began long before our light-coil thinkers, our radiation wars, our oil, smoke. It began with us. The continuity and its twin, wanderlust. The need for unseen shores deep in our marrow. No judge, jester, queen, or king can escape this old blood. We are nomads, eternal. And when no ocean, mountain, or sky could contain us our gaze hungered star-ward. Afar, they mocked us with their brittle light. Winking and jeering like dangling Ayatans forever out of reach, illuminating the truth: immortal as we are - we die with the sun. That's where I come in.-------------DEntratiFrag0010Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Jahu. (Form). My departure was a day less than any other. When I stepped inside the Bell, I saw no crowd through its seriglass. No skeptical onlookers. No regal sendoff. They all had given up on me and my paradoxical formulations. The wasted years had all shown the Void to be just that. Nothing. No energy. No entanglement. No form. To space-faring ambitions, a dead end. On the day, my laboratory was mostly vacant of witnesses, most of all, of expectation. Only my sluggish attendants, my sagacious Kavat, Kalymos, and of course, my daughter. I had raised her alone but with inconsistent vigor. In those eyes, her mother's, I did see a terrible reflection. Of a man that did not exist. A brave and principled man about to make history. In truth, he was a Void himself. An outcast, a joke, a nothing. Driven by my humiliation. Failure had made me bitter and reckless. I would dive into the depths myself to prove them all wrong. I gave the signal. My daughter grasped the lever. Kalymos, then, belted out a desperate, rasping growl. But it was too late.-------------DEntratiFrag0020Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Vome. (Order). The calipers yawed open the wall between worlds, stretching there a black, trapezoidal gap. A door. A mouth. It yawned in the light of the room, splintering it to mesmerizing, unearthly hues. And I, inside the Bell, dropping obliquely toward it from my gallows. Mass and time rippled as a sudden vortex jawed before me. My head was vapor, my feet, lodestone. The Bell around me, flexed like a rat paralyzed in a winding, gulping snake. I faltered in the awe of it, stumbling against the seriglass and, with that, shifted the Bell's path through the wall. It grazed the caliper membrane, the edge of the door. No worldly edge was as thin, as sharp as could split even light. As the Bell faintly grazed it, the seriglass was all at once rendered like strips of flesh by Dax blade. My enclosure was beheaded in an instant, but still, I fell sideways Into the Void.-------------DEntratiFrag0030Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Fass. (Chaos). Death was on me; I was certain. I was face-down, eyes clenched. My heart pulsing the last of its seconds, and my lungs burning the last of its air. A sudden nostalgia gripped me. I grasped desperately, for memory, of a storm, just passed, the fumbling pitch of a child's song yet all these thoughts seemed to steal away from my mind like smoke through a vent. I would die empty. I then became aware of another sensation. Physical. A web of pain, needles itching into my arm. At once I realized: I was alive! Laying in the Bell's shattered seriglass! I groped the ground. Warm stone. The floor of my laboratory. So: I had never left and so: I had failed. Again. I heard a crunch alongside me. Someone stepping through the shattered glass. With great shame, I gasped and rose my head to face my daughter above me. But as I opened my eyes, it wasn't her. It was me.-------------DEntratiFrag0040Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ris. (Light). The senselessness of it, the paradoxic, the vague untime form. I was alone, but not. For I stood there confronted by myself. A twin, but no brother. A reflection but with dimension. Behind him, no horizon, but a vast broiling sea of caustic light pierced at random by black-pin stars. And closer, around me, a gale of flowing vapor. Profane in color, billowing relentlessly into the nascent lack, seeking all directions. I was standing on a precipice of familiar stone, jagged and unanchored, as though cleaved directly from the very floor of my laboratory. I wondered at the vapor's path, smoking outward more, leaving behind now, the walls, the filigree gold, the rare cuts of marble from my home. I knew at once the vapor's source. I turned away, back toward the wall, the trapezoid I had yawed into it. Vapor erupted inward at the gap, but not just from there. For as I rolled my eyes back, I saw the same... a great-steam of scintillation, smoking out from my skull. Dumb in awe, I faced toward my chimerical twin. He spoke.-------------DEntratiFrag0050Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Khra. (Time). An old name, unspoken in the centuries since my mother reared me. A soft hiss, soothing as a viper's gaze. Little Bengel. The other me reached out, offering his hand, gliding toward me without moving, as though the distance between us was now collapsing. A confusion, most euphoric, filled my mind. With the shred of wit that remained, I decided that I should run for my life. At once, crazed and frantic, I fled. But I made no forward progress. Instead, the world compressed evermore around me, as though I were an anchor pulling the shore to reach. When I arrived at the door, or rather, the door arrived at me, I howled, hurling myself inside. Out. And then and there, I was. Lost and unlost. Howling on the floor in harmony with my wretched Kalymos. Lacerated in flesh and heart. Scattered as the bell glass. Spilling blood and stomach on the cold, stone floor. But I sensed the other there, at the wall's breach behind me, reaching still. I screamed, but my voice was gone. Forever. I looked, but my eyes would never see again. I swept my fist across the floor, snatching broken shards. And in gripping tightly, I filled my hands with ink. Close it! I wrote.-------------DEntratiFrag0060Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Netra. (Decay). Time, to us, is all but conquered. Our sacred Kuva moves us on to new skin. We numb to our daily, yearly, trifles and remedy those memories that bring lasting misery. With all our misdeeds, our excess, our indignity we are haunted by nothing. But not for me. For with each passing day, there grew within a tumorous idea. It was minute in those early days: The pale reaching digits severed on the floor studied with reverence, with greed. And it swelled larger in the latter days: the regal domes, the Rail dedications, the unholy Zariman parade. I had put the stars within reach, but at what cost? I never spoke of him, that man, trapped in the wall. And while there have been countless souls who have followed me through, with their light-skippers, and field-wave skins and vari-eyed instruments not a single one ever saw him. Me. And so it is that I will not take the Kuva now. Or ever again. This is the last skin I'm in. Because of this idea: That I cannot be sure. That in all that smoked commotion, in all that panic and fear, in that bending light and blinding dark was it I who escaped? Or the other?-------------DEntratiFrag0070Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Lohk. (Void). From brooding gulfs are we beheld by that which bears no name. Its heralds are the stars it fells. The sky and Earth aflame. Corporeal laws are unwrit. As suns and love retreat. To cosmic madness, laws submit. Though stalwart minds entreat. In luminous space, blackened stars. They gaze, accuse, deny. Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours. In madness, lost shall die. Carrion hordes trill their profane accord with eldritch plans. To cosmic forms from tangent planes. We end as we began.-------------DEntratiFrag0080Albrecht_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welcome.-------------DAyatanCeremony05980Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I remember the claw you made for me.-------------DDadUnlockTTwo3840Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It was you that was stifling the life out of me! Those stupid, insane rituals why?-------------DDadUnlockTTwo3860Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You were never useless. Just lost. I name you Vilcor. The whip in its moment of striking.-------------DDadUnlockTTwo3880Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There are fascinating things down in the exocrine. Grotesque, yes, but survival isn't pretty.-------------DDaughterBarks5370Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
By all means, go fishing unprepared. When I pick you out of a Cryptosuctus' gut sac, I'll be sure to say hello.-------------DDaughterBarks5380Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Are you thinking of doing some fishing in the exocrine? I can help.-------------DDaughterBarks5390Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's all sorts swimming in the exocrine here on Deimos. And above it.-------------DDaughterBarks5400Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This would be where I showed you my birthright of ancestral fish, but well, you've already met my charming brother. Some remnants of the original genetic matrix appear to have survived in the exocrine, though the Infestation is steadily claiming them. If you can catch any and bring them to me, I'd appreciate it. We can salvage anything useful. I can't undo what he did, but I won't let him have the last word.-------------DDaughterFirst5410Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A practiced hand, I see!-------------DDaughterFishDissectConfirm5860Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Excellent job. And hardly any mess. Well done!-------------DDaughterFishDissectConfirm5870Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You wouldn't think you could fit that lot inside one fish, would you? Quite remarkable.-------------DDaughterFishDissectConfirm5880Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Be careful with the first incision. One clumsy moment can wreck everything.-------------DDaughterFishDissectEnter5840Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know what you're doing, so I'll let you get on with it. I'd appreciate being allowed to watch, however.-------------DDaughterFishDissectEnter5850Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thank you!-------------DDaughterFishDonateConfirm5810Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Nothing can bring my lost specimens back, but this is some comfort.-------------DDaughterFishDonateConfirm5820Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh, very generous. Thank you. I'll go and put it with all the others.-------------DDaughterFishDonateConfirm5830Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You can always donate your catch to my research archive. Since I lost my original specimens, I'm doing what I can with their Infested descendants. It's not as easy for me to go fishing myself as it used to be, so I'd appreciate anything you can spare.-------------DDaughterFishDonateEnter5780Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You don't have to keep what you catch. I'm happy to find a home for it in my archive.-------------DDaughterFishDonateEnter5790Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'd be glad to take any fish off your hands that you don't want. Father thinks I've got more than enough already, but you don't have to listen to him.-------------DDaughterFishDonateEnter5800Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
When you've caught something, just bring it back to me. Then we can split open the casing and dig through the innards.-------------DDaughterFishNoFish5680Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The exocrine is just seething with creatures. Bring some back, and I'll show you how to gouge out the most useful bits.-------------DDaughterFishNoFish5690Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's a lot you can do with the parts. Bring one back, and I'll show you.-------------DDaughterFishNoFish5700Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Definitely, plenty more of these where this came from.-------------DDaughterFishSelectCommon5740Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You've got a hybrid here. Orokin and Infested ancestry.-------------DDaughterFishSelectHybrid5720Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hmm. Totally infested, this one, inside and out.-------------DDaughterFishSelectInfested5710Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now, this takes me back. A Myxostomata! The original Orokin stock was all but extinct. This one must have been hiding in a deep dark artery somewhere. Look at that gilding. He's an antique, aren't you? Almost seems a shame to bust him open.-------------DDaughterFishSelectLegendary5770Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ah! This is one of the uncorrupted Orokin strains. No mistaking that contouring.-------------DDaughterFishSelectOrokin5730Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This was a lucky catch. Most of these get eaten by the others or get so overwhelmed with Infestation they just sink to the bottom. You hardly ever see these.-------------DDaughterFishSelectRare5760Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You don't see this type every day, but there's lots about.-------------DDaughterFishSelectUncommon5750Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
See you soon?-------------DDaughterGoodbye5950Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know where to find me.-------------DDaughterGoodbye5960Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Until next time.-------------DDaughterGoodbye5970Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Whisper it, but Mother's started listening to me again. Not just eavesdropping, either. She's more herself than she's ever been. I'll never forget what you did.-------------DDaughterIntroLoved5590Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The fish are evolving. Did you notice that about them? I wonder what they'll turn into after a thousand years. I wonder what I'll look like then.-------------DDaughterIntroLoved5600Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I wonder - what exactly did Grandmother cook up, to help bring this reconciliation about? Probably best not to ask. Crafty old harridan.-------------DDaughterIntroLoved5610Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
'Kermerros and Kaelli. Sibling pioneers researching together on the threshold of the Void.' Yes, that could work.-------------DDaughterIntroLoved5620Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I wish Loid and Otak would visit us more often. The family isn't truly united until the servants have come home.-------------DDaughterIntroLoved5630Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All that time wasted hating one another. You learn to relish the cruelty. Torturing ourselves was better than feeling nothing at all. Anyway, it's over.-------------DDaughterIntroLoved5650Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I went out fishing whenever I needed to get away from the sound of my brother's voice. Three or four times a day, on average. What can I get for you?-------------DDaughterIntroCombo5420Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You can't just chuck a spear in the exocrine and hope for the best. Not on Deimos. You've got to respect what you're up against. Take lures, dyes, all the proper tools for the job.-------------DDaughterIntroCombo5450Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I do know, you know. What we look like. I always did. But you didn't hesitate, did you? To help us.-------------DDaughterIntroTOneFour5550Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm not just someone's daughter. I'm me. I'm Kaelli. Of all the people to name me, I never thought it would be him.-------------DDaughterIntroTOneFour5560Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I wasted years being angry with my brother for what he did to my specimens. Now I think they meant more to him than they ever did to me.-------------DDaughterIntroTOneFour5570Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You understand, don't you? The feeling of splitting open a nice fresh Ostimyr. That heady smell of acetone, liver, and corrosion.-------------DDaughterIntroTOneFour5580Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I was just dreaming about you, Ayatan! About how different things would have been if you'd never come here. I'm glad you woke me.-------------DDaughterLoved05660Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My father's spent years regretting what he didn't do, and my mother's spent just as long refusing to regret anything she ever did. I don't quite understand how you brought them back together, but I'm glad. And grateful.-------------DDaughterIntroLoved5640Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My father tried to lead us in 'martial discipline' every morning. It was a farce. I only wish I'd ripped him open sooner. He's so spineless nowadays.-------------DDaughterIntroTZero5430Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've got fishing supplies. Father has useless guilt. Mother's cornered the market in disappointed tutting, and my brother does mindless vandalism. Browse away.-------------DDaughterIntroTZero5440Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look at him. Smirking. He knows what he did. You know he had the gall to call himself a scientist, before Deimos? I remember when he ate mud!-------------DDaughterIntroTZero5460Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know what Grandmother said? 'Just ignore it. Don't rise to it. It's the attention he craves.' As if one day he'll have had enough and he'll just stop.-------------DDaughterIntroTZero5470Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's magical, isn't it? That first moment when you see the fish glimmering down in the deep, and you know you have to have him. It's just you and the fish, and you forget all about drowning your brother.-------------DDaughterIntroTZero5480Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I wonder if I'll ever find out what I did. Why he hates me so much. You know what? On second thought, no. He's not that important.-------------DDaughterIntroTZero5490Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ancient Orokin strains. I was meant to seed a new world with them. Burned to cinders for a cheap joke.-------------DDaughterIntroTZero5500Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This this specimen is a descendent of my original collection. How how did?-------------DDaughterUnlockTOne5510Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You didn't incinerate them at all. You...-------------DDaughterUnlockTOne5511Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No. I deny you my hatred. Find something else to feed on. Whatever you've become, I am still your sister.-------------DDaughterUnlockTOne5530Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's just a bit of glass.-------------DMotherUnlockLoved4880Daughter_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ayatan.-------------DAyatanCeremony10700Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welcome.-------------DAyatanCeremony10701Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, here it is. Put it to good use.-------------DDadAssembleOutroBuilt4240Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's yours -- made to order.-------------DDadAssembleOutroBuilt4250Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And that oughta do it. Here you go...-------------DDadAssembleOutroBuilt4260Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Remember: Don't go anywhere unarmed.-------------DDadBarks3720Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Deimos is a dangerous place. Dangerous places require "special preparations."-------------DDadBarks3730Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The lifeforms of Deimos will be picking you out of their teeth unless you have an edge. I can help.-------------DDadBarks3740Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Survival is the priority. You're useless to us dead.-------------DDadBarks3750Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You can't out-evolve Deimos. But you can procure what you need to survive.-------------DDadBarks3760Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Been here so long it's difficult to remember that this isn't normal.-------------DDadBarks3770Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, look at you so... "uninfested."-------------DDadBarks3780Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, you're in no hurry. Neither am I, I suppose.-------------DDadBuildIdle4190Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Everything okay there?-------------DDadBuildIdle4270Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Feeling a bit indecisive, huh?-------------DDadBuildIdle4280Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
No rush -- I'm not going anywhere.-------------DDadBuildIdle4290Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You really like to "think through" your decisions, huh?-------------DDadBuildIdlePieces4300Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know, indecision is a decision.-------------DDadBuildIdlePieces4310Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't worry about it -- got nothing but time.-------------DDadBuildIdlePieces4320Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Works for me if it works for you.-------------DDadBuildPieceSelect4340Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sure, I think that'll do nicely.-------------DDadBuildPieceSelect4350Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bold choice.-------------DDadBuildPieceSelect4330Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Thanks, I wasn't expecting that.-------------DDadDonateConfirmed4520Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Much obliged.-------------DDadDonateConfirmed4530Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll make good use of this.-------------DDadDonateConfirmed4540Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Yeah, I'm not seeing anything I can work with.-------------DDadDonateNoMaxRank4480Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'm a pretty good gunsmith, but I don't know what you expect me to do with that.-------------DDadDonateNoMaxRank4490Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Next time, ask yourself 'Does this come up to Orokin standards?' And if it doesn't, you can save us both some time.-------------DDadDonateNoMaxRank4500Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sorry, not much I can do with that junk.-------------DDadDonateNoMaxRank4510Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We tried it her way, and where did it get us? Just look at me! So now I'm doing things my way like I should have done all along. We'll show them, won't we? You and me. Make them sit up and pay attention. The weapons, they're just one branch of the project. You keep on like this, and I might cut you in on more of what I've really been working on. You know what I'm talking about. Had a taste of it already, din'cha?-------------DDadFirst3710Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That works.-------------DDadForgeNameConfirm4420Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'd say that's about right.-------------DDadForgeNameConfirm4430Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wait... Yeah, that's it.-------------DDadForgeNameConfirm4440Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sure. What else would you call it?-------------DDadForgeNameDefault4450Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well... "if the name fits."-------------DDadForgeNameDefault4460Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It really does suit it, huh?-------------DDadForgeNameDefault4470Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That thing needs to be a little more battle-tested before I could even think about gilding it.-------------DDadForgeNoMaxRank4360Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That looks like it just came out of the box. Shoot it a few times, and then we can talk gilding.-------------DDadForgeNoMaxRank4370Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Slow down. That thing isn't near ready enough for me to gild it.-------------DDadForgeNoMaxRank4380Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Niiiiice. So what are you thinking of calling her?-------------DDadForgeOutroGild4390Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A fine piece of craftsmanship like that deserves a name. Got one?-------------DDadForgeOutroGild4400Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Please tell me you have a name for that. You do, don't you?-------------DDadForgeOutroGild4410Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Keep safe.-------------DDadGoodbye4620Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't go getting infested now.-------------DDadGoodbye4630Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Be seeing you again, I'm sure.-------------DDadGoodbye4640Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I was worried about you. I'd be a lot less worried if I knew you were carrying a sensible weapon.-------------DDadIntroLoved4050Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's go over your arsenal once again. Look, I'm sorry, but I could not have you going out there without the best weapons I can offer.-------------DDadIntroLoved4060Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I underestimated Grandmother. She may not be a scientist, but what she knows is worth knowing.-------------DDadIntroLoved4070Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's been hard to forgive Kaelli. But desperate people lash out. I should have never made her so desperate.-------------DDadIntroLoved4080Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You know, Tenno, you can't bully people into respecting you. All you can do is make them afraid, and when that fear goes away-------------DDadIntroLoved4090Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I should spend more time with Loid and Otak. They've served us loyally since this mess began.-------------DDadIntroLoved4100Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There you are! What can I do for you?-------------DDadIntroLoved4110Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Who would I be if I let you go out there improperly equipped?-------------DDadIntroLoved4120Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It's you again! I knew it was only a matter of time before you came back.-------------DDadIntroLoved4130Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look... whatever I said about my wife, I'm putting it in the past now.-------------DDadIntroLoved4140Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
She's still the woman I married. One mistake doesn't change all that. Not if I don't allow it to.-------------DDadIntroLoved4150Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Well, sunnier days ahead, I say.-------------DDadIntroLoved4160Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
At the very least, being stranded on Deimos has given me a lot of time for self-reflection.-------------DDadIntroLoved4170Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Glad you joined our little family, my friend. There's a lot we still need to talk over. But at least we're talking now.-------------DDadIntroLoved4180Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's see if we can do something for each other...-------------DDadIntroLovedCombo3950Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I've been here a long time. I know what you need to survive this place.-------------DDadIntroLovedCombo3960Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I think Ballas said that. No, that can't be right. Well, someone said it.-------------DDadIntroLovedCombo3970Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Need weapons? Of course you do: this is Deimos.-------------DDadIntroLovedCombo3990Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. Good to see you.-------------DDadIntroLovedCombo4020Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Always good to see you, Ayatan.-------------DDadIntroLoved10740Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My son knew what he was doing. We all suffered because of his rashness. It was a fair punishment.-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour3890Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My wife was the only one with a plan. It was madness, but I went along anyway. It was the only plan we had.-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour3900Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ha! Have you met my wife? I wish I hadn't. Ah, ok, forgive me. That was cheap.-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour3910Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I said, 'He's gone. Put the shard away. Move on.' And she cut me with it, over and over. And I just stood there. I took it. Every slice. I had to. You understand.-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour3920Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That boy brought his stinking beasts in here and mocked us all with them. Gave them names of honor! Whatever they were. Pets! They were vermin. I did what I had to.-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour3930Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Kaelli and I have done a lot of talking. She was afraid she'd turn out like her mother. And she was right.-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour3940Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Couldn't possibly have seen this coming. That's what she'll say. Isn't it funny how all the rest of us saw it coming?-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour3980Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I should have put my foot down. Drawn the line.-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour4000Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I can't undo what happened, but I can keep making progress here maybe my children will see me differently.-------------DDadIntroTTwoThreeFour4010Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look, they're all ignoring me. And that's just how I want it! They'd only mess things up. Alright, let's get to business.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne3790Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That shard of seriglass my wife clutches means more to her than the damn wedding ring. None of us could ever live up to her father, least of all me.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne3800Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
'Look, Daddy, I caught a fish! I am good for something!' Great. Try fighting off a full-grown Predasite with a fish.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne3810Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We needed those rituals. The discipline of it. Might have kept us from ending up like this. She clawed me! My own daughter! And she laughed!-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne3820Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We needed to be firm, I said. Strong against the enemy inside and out. She drew her claw, said I was the only enemy here, and she Tenno. What do you need?-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne3830Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
There's useful material all over the Drift, it isn't just a mass of senseless flesh. There's sophisticated organs in there too. Bring me anything good you find out in the field.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne10750Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't let the Infestation intimidate you. Get out there and shoot the hell out of it. Even the stuff that doesn't move. Chances are there's something worth taking from the debris.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne10760Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Two giant wyrms, screaming at one another and raining down bloody chunks. Just another day on Deimos. At least their viscera is useful for something.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne10770Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Here's the problem: you have no components. Weapons require parts. You bring me said parts, I will build you said weapon.-------------DDadNoPieces4200Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I guess you know what's best for you.-------------DDadOutroNoSale4600Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Okay, maybe not today... but you'll be back. Trust me.-------------DDadOutroNoSale4610Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Okay. I guess not.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne10840Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sure. Take your time, think it over.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne10850Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Sure I can't tempt ya?-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne10860Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Still here if you change your mind.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne10870Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Guess you have everything you need.-------------DDadIntroTZeroOne10880Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Remember: this never happened.-------------DDadOutroSale4550Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's keep this between us for now.-------------DDadOutroSale4560Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
See? I knew you were smart.-------------DDadOutroSale4570Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pleasure transacting with you.-------------DDadOutroSale10780Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'd shake hands, but yeah.-------------DDadOutroSale10790Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Bought and paid for.-------------DDadOutroSale10800Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Much obliged.-------------DDadOutroSale10810Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
All satisfactory, I hope.-------------DDadOutroSale10820Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Works for me.-------------DDadOutroSale10830Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
If you're gonna be useful, you'll need the tools. Here. This is what I mean.-------------DDadSpecial3670Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Look, I've been working on something special. I think I'm ready to show it.-------------DDadSpecial3680Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Now, this is the kind of thing you can produce if you're willing to put in the hours. I'm telling you, most don't have the patience.-------------DDadSpecial3690Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't go out there ill-equipped. Hey, I'm serious. If I had to pick one thing for the job, it'd be this.-------------DDadSpecial3700Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. Working with you - it's... it's meant a lot to me. Just having someone who respects my experience, someone I can be a guiding hand to, it's well, you get what I'm trying to say. All this time I've been blaming her for what's happened, but now? Maybe, just maybe, this was meant to be. I think I might owe her an apology.-------------DDadUnlockLoved4030Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Tenno. Working with you - it's meant a lot to me. Just having someone who... well, you get what I'm trying to say. I can hold my head up again I see the person I almost became. All this time I've been blaming her for what happened, but now? Maybe this was meant to be. I think I owe her an apology.-------------DDadUnlockLoved4040Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
With love, to protect you from the Void-horrors. But it was me you attacked.-------------DDadUnlockTTwo3850Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I didn't know what else to do! I just didn't want to be useless.-------------DDadUnlockTTwo3870Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Be kind. She knew, once. Deimos stole the memory.-------------DMotherUnlockLoved4860Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Is it?-------------DMotherUnlockLoved4900Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I name you Gomaitru. The goblet refilled.-------------DMotherUnlockLoved4920Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
What you did with those... things... was a deliberate insult.-------------DSonUnlockTFour04930Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Wait. Is that why you did it?-------------DSonUnlockTFour04940Father_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
A family.-------------DAyatanCeremony10680Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Welcome.-------------DAyatanCeremony10681Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Take your pick of our cargo! It's precious little use to us.-------------DGrandmotherBarks5980Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's sift through the wreckage.-------------DGrandmotherBarks5990Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Such a mess they've made. And I suppose it's down to you and I to tidy up. Shall we?-------------DGrandmotherBarks6000Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
It is going to be alright. I promise. But the work. Has. To. Be. Done!-------------DGrandmotherBarks6010Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hello, dear. Ready to muck in?-------------DGrandmotherBarks6020Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's have a good old rummage in the medicine chest, shall we? See if we can't set things right.-------------DGrandmotherBarks6030Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I know what you're thinking. Old and a bit cracked. But still useful.-------------DGrandmotherBarks6040Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Shall we?-------------DGrandmotherChooseToken6690Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Go on, dear.-------------DGrandmotherChooseToken6700Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Let's you and I have a chin-wag.-------------DGrandmotherChooseToken6710Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
This stuff's been in storage for years. I hope it's still good.-------------DGrandmotherEnterCosmetics6590Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I never could persuade them to throw anything away.-------------DGrandmotherEnterCosmetics6600Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Why they bothered packing all this, I'll never know.-------------DGrandmotherEnterCosmetics6610Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Go on, dear. Have a good rummage around.-------------DGrandmotherEnterCosmetics6620Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You make sure you stay safe and snug, dear. Wrap up well. It's a thief and a liar, is Deimos. Steals over girls and boys and Cephalons too like a nasty fog, until all the bright lights in your memory are quite blotted out. That's why they're like that, you see. So much forgotten. Oh, but we mustn't cry over it, never that. Help me bring them back, would you, dear? Remember how it's done. Pinch of this, dab of that; mend a kettle, mend a heart, and it's all one.-------------DGrandmotherFirst6050Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Scurry back quick, skippety-hop!-------------DGrandmotherGoodbye6780Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I'll be right here, gathering dust.-------------DGrandmotherGoodbye6790Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Goodbye, dear. I'll see what else I can unearth for you.-------------DGrandmotherGoodbye6800Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Always nice to see you. Do stop by again.-------------DGrandmotherGoodbye6810Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Goodness me. Look at what you did for our little family. You found a poor, lost, broken thing, fallen down the back of the system, and you picked it up and worked to make it better. And thus do we thumb our nose at Master Entropy, stitch by dogged stitch, every day. That's how the work gets done. Now, shall we sit and talk awhile?-------------DGrandmotherIntroLovedFirst6180Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Dear child. The stories we've told now they're speaking! Great golden armadas rising in the night. Forests of song. And the dreams run clear again.-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6190Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
They all have names now. I don't think I shall bother with one. I know perfectly well who I am.-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6200Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I wish I could have done something for poor Otak. Though, I suppose he's content, in his own haphazard way.-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6210Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you know, we're all sitting down to dinner again? They're all talking to one another! And nobody's poisoned anyone for ages!-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6220Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The children are on speaking terms again. This doesn't feel like another of their temporary truces. Something's changed in them both.-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6230Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Do you know, they were days away from eating one another's heads off, and I am not speaking metaphorically.-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6240Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hold still a moment. Don't be in a hurry to rush off. There. I want to remember you, just like that.-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6250Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Stripped the sheets from off her bed, Stripped the skin from off his head, Bridegroom's bones she ne'er shall wed, Oh, the winds of Deimos...-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6260Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Poor things. They'd become monuments, you see. Statues raised to their own memory. What sort of a life was that? They're excited now. Talking about what they'll do next, instead of what they did wrong. Bless them.-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved6270Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And where have you been scampering, little skitterkin? Hither and yon and round about, and tying knots in the fiend's tail?-------------DGrandmotherIntroCombo6080Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I do believe it's our little Ayatan. What a pleasure.-------------DGrandmotherIntroLoved06280Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
We are nameless now. Relations existing only in relation. Deimos has stolen more than flesh from us.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6060Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
My granddaughter's fish were meant to be her legacy, to seed a new world. The boy reduced them to ash and bone splinters. I warned his parents not to neglect him so.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6070Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The 'observations of martial discipline'. How futile. But my granddaughter's ridicule went too far.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6090Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The boy was rash, no doubt. Gallivanting across Deimos on secret odysseys, coming back with Infested on his trail! Well, he paid for it. Scalded, lashed, and banished from the family archives.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6100Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That's quite enough. Foolish old woman. Snap out of it.  I'm sorry, dear, were you saying something?-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6110Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The boy should have known better. With tainted flesh, he mocked his own parents. So his father brought slaughter down, as well he might.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6120Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The boy clothed Infested beasts as Father and Mother. She blundered into a pit, and mindlessly he followed after, lured by her pheromones! Hit a little too close to home, that did.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6130Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
He's a fine boy at heart, my grandson. Got his head screwed on right. And he's clever enough to know how little he knows. Not like his bloody mother.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6140Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
That woman clings to her seriglass shard like she could wring her lost father out of it. Her husband was a fool to tell her to throw it away. When she carved her anger deep into his flesh, he never once raised his hand to her.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6150Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Husband and wife! They've not been that for years. Not since she took that shard to him and lacerated him for his insolence. His own children watched him endure it. He did nothing.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6160Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Her first duty was to her family, not to some fatuous dream! If I were her mother oh, I'm sorry, dear. I didn't mean to take it out on you.-------------DGrandmotherIntroNeutral6170Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Pay close attention. When you hit the first marker, the timer begins. No turning back after that.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveAcceptRace7120Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Strike the first marker and the timer shall start. Hit them all - neglect not a one!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveAcceptRace7130Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Once you strike the first marker, the race is begun. It ends when you have struck them all, or else in disgrace.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveAcceptRace7140Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Hold fast! Bridle the wind! The aim, dear, is to outstrip your predecessors!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveActivated6820Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Brace yourself! Face straight ahead, bite down, and wrest all good speed from your mount!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveActivated6830Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Weave like a shuttle, dart like a blade. Let swiftness be your watchword!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveActivated6840Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Victory steals in upon you!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveAlmostDone6910Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So close. Is the fiend at your back?-------------DGrandmotherKDriveAlmostDone6920Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Knuckle down! Thunder on! But a few remain!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveAlmostDone6930Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
In and out and round about, a whisper, a flit and away!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveApproach7030Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Down the ancient track the riders go, like ghosts racing the dawn.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveApproach7040Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
So many years gone. They had quicksilver in their veins back then.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveApproach7050Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Magnificent! Etch your path in ribbons of fire as a testament to the ages, for it was kingly!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveDoneBonus6970Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I witness this with joy. You have flown like few others have flown.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveDoneBonus6980Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Ha! I salute you, wild rider! Needle-keen and shadow-swift you have proven today.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveDoneBonus6990Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
And thus the circuit is complete. A most worthy jaunt.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveDone6940Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
The wild ride is done. Creditable it was, if not masterly.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveDone6950Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Swift you were, indeed, and yet others were swifter.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveDone6960Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
To the heart!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveGateHit6880Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Through and onward!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveGateHit6890Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Be proud! But not overly so.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveGateHit6900Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You'll end up like me if you stand in one place for too long.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveIdle7060Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
I might have a nap.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveIdle7070Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Might I prevail upon you to make a decision, dear?-------------DGrandmotherKDriveIdle7080Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Very well. Return when the time is right.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveLeave7090Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
As you wish. Don't be too cautious, dear.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveLeave7100Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
You'll find me here again! And in other places...-------------DGrandmotherKDriveLeave7110Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Oh dear. Never mind.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveLose7000Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Don't fret. We need never speak of this again, dear.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveLose7010Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Goodness. What a catastrophe.-------------DGrandmotherKDriveLose7020Grandmother_en [ogg] [wav] [play]
Excellent!-------------DGrandmotherKDriveRaceStart6850Grandmother_en [ogg]