This website provides a complete index of Warframe sound files.
Warning! Spoilers ahead. You will encounter dialog lines from quests or characters you might not have met yet. You have been warned.

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Q: Should I choose the .ogg or .wav version of the sound files?
A: Choose the .ogg version if you have no particular reason to select the .wav format. The .ogg format already provides very high sound quality while using a fraction of the disk space required for .wav files. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these two formats do not necessarily represent the same sound - keep reading to learn more.

Q: How are .ogg files encoded?
A: The .ogg files are encoded with the Vorbis codec using oggenc2. Quality preset is set to 5, which roughly corresponds to bitrate of 160 kb/s.

Q: How are .wav files encoded?
A: The .wav files are taken directly from the game and their actual format varies. For instance, most music is encoded as 48000 Hz, 16-bit PCM wave, but many other files have different sampling rates, or encodings such as ADPCM.

Q: How do the .ogg and .wav versions differ? Is there more to it than just sound quality?
A: It depends on the exact file, but in general these two versions will differ slightly. The .ogg version more closely represents the audio you hear in game, whereas the .wav version represents the audio that has been recorded in the studio. These two are not necessarily equivalent because Warframe applies reverb and other real-time sound effects.
The most significant difference can be noticed in dialog audio files - the .ogg versions is exactly the audio heard in game, whereas the .wav versions are the almost raw lines produced by voice actors.

Q: The audio ends abruptly! Why?
A: Try downloading the .ogg versions - these files have a period of trailing silence that allows for the reverb trail to cleanly fade out. If the problem is audible in the .ogg version as well, notify me about it on the Discord server.